First Term at Lexington Manor: a spanked schoolgirl novella By Norland Hughes

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Emma feels her daughter, Stephanie, is becoming increasingly wilful and out of control, but help is at hand in the guise of the kindly yet formidable Aunt Eleanor, who also happens to be the headmistress of an exclusive school for girls. So the stroppy Stephanie finds herself whisked away from her comprehensive school and established circle of friends, into a totally different regime. Lexington Manor has plentiful resources and an excellent academic reputation - partly achieved by the rigorous application of corporal punishment to deserving bottoms. It is a rite of passage for Stephanie, who is swiftly introduced to the slipper and cane. Following a skirmish with the influential Olivia Preston-Fielding, the two end up becoming best friends, participating in the constant round of lessons and sports and enjoying the camaraderie of school life. But life in the lower sixth is not all plain sailing; there are challenges to be faced and upsets to be endured. Mischief and mayhem is always dealt with in the traditional way, resulting in spanked bottoms galore!
First Term at Lexington Manor: a spanked schoolgirl novella