From Kaiser to Fuhrer By Geoff Layton

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Access to History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany 1900-1945 for Edexcel charts the developments in Germany from 1900-1945 including an examination of:
- the Second Reich: society and governent 1900-1919
- the democratic experiment 1919-29
- the rise of the Nazis
- life in wartime Germany 1939-45
Throughout the book, key dates, terms and issues are highlighted, and historical interpretations of key debates are outlined. Summary diagrams are included to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the period, and exam-style questions and tips written by an examiner provide the opportunity to develop exam skills From Kaiser to Fuhrer

Great textbook which is fairly manageable to read page from page if you really want to tackle it and great for reference, it takes some time to get used to how things are worded as they're often lengthy but there's a good depth to it and handy key terms and biographies. The Hite and Hinton textbook is far more extensive and a nicer read with a bit of subtle humour thrown in there but this one is a nice size to carry around and worth investing some time in. From Kaiser to Fuhrer Detailed, easy to read textbook on German history. There's a lot to take in. Hope I remember loads for the exam eek! From Kaiser to Fuhrer