For the Sake of Their Son (The Alpha Brotherhood, #5) By Catherine Mann

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In this Alpha Brotherhood novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann, friendship turns to passion…with consequences.

No one knows Elliot Starc better than Lucy Ann Joyner. Yet after one reckless night of passion, their friendship is in tatters. And though women line up for the race-car driver's attention, none of them help him forget Lucy Ann.

Except now he and Lucy Ann have a baby, and Elliot wants a second chance. The chance to become the father he never had. The chance for best friends to become something more. But can Lucy Ann forgive the mistakes he's made and trust that he wants more than a marriage for the sake of their son? For the Sake of Their Son (The Alpha Brotherhood, #5)


Yeah i got a little bored during the reading of this. It was OK but not very engaging. Catherine Mann Hmm typical romance protagonists- arrogant rich male, frugal female, but the story really does try to go beyond those archetypes in some ways. Hmm, like when she easily pushes him away in the beginning but still he is smooth to her friction, like a typical romance male protagonist. And it's kind of sad that she agreed to drop her life to just follow would've been better if he just stuck around the town to try to earn her trust rather than force her to make a choice. I know it was her decision to follow him but he could've chosen to stay--to show her he isn't afraid to sacrifice. It kind of reminds me of this book we're reading in class called the Feminine Mystique, how in that book the women make all these sacrifices to make men happy. Catherine Mann Elliot and Lucy is best friend, they share everythging even their childhood’s secret. But one thing happen between Elliot and his father then make Elliot Left his home and Lucy. And when they meet again, Lucy as his assistant, they share ONE SPEC IAL NIGHT and even they can forget it but it’s just not right so Lucy decided to left.

If it’s not interference by Elliot’s friends in Alpha Brother, probably they will not meet again and Elliot will never know he has a son “Eli” and realize that he has lost her best friend as well the passion they both try to deny.

So it’s to make it right and gain what they could both got.

It’s have been so long I have not read HQ so I really thanks to Cathy for given me a change to read this genre especially HQ Desire whereas I have to review this book in exchange of Cathy’s kindness because that is the only appreciation we could give to author :)

This is story based on best friends to lover which is one of my favorite genre so reading this book has just give me the satifaction. And since this is book 5 in Alpha Brother series so I need to read book 1 – 4, to meet another Alpha hero / Elliot’s friends.

So overall I enjoy reading this book, it’s just flow and fulfill my longing in reading HQ’s book again and I hope you all with give yourself to read this book especially if you love :

HQ, friend to lover, alpha hero. You will find it in this book complete :)

Happy Reading. Catherine Mann For the Sake of Their Son

This is the fifth book in this series. It is about Elliot and his childhood friend and PA, Lucy Ann. They were friends until one night that lead to him taking off. And be becoming engaged to another woman. What will he do when after he gets kidnapped he finds out he has a son? And not with his fiancee? Catherine Mann For the Sake of Their Son by Catherine Mann is definitely one of Catherine’ Mann’s best novel because of great writing and lots of drama. Right from the start the way Elliot gets to know about his son to the finish, the story had enough interesting turns to keep me hooked.Read More Catherine Mann

Se dejó leer, ni más ni menos. Podía haber sacado más
Sustancia de la historia, básicamente se hay centrado en los miedos de Lucy, convirtiéndose en monotema. Ha sido una historia plana hasta el desenlace que ha sido en las dos últimas páginas. Catherine Mann 'For the Sake of Their Son' is Book 5 in The Alpha Brotherhood Series by Catherine Mann. I enjoy Ms Mann's writing but I did have a couple of issues with this book that didn't allow me to award anything better than two stars. I will explain below.

Our hero and heroine in Book 5 are Elliot Starc and Lucy Ann Joyner, lifelong friends of three decades. They met in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. They both come from abusive homes, Elliot suffering mental, physical and verbal abuse while Lucy's was mental and verbal that included abandonment issues. Lucy's mother went from man to man and these men (four stepfathers) attempted sexual abuse but were not successful. Elliot and Lucy were each others safe place, playing and dreaming, escaping their abuse and abusive parents.

Elliot was sent to a form of military school for wayward teens instead of prison and while there was groomed to become an agent for Interpol. He also loved racing and became a world famous race car driver touring the world and also working for the Brotherhood to right wrongs. He hired Lucy to be his assistant for his racing business and she also traveled the world with him. He was your typical (as we read about way too often these days) playboy, man-whore.

