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Loved it very sweet quick read so adorable and cute cant wait to look for more to read so exciting 44 This is the full review but for videos and other reviews go here Reading Is My Drug

I thought I’d give this a try. I am a fan of the Mpreg idea but I’m definitely not a fan of how they play out in most of the stories I’ve read. But, seeing as I’m a sucker for a good shifter romance I figured I’d leap back into it again. Unfortunately, the results have not changed. I couldn’t get into this story.

After reading the blurb I was expecting a story of an Omega leaving for his dream job and the Alpha of his dreams being forced to face the fact they are mates and going to claim him. This did not happen. The first chapter is written from the Alpha’s POV so for a few moments I was even worried that the book in its entirety would be from his perspective even though the blurb signified otherwise. Thankfully we get both POVs.

As far as shifter romances go, this one hits all the cliches. Right down to the steamy scenes involving insertion into the womb. I rolled my eyes a bit. Like if I read that in MF romance I’d have the same reaction. I dunno, something is just off about the word choices during those scenes that are supposed to feed into the fantasy of male pregnancy in all the Mpreg I’ve read. However, not wording it the same way as its ‘straighter’ counterparts always reads a bit juvenile. Like the interpretation of how a teen would write it if they had made it up for the first time and was trying to create their own erotic language. Just awkward. Maybe I’m weird but new wordage to explain the same functions of impregnating someone doesn’t seem necessary.

The other thing was the alpha for one paragraph during the act is internally thinking ‘if I believed in fated mates, if I believed in souls being one' and so on and so forth and I’m here like you are literally inside the other person, surrounded by all this awkward intimate wordage and these are the thoughts in your mind? Why are you not as in the moment as the omega? It was such an odd choice and it broke my concentration taking me right out of the scene.

To be fair, I could have ignored the clueless love interest trope especially since it was so easy for him to give in and claim his omega. I expected as much but then the story piled on more of the usual fare and I lost even more interest. Firstly the getting a new job plotline didn’t hold much weight because the book happens in four days one night the pack runs and the next night the Alpha gives in and they spend the weekend together. The book ends on the Monday. In theory since the whole weekend they stay in the Omega’s bedroom and beyond the steamy scene nothing much is given, it amounts to one day of actual story. With this in mind, later on when the big fight happens cause you know these love stories have to have drama, I almost got on board. Almost. I’m not here for the drama but when the omega says what he says to the Alpha I was ready. I was more than ready for this. I was like maybe this one thing that also bugs me about Mpreg won’t happen. And then nope.

The reason why I was almost rooting for him is that he tells the alpha the fact that he has finally admitted wants him, and marked him is not going to stop him from following his dreams. I internally screamed yaaaaassss. But nope. When the alpha comes to explain he’d follow him to the end of the universe he decides to give up his dreams for an alpha that is willing to follow him and let him chase his dreams. Because, ultimately, it’s always about the omega submitting as if they have no identity beyond being a perfect house wolf for the alpha. Sigh.

And I knew there would be a baby. I was prepared for it but, it’s always on the first time and if not then the time the alpha claims the omega. The relationship didn’t have time to grow, blossom. The Alpha in this story, as I said above, was thinking thoughts about not believing in fated mates while he was inside the omega. So even during the act the mutual attraction wasn’t fully solidified. Yet it was solid enough for that encounter to lead to a child. Couldn’t they just join together without that? Maybe I’m overreacting but so many of the ‘straighter’ romances, maybe even all have the possibility of pregnancy but I’m struggling to think of one that actually led to it. However, in Mpreg it’s almost always the first encounter that produces a baby or if not then the mating ritual produces one. Every single time in Mpreg. It’s the oddest thing. What is the probability of this happening when weighed with the fact the wolves aren’t always virgins (the virginal trope is a whole other mpreg niche I’m not touching in this review) and this can’t be the first time they have had unprotected sex, so how is it it’s always on the first time in every book? That and the wolf either just knows or is shocked they are with child. No lie if they were together for a bit, shared some fun and other things I would’ve been way on board but at what point does, in Mpreg as a whole, it stop being the first time or mating ritual with the main characters.

I’m honestly sorry I jumped into this one. With the blurb suggesting an Omega actually moving on and thus making the Alpha work for it I had high hopes for this story proving me wrong. But what I ended up with was another Alpha staking his claim on the first night without building up to it. An Omega getting pregnant also on that first night, or third as it was a full weekend so let’s say first time. An alpha demanding the Omega he only just acknowledged as his own three days ago that he wants him to give up his dreams after wanting that dream for so long. And then, lastly, the omega doing just that, dreams be damned. It’s so disheartening to always see the omegas dissolve into something that’s defined by their alpha as if they can’t both be claimed by someone and still be their own individual entity. I’m here for Mpreg and will probably write one someday but it would be nice to read one where this isn’t the route it takes for once. Who knows maybe this just isn’t for me but Omegas should be allowed some slice of independence and self-identity beyond being claimed by an Alpha and serving the purpose of having children. And, more importantly, having to be the one to give up on their dreams. 44

Have you ever been in love with your best friend? A friend that only sees you as a brother? Omega wolf shifter Frost White has always loved the alpha wolf Richard Hughes, growing up next door, running in the same pack.

But getting together? Looks like it’s never going to happen.

Until Frost takes a teaching job in Portland.

Only then, maybe, will Richard see what he’s about to lose.

Frost is a sweet and spicy Friends to Lovers Romance, an M/M Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance with snuggling, male pregnancy, no cheating, and a HEA ending with a cuddly wolf shifter baby.

About 12,000 words, or about 90 minutes to two hours of reading pleasure. Frost author Nika Lucas