Firebird By Misty Copeland

Firebird is applicable to so many situations. I am 65, with a 40 year career behind me, and many years ahead, I hope! Covert discrimination is so much difficult to address than overt discrimination. I see it even today.

Ms. Copland has presented this being perceived as being different, coping with the perception, and overcoming it beautifully and wish so much grace. Her message, the solution is within me, is said with poignancy and sensitivity.

Enjoyed Firebird very much!!

Kris 0399166157 My 8 yr old found the story really inspiring, the younger likes the illustrations. 0399166157 My niece absolutely adores this book, she's had her mother google the talented Misty Copeland and read all about her. She is now determined to be a professional dancer and continues to look through the unique illustrations on a regular basis.
A book that will be appreciated by creative kids and adults alike.
Big bonus for being so inclusive of young children of colour. Beautiful.
I can't speak highly enough of this brilliant book. 0399166157 Buy the book with the doll. I absolutely loved them both. However, I think the two together might be nicer for a four or five year old. They can understand the story better. I decided to get my three year old familiar with the story in the book, but hold the doll for awhile, since she kind of tosses it around like her others. After all, it's history. 0399166157 Book is wonderful but the quality that was delivered looked used. See photos; Creased interior pages and cover. 0399166157


Misty Copeland ¶ 2 Review

This book is gorgeous. I have purchased it for my 2yo daughter and 7yo niece. It is beautifully illustrated, features diversity in ballet and has a very powerful and positive message. Absolutely love Misty and this book! 0399166157 No this book did not meet my expectations. We needed a book about Misty Copeland for a school project, $11.99 later and Firebird is children’s book. Definitely not for a fourth grader report.disappointed. I am sure this a wonderful children’s book, but it was not what my daughter needed. 0399166157 Coupled with a quick ballet outfit also made a perfect gift for a 4 year old to enjoy and learn about this ballerina 0399166157 Definitely a book for if you have a girl who wants to dance and has some self image issues. The message is very specific so not great for an overall message in a lesson. Kids who don’t know dance may not get much out of it. 0399166157 The book is beautiful, and I was so excited to get it to share with my daughter, who loves dance. Misty Copeland’s story is important and significant, and racial stereotyping in the performing arts is so real, widespread, and damaging. I wanted my daughter to know this story, and so we watched video performances of Misty Copeland (who is extraordinary) and talked about the significance of her success. I give this book four stars instead of five because I wish it had gone further, even in the notes in the back of the book, to be clear about the significance of the story. If my six year old dancing daughter had picked this off the shelf and read it herself, she wouldn’t have gotten the point. And a lot of little readers are going to do just that. Buy the book! But please learn the story and make sure that your little readers get the power behind this beautiful story. 0399166157

In her debut picture book, Misty Copeland tells the story of a young girl an every girl whose confidence is fragile and who is questioning her own ability to reach the heights that Misty has reached. Misty encourages this young girl's faith in herself and shows her exactly how, through hard work and dedication, she too can become Firebird.

Lyrical and affecting text paired with bold, striking illustrations that are some of Caldecott Honoree Christopher Myers's best work, makes Firebird perfect for aspiring ballerinas everywhere. Firebird