Frank Herberts Dune Saga Collection: Books 16 By Frank Herbert

Being a huge lifetime fan of the Dune saga I am giving this box set published by Ace an imprint of PenguinRandomhouse a 1 star because of the really poor quality of the set it looks and feels like a self printed book that has been rushed. Poor quality paper and materials used and definitely not worth the money really shoddy workmanship from penguin who I always regarded highly as a publisher but definitely not this time. Frank Herbert Best books of science fiction ever. Best science fiction writer ever. A must have books collection if you like science fiction. Even if you don't like science fiction, after reading those books, you will love science fiction and we will love Frank Herbert.
I order this item in October 2020. You will receive the complete collection inside a box. See my photo. Not all the books with different editions like people spoke in former comments. Frank Herbert This is a review of the product and not the Dune series.

The Paperbacks are of good quality and are certainly better than the individual copies (which have the same cover design but are much smaller in size)

However the box itself is not actual cardboard box but only a thick paper which easily wobbles at the touch. Was expecting something better like the boxed set for Mistborn Frank Herbert I got a copy of Dune a while back in the new style (currently listed as the Paperback set, which may change I'll get to that in a minute), but could not find the rest of the series in the same style AND size. For some reason all of the other books in that style were about an inch shorter, and honestly I just wanted a matching set. I had previously viewed this item, and as some of the reviews note, the books were not really a boxed set by any means. I want to be clear, the current Paperback selection is a genuine boxed set. I don't understand why sets this up in a way where a new product just replaces the old one, or why all of the various sets of Dune are all listed together. Why would a review for the Hardcover set be exactly the same as the Paperback? People want to know about quality of the material, not just whether the book is good!

Anyway, the new boxed set was just released a couple days ago. I bought I liked the art style, along with the size and feel of the copy I had, and I am overall very pleased (though now I have two copies of Dune, so I will be gifting one to a friend). I have two VERY minor qualms with the set. One is it is not exactly the same as the previous copy of Dune, which is disappointing as that is what I have been looking for. It's hard to describe, but the copy of Dune I had has an almost velvety smooth cover, and while the size and art style are the same, the new books have a rougher texture. Again, it's totally minor, but something about that tactile feel when holding it was really great. The second minor qualm is the new copy of Dune has the soon to be a major motion picture as part of the cover in a black circle. Not a huge deal. Frankly, I'll probably just put my old copy in the box and gift the new one, but it bugs me when there are permanent additions like that made on a really cool cover (at least the cover isn't a photo of Timothee Chalamet!).

Anyway, overall totally worth the cost for me. Really good set. Love the style. Love the feel of the books in my hand. I'm very excited to read the rest of the series! Frank Herbert This was not a boxed set loose books so disapointed Frank Herbert



Perfect for longtime fans and new readers alikethis eBook collection includes all six original novels in the Dune Saga written by Frank Herbert.

DUNE ISNOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE directed byDenisVilleneuve, starring Timothe Chalamet,Zendaya,Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac,Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgrd, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Chang Chen,Charlotte Rampling, and Javier Bardem.

In the far future, on a remote planet, an epic adventure awaits. Here are the first six novels of Frank Herberts magnificent Dune sagaa triumph of the imagination and one of the bestselling science fiction series of all time.

The Dune Saga begins on the desert planet Arrakis with thestory of the boy Paul Atreideswho would become known as MuadDiband of a great familys ambition to bring to fruition humankinds most ancient and unattainable dream.


It appears that previous entries of this set were a mix and match of previous releases. This new listing (Ace Publishing August,2020) is a new Boxset of the series. The set measures ~8.5” Height by 5.5” depth (spine to front). As you can see I’m pictures all of the spines match now. If you can get this on sale it would be worth the addition to you collection. Frank Herbert This is not what I received. I got all six books but they were not only not in a boxed set, but they were from different editions and they’re not even all the same size. Very disappointed. Frank Herbert The Dune Boxed Set should have been the six books in Dune series, same size, same edition and inside a box. Well, the leading name, Dune, was a different edition, different size and the books were not in a box. Apart of this detail, I am happy with my purchase. Frank Herbert If you're confused by the reviews and are concerned about getting a matching set, this review is for you. I'll start by specifying that my review is for the regular set of unboxed books, NOT the boxed set, of the NEWEST edition of these books by Ace publishing (with the covers as seen in the image gallery).

Despite having separate product listings, both the unboxed AND boxed set have the exact same reviews. This is why some reviews say they got a mismatched set, while newer reviews say they got a matching set. That, coupled with the fact that people may have ordered from different sellers, leads to some chaos in the review pool and uncertainty on the part of prospective buyers.

