Forge of Destiny By Yrsillar

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The Emerald Seas Province is a wild place on the edge of the Celestial Empire, bordered to the south by jagged and near impassible mountains that are home to many nomadic tribes who look upon the soft men and women of the lowlands with scornful, envious eyes. It is only by the strength of the Immortal Sects which lie on that border that keep their sky raiders from reaching the richer and more prosperous provinces further north.

It is only the continued recruitment of those with the talent for shaping Qi and binding spirits that the Sects maintain the line, for despite their name, very few of those who walk the path of the warrior or sage reach the status of true Immortality.

Ling Qi is among those who have been brought to the foot of the mountains to be inducted as a disciple of the Argent Peak Sect, one of the three great sects of the province. As the quest starts, it remains to be seen whether she will make a name for herself… or simply be lost among the crowd. Forge of Destiny

This is a very good cultivation novel.
I really liked it: there is a big and interesting world, the pace isn't very fast, which allows to explore both the world and characters. And there are a lot of different distinctive characters in that story. Also I liked that main character has quite a unique set of magics, which isn't simply about pure offensive power. Forge of Destiny Finally a descent quality story and book in the litrpg cultivation type genre. It was a bit slow and there could have been some world building but the story, characters and quality make up for it. It's a relief to find a good book again. I have been reading so many crap litrpg books. Once you read the half dozen plus good series there are just amateur or stupidly written books. Forge of Destiny