Forcible Confinement: Monstrous Crimes of the Modern Age By John Marlowe

While very interesting (and extremely sad) this book was rather poorly written and read like several dozen wikipedia pages thrown into one book. Each chapter features a different killer but doesn't go into great detail about the killer's childhood and upbringing, nor the life of the victims. Kindle Edition Picked this book up from the bargain bin at the bookstore. Not a bad read but could have been better. Typically I like short chapters but I feel like some of these cases could have been a little longer or could have had more information on them. Surprisingly, only a few were familiar to me despite my life-long curiosity of serial killers. Will definitely look more into some of them. Kindle Edition Man oh man, this was a trash book. It was like a stream of wiki articles that I couldn't put down. Great for folks with morbid interests, like myself, who also love random photos, poor writing and half facts! Truly the salty snack of the literary world. Kindle Edition A frightening book about male serial killers. It’s hard to believe there are so many of them walking among us. Kindle Edition Good to know how killers minds work but a damn shame to all the lives that was loss to their senseless acts . Kindle Edition

In 1984 abusive father Joseph Fritzl drugged his 18-year-old daughter with ether and imprisoned her in a dungeon under his house - she wasn't to see daylight for 24 years.

Down-and-out millionaire Gary Heidnik wallpapered his hallway with $5 bills, anointed himself bishop of his own religion and began collecting 'wives', women he abducted from the street and kept chained up in a pit.

Bondage freak Izabela Lewicka willingly signed a 115-item contract giving John Edward Robinson complete control over her life, but she never imagined it was a license to kill.

Forcible Confinement is a study of the warped thinking that went into some of the world's most macabre crimes, as well as a clinical examination of the purpose-built rooms, hidden spaces and soundproofed dungeons prepared for victims.

From the massive 'Murder Castle' once used by Dr H. H. Holmes to prey upon those attending the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to the hell house where self-professed sex-addict Ariel Castro kept three women in chains for more than ten years, the book examines famous cases of the past along with many from the modern age. John Marlowe takes the reader on a disturbing journey through a world of murder and mayhem, providing insight into evil and the motivations of monsters. Forcible Confinement: Monstrous Crimes of the Modern Age

Poorly written, with mistakes and not enough detail. Wasn't expecting much, though. Did include some serial killers I'd never heard of, so I guess that's a plus. P.S. WHY THE EFF DOES NATASCHA KAMPUSCH MOURN THE DEATH OF THE MAN WHO HELD HER CAPTIVE HER ENTIRE CHILDHOOD? Kindle Edition 1.5 Stars

This was very meh. I was expecting in-depth cases studies and got overly dramatized, poorly written snippets (1-4 pages apiece, on average) with very little actual information beyond that of the surface variety.

In fact, I already knew more about the cases I was interested than this book provided. I suppose if you are not a weird freak like me who has already read a lot about serial killers and other crazy cases, you might get something out of this; but, for those like me, who have been interested in true crime and true crime memoirs already, this one offers nothing. Kindle Edition This book covers 28 true crime cases. However, to say they are all cases of forcible confinement would be a lie. About 16 cases in the book clearly contain forcible confinement. For example, Michael Alig, the first case in the book, murders his roommate during an argument. Unless you count keeping the body, this case does not involve forcible confinement. Several cases like this, while other cases are so vague on the details that I couldn't tell if there was forcible confinement or not. For the 16 cases that clearly do have forcible confinement, the time span for the confinement ranged from hours to 24 years.

Additionally, this book had a big factual error concerning the Ariel Castro case. It states that Amanda Berry experienced 5 pregnancies that Castro ended in miscarriage through starvation and beatings. However, this happened to Michelle Knight and it was reported to have happened to Michelle Knight as early as May 9, 2013. This book was published in November 2013, so there is no excuse for this error. This type of error makes me question what errors might be in the other cases that I am less familiar with.

If you are interested in cases of forcible confinement, I recommend the following cases and reading:
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Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby Kindle Edition True crime containing several killers. Quick read. Some of them I had read about and some I had not. Kindle Edition Good summaries of a variety of cases

I grabbed this one because it's the only book I've ever seen that offered a chapter on John Jamelske. All the chapters were good reading even though many of the cases were pretty familiar and well-worn. A decent study explainng why some people are a waste of oxygen. Kindle Edition


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