I purchased the unboxed set twice, one from Prime ($62) and one from an independent seller ($52 including S/H). Before that I purchased the first three books separately, and received the first Dune book in a larger size and the others in a narrower size. After that first purchase, I went looking for a matching set of the LARGER size books, since I prefered the feel of it. I learned that apparently the larger size first book is what a lot of people had when they tried to purchase the sequels, which then often came in the narrow size. Here's what's going on with that:

If you have the larger size Dune book(s) you have the TRADE PAPERBACK version. If you have the smaller size Dune book(s), you actually have the *NEW* MASS MARKET PAPERBACK edition. For convenience, I will use NMM = New Mass Market and OMM = Old Mass Market for the rest of the review.

It seems for the unboxed set, when you select Paperback you tend to receive the NMM set despite there being a separate Mass Market option. This was my experience—I did indeed receive matching sets both times but they were not the Trade Paperbacks I was seeking.

To add to this confusion, even individual listings of the NMM books also pitch the NMM as Paperback while the Mass Market option seems to mean OMM editions.

IF YOU WANT A SET OF THE LARGE TRADE PAPERBACK SIZE The boxed set on states it is in the Trade Paperback format, hence its higher price point. At $86 as of writing this, it's still a steal compared to its normal price of $108 (each individual Trade Paperback book is, at full price, $18 each). Skip a few paragraphs down, though, if you want to save even money on a complete Trade Paperback set.

IF YOU WANT A SET OF THE NEW MASS MARKET SIZE The unboxed set seems to be just that. My two purchases of this product both were the matching NMM size; as for the negative reviews from people that received entirely mismatching sets, I can't explain that except that I believe they may have purchased from different sellers and probably before a certain date when the complete NMM set became available (?). If you want to be sure what you're getting, contact independent sellers beforehand or order it via Prime so you can receive and return it quickly if it turns out to be mismatched.

IF YOU ONLY WANT SOME OF THE BOOKS IN THE LARGE TRADE PAPERBACK SIZE I ended up only wanting the first four books after my two failed purchases of the complete set. I didn't really want to pay for the boxed set, even though it was in the Trade Paperback size I wanted. You would think so, but it is NOT EASY to find the individual Trade Paperback version of each book on . Even if you specify Trade Paperback in searches, it still tries to give you the NMM edition (the one technically mislabeled as Paperback), at least in my experience.

I ended up on the Penguin Random House website, found the individual Dune books there, chose Paperback on their site, then hit their button to find it here. This is how I found the first four books in Trade Paperback size, in the end (and you can find the rest of the books this way). Penguin House does correctly differentiate between true Paperback and Mass Market, unlike . You will know you have the right product if it says: Paperback – July 7, 2020 in the title, with the key being the publishing date. The product image looks wider, unlike other listings which sell the narrower new Mass Market edition, and the dimensions are also listed in the product details.

IF YOU WANT THE TRADE PAPERBACK COMPLETE 6 BOOK SET BUT WANT TO SAVE SOME MONEY First, read the paragraph directly above this one. As of writing this, the first three books are the SAME price as the NMM books @ about $10 each; the fourth book fluctuates between $12 $17 (almost full price). I got the fourth book at $12.59 when the price dropped a little bit. Heretics is also @ $10 and Chapterhouse is still @ $17—but I bet, like God Emperor, its price fluctuates. At those prices you could save $16 20 buying them individually versus the boxed set. I didn't want the full set, but if I change my mind then I'd still be saving a good chunk of money. Note that you could also buy some of these books USED and save a little , but I would contact the seller beforehand to make sure they're definitely selling the Trade Paperback size as my gut tells me some of them might incorrectly give you the NMM size.

Sorry that this review is so long. Figuring all this out was messy and became a little stressful; I wish I had known all this before all of my failed buying attempts, so I've left this review in hopes it helps clarify what's going on. Four stars because I did get a matching set both times, but overall such an unusually confusing experience with the incorrect delineations of Paperback and Mass Market Paperback explained above.

EPILOGUE: WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE LARGER TRADE PAPERBACK SIZE? It stays open on a flat surface, uses a nicer font that's slightly heavier weight than the mass market version, offers a nicer leading size with the text (that is, the space between lines looks a little better) and uses less smushed together italics—this is all just preference, obviously, but for me it added up to greater readability and a satisfying experience. Before I got the first book in Trade and the other two in MM, I didn't care about all that. But after I saw and felt the difference in quality, it was hard to want the MM versions after that. Obviously if you want portability over everything else, then the MM size is better for you. Frank Herbert I have a profound appreciation for the Dune novels. If you want to read Frank Herbert's Dune, then keep looking, this is not it. This is an edited, redacted, and sanitized version that has produced a kinder, gentler Dune. Without the deleted segments, the Harkonnens are not as despicable and evil, the Bene Gesserite are not as plotting and manipulating, the Navigators are not self made freaks (and not even a mention of folding space). The result of the decent into a sea of grey is that the Atreides also do not stand out in contrast. If you want a family friendly Dune, this is for you. Frank Herbert