Finding The Titanic: En Busca Del Titanic By Robert D. Ballard

Kids love anything Titanic. Paperback Alright Paperback Very interesting and child friendly. Paperback Very good book. It recounts the tale of the Titanic in a brief, yet gripping way. My 6 year old now knows about the Titanic. Paperback Very informative. Great condition my 9 year old loves it. Paperback

This simple, lively diary tells the story of the Titanic, its tragic voyage, and Ballard's triumphant discovery of the wreck 73 years later. Life like, full color illustrations and amazing photographs enhance the text. Finding The Titanic: En Busca Del Titanic

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My nine year old son loved the book so much he read it over and over it. Highly recommend this book Paperback This is a good book to add to my young nephew's Titanic library. He was captivated by the graphics and the text. It was an excellent purchase, well suited to his age 7 level of understanding. Paperback My Grandson lived this book Paperback We had the original adult version checked out from the library. This is perfect for our son, who is obsessed with the Titanic and Robert Ballard these days. He very proudly reads it aloud to us; he's in third grade. Paperback My child loves all titanic so he loved this book Paperback