From the Shadows (Alex King #8) By A.P. Bateman

The agents from an MI5 mission against the CIA are being hunted and killed. With his team dispersed in anticipation of fallout from the operation, King must bring them back together and meet the threat head on. But this is not an official CIA mission, and the driving force behind these acts of vengeance could soon be the most powerful man on the planet. From the Shadows (Alex King #8)


Read all a p Bateman books.great reads. Would recommend theses books. Please write some more Alex kings. 10* 👌👍 √ 449 The Alex King team find themselves hunted by America, after they worked hard to take an asset back from them. And it is getting out of hand, as two members of their team for that mission have been murdered, and others shot at! There must be a leak... but from What department...
A thrill ride through countries while trying to stay alive, there are some sad moments that crush you..But Alex has his sights set to FINISH every member who was after them...No matter who he loses along the way... 449 Another cracking Alex King story

Breakout was the seventh in the Alex King series and, although not essential, it might add to the reader's enjoyment if it was read before this, the eighth in the series. A P Bateman has a talent for writing books in a series which complement each other while also being able to be read as stand-alone thrillers.

In Breakout, Alex and his team battled to recover an asset from the CIA for MI5. In this latest thriller, the CIA is out to get revenge, and members of his original team are being hunted. Except the twist is that this is a rogue mission set up and financed by someone who has a particular grudge against Alex King and is motivated to destroy him and his accomplices. The operatives chosen for the task are all CIA trained and usually highly effective. Alex, therefore, has to quickly round up his original team to neutralise the threat.

I read this new novel in two days while on holiday and lost track of time each day. A P Bateman's writing has that effect on me. The text is tight without being sparse. All the detail is presented to the reader without any waffle. Bateman manages to convey the action and atmosphere and paint a picture in a few words, which means that the tension is maintained and the reader is drawn further into the plot. The dialogue is always spot on and his knowledge of weaponry presented in an authoritative way without preaching or spending too much precious reading time on too much detail. It's always an excellent balance and one sadly lacking in so many other novels of this genre. I always look forward to the next in the series and then the next and so on. Hopefully, the author has many more outline stories to flesh out in new novels.

As an aside but as an indication of Bateman's wider appeal; I lent the book to a friend while on holiday. My friend usually devours non-fiction but had read a couple of thrillers from famous authors borrowed from the resort library to while away the hours sipping G&Ts by the pool. In comparison, he commented that From The Shadows was meaty and very enjoyable. Praise indeed and I wholeheartedly second his opinion.

mr zorg

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