Freeuse, Ohio By Alex Laurrose

Alex Laurrose ´ 9 Read

It's just a typical day at the township of Freeuse, Ohio.

Alyssa has just been asked out by a boy in her class.

Becky has arranged to do something she's been wanting to do for a long time.

Christa must find a gift for her boss's birthday that is both personal and unique.

It's Dorothy's first day at work, interning for a local company.

All those sound innocent enough.

But you see, in Freeuse, it's expected by every adult woman to make herself available for the sexual pleasure of the men around her. A handjob, a blowjob, even sex in public is considered as normal and innocent as a hug or a handshake.

Dive into the pages of this book and let me introduce you to these ladies' way of life, by telling you about the typical day they're having. Freeuse, Ohio

In the free use genre, the world is set in an alternative universe from our world where everybody is available for sex. Nobody says no and sex is just something very common everywhere. How authors tackle free use differs from an author to another. Some authors make only one character free use, usually the main character. Some authors make only females free use. And other authors just make everybody be free to use characters. In this book, it is the females who are free to use.

All the characters are above eighteen years old. The story starts at the school’s cafeteria. The character Alyssa is having a conversation with her friend Becky while she is being used right there by a guy! I was hooked right from the beginning! It felt very perverted and sleazy, yet natural and normal in that world. I don’t think many female readers will like this genre as it objectifies all the female characters and treats them like sex dolls! Maybe some readers will find that offensive. I am sure there will be some females who might like the theme though. I guess most male readers will love this and stay stiff until the end! 😃

I enjoyed reading this short story a lot. The story is more smut after smut but the quality of the steamy scenes is pretty good. Fortunately, there are two more books in the series. Alex Laurrose’s books are all based on free use so that is a great opportunity for me to explore more in this genre.

The Review Freeuse, Ohio FreeUse, Ohio was a sexy freaking book! Loved the random stories that tie together. My favorite was the birthday boss date “gangbang”. If you’ve read one free use gangbang you’ve read them all, however when they lose count of how many cocks go in, two cocks mash into the same pussy, and after the bang is over they use her expensive dress to wipe up her cum soaked body; face, chest, belly, legs, covered. Hot! She even got the creamy chunks in her hair! Freeuse, Ohio