Forbidden Bride By Penny Wylder

What a sizzling, forbidden and sweet story that hits all the right spots! Forbidden Bride by Penny Wylder is steamy, forbidden age gap, 2nd chance romance between Tristan and Nicola. There is about a 20 year age gap difference between them. Nicola opened up and told him how she felt, Tristan walked away from her. There was a good 4 years where they didn't talk but Tristan came back into Nicola's life, ready to claim her. Get ready for fireworks and for obstacles, namely Nicola's dad. They are BFFs. I enjoyed the characters and the real feel of the characters. The emotions came off the pages - angst, anger, bewilderment, lust, pain, joy, love... you get the idea. This is a sweet and beautiful story that has grest chemistry. Loved the ending and can't wait for the next book by Ms. Wylder.

My Rating: 4.7 stars ******* English Forbidden Bride is a hotter than hell romance with so much heat, it will make you squirm! I think this book might very well be the steamiest book Penny Wylder has written yet! It was fun, wild, tempting and the characters were downright awesome. A true must read! English Second chance romance
When on her eighteen birthday young Nicola admits to father's friend Tristan that she in love with him, she can't imagine that he would leave town next day.
Fast forward today Tristan is back in town and they working in the same space.
Forbidden love and age gap in an easy romance - hot reading. English Nicola and Tristan is a beautiful love story. Forbidden love in many ways since she was not only twenty years younger but his best friends daughter. She'd been in love with him since forever and she offered herself to him when she was legally 18th. He not only turned her down but left town without saying goodbye.. . She had also told that she'd wait for him no matter how long it took. Four years later he's back and determined to claim what he's always wanted. They're truly soul mates and were made for each other. The age difference does seem to make a difference. Their chemistry is off the charts and they can't keep their hands off each other. Some drama when her parents find out but are accepting once they realize that their love is true and deep. Some turmoil when a google search shows some unpleasant background but all is cleared up. A sweet story of forever love that ends with a HEA and no cliffhanger. If you're like me you'll find this book hard to put down once you begin. I read it in one sitting. English I really, really enjoyed this story of Tristan and Nicola. Tristan was Nicola's fathers best friend and when it was Nicola's 18th birthday she told him that she loved him and even if he didn't feel the same way now she would wait for him. This prompted Tristan to leave town the next day. Four years later Tristan is back to claim Nicola. I loved the way this couple interacted with one another and the sex scenes were off the charts. I also liked the fact that Tristan was 20 years older than her but it worked very well. A little angst at then end of the book but then it all became good. Altogether a very satisfactory and heartwarming second chance romance and I have no hesitation in recommending this book as well as the author.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. English

Penny Wylder ´ 6 Read

2.5 stars.. English Nope, that ain't my game.
No rating. English This author knows how to start her books hook from the first few pages. English 3.5 ⭐

Been awhile since i read a PW book. And this one was pretty forbidden and steamy as can be.

Nichola is finally telling her fathers best friend shes in love with him. But when she does he ignors it and leaves her heartbroken and leaves for 4 years.

Now Tristan is back and he wants what his girl promised him all those years ago. But is she going to give him that chance? Now ill be honest at first i wanted Nichola to make him beg and earn what she was giving to him all those years ago. But later in the story with that backstory and misunderstanding i got why he did what he did. He did want her but i understood his push away. The sexual tension and dirty moments were yummy.

Also i think he was faithful during those 4 years since he told her he fantasized many ways he wanted her. But then again it wasnt said if he was.. so ill say 80% sure he was.

No cheating, tiny drama, sexy times, virgin gal (but she popped her cherry with sex toy) and no manwhore

Recommend- yes

Older/younger couple
Seperation for 4 years
Safe sex
Phone sex
Anal play/sex
Push away from H
Epilogue English A forbidden, age gap, second chance romance that brings the heat with dominance and fantasy’s fulfilled!

Nicola’s been in love with her dad’s best friend for as long as she can remember. She confessed to Tristan the day she turned eighteen, but he walked away. He actually took things so far that he moved away for four years. But now he’s back and ready to take everything Nicola promised him. He not only wants her heart, he wants forever.

Tristan left because he had his own issues to work through. Nicola was only eighteen, the daughter of his best friend and completely off limits. However, enough time has passed and he’s no longer willing to live without her.

Nicola can’t believe he’s back or that he wants her. She never thought her dream of being with him could ever be a possibility. Their are obstacles, but following her heart is the only option.

The chemistry between them just sizzles. Nicola knows what she wants and Tristan wants to givd her everything. Every fantasy, every dream and every piece of his heart. Forbidden, age gap romance has long been a favorite. This one definitely delivers. Enjoy this sexy story that gives you an alpha male that loves to dominate and a woman who can’t get enough of him. English

Years ago she promised me her hand in marriage. Now I'm here to collect.
When I close my eyes, there's only one face I see.
Nicola-- the girl I was forbidden from having.
She's the daughter of my best friend. When she was nearly 18, she confessed she had a crush on me. I knew better than to pretend I wanted her, so I ignored her heartfelt confession.
With tears in her eyes, she promised she'd save herself for me.
Only me.
Afraid of wrecking my friendship with her father, I left town.
But after years of a brooding bachelor life, of trying to find someone or something to fill the hole in my heart, I'm done pretending I don't want Nicola.
The problem?
Her father is now her boss, and she isn't about to risk her career for a life with me.
That's too bad... because I'm determined to put a ring on her finger.
A promise is a promise. Forbidden Bride