The pacing was quite slow in some places and the characters could have been better developed, showing more personal growth and growth as a couple. In a word, I was disappointed. I had just finished a book where the hero left because of a misunderstanding and was gone for year...but he managed to remain faithful. That I can handle.

Safety Gang: This is not a safe book.

Sorry, but I can't recommend this and have tried other books in this series that I felt the same way about. Catherine Mann Advanced Copy from the Author

I was so excited to read this book since I fell in love with other Alpha Brotherhood Books. When I first started reading this book I was reminded of The Hangover movie but that was quickly pushed aside when Elliot was forced to confront his friend of 30 years after not seeing or talking to her (Lucy Ann) for 11 months. Lucy didn't seem happy but knew it was a better time than ever to do what she had been putting off. Elliot tries his hardest to win her over. He relates what he does (to win her over) to fairy tales.

I started reading this book shortly after I woke up while enjoying a cup of coffee. Several hours later and another cup of coffee, I have finished the book and wanted to read it again. Catherine Mann wrote a very captivating book. I just couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to see what he would do and what her reaction to it was as well as what she would say and what he would do in turn. Things that Elliot had spoken of about his past had really tugged at my heart.

I received this book for Free from the Author in advance but that doesn't sway what I think of the book. Catherine Mann Best friends turns into lover. But one night of passion left their friendship ruined and now, she's pregnant. What will they do?

Very classic problem, yet I still love to rhythm. This book is pretty much cliche because their problem is predictable. I liked it, because the drama is pretty thick. I wish there would be more obstacles between them.

But overall I enjoyed reading this book even though it's not really my favorite. Definitely not the last book Catherine Mann I will read. :) Catherine Mann Very good book with fun, drama and intense emotions. Elliot and Lucy Ann have been friends all their lives. When he became a famous race car driver she took a job as his personal assistant, a job that worked for years. Then they indulge in one night of passion that changes their lives.

I loved the way the book started out. Elliot was at his friend's bachelor party when he was knocked out and kidnapped. It turns out to be a friendly sort of kidnapping, because it's his friends doing it. They dump him off at his childhood home where he sees Lucy Ann, who he hasn't seen in eleven months - since their night together. But she isn't alone, she is holding a baby. Stunned to discover he's a father, especially since he never planned to have kids, he is now determined to be a far better father than his own had been. Elliot started out planning to get Lucy back in his bed also, but trying to do so without truly involving his emotions. He freely admits his stupidity in letting Lucy Ann go in the first place, and not following her when she left. The things he had started feeling for her scared him, so he pushed her away. He's really nervous about being a father because his own had been abusive, but he's determined to do it right. I loved seeing him with baby Eli and how sweet he really could be. I also enjoyed the way his initial plans for Lucy Ann changed as he realized how much he needed her in his life. Thanks to them being friends for so long he had a good idea of how to do that. I really enjoyed his use of fairy tale themes, especially during their time in Spain.

Lucy Ann had grown up with a mother who was always looking for a man to take care of her. Some of her choices were pretty bad, and the effect on Lucy Ann was to make her very wary of what people called love. She and Elliot had always been friends, looking out for each other when their home lives got bad. When he left home she felt somewhat abandoned even though she understood his reasons. When she worked for him later their friendship continued to grow. Then one night a celebration got out of hand and they slept together. The next morning his girlfriend showed up and Lucy Ann realized that he had essentially cheated on Gianna with her which made her furious. It brought back too many bad memories from her childhood. So she left him and went home to her aunt. She didn't want to tell him of her pregnancy when she saw he was engaged, but then kept putting it off until it was too late. She wasn't very happy when his friends dumped him there and tried to get him to go away. She was rather surprised by his determination to be a father to Eli. She also wasn't happy about her continued attraction to Elliot. Her guilt made her agree to stay with him for several weeks so he could get to know Eli, but she wasn't sure she could resist him. It didn't take long for her to realize that she was deeply in love with him, but she wasn't sure she could trust him to make and keep a commitment. I loved seeing her get won over by his love for Eli and the care he showed to her. I loved her reactions to their time in Spain. She also realized that she had to let go of her fears if she wanted a chance for them to have a happy ending to their own fairy tale.

I'm sad that this is the last of the Alpha Brotherhood stories as it has been a wonderful series. I loved seeing each of these scarred and lonely men find the woman who complements him perfectly. Each story has had characters who have believable flaws and issues. I loved the epilogue of this book and seeing them all together with their families. Catherine Mann