Finding Happiness in Spain By Ian Wilfred

A meeting in a solicitor’s office was about to change Claire and Alison’s lives.

KATHLEEN had just died and left a secret in Spain.

CLAIRE had her whole life ahead of her, she had her own bookkeeping business and had just kicked out her cheating boyfriend.

ALISON had said goodbye to the husband who had gambled away their home and business.

VALDEZ lived life without a care in the world, living from one day to the next without caring about tomorrow.

MARTHA loved her little pottery shop in the Spanish hillside town of Roncia, but would she be able to cope with a new born baby?

Finding Happiness in Spain is an uplifting feel-good read set on the Spanish coast of Almeria. A few secrets, a little romance and new beginnings, but above all a story about friendships. Finding Happiness in Spain

lovely book

I really enjoyed reading this story about. 2 women that have nothing in common and a large age gap and how they changed their lives and really enjoyed life living the dream Finding Happiness in Spain So glad I chose this book to read
It really was just what I need!
A heartwarming story of being given a chance,
New friendships, making a fresh start and romance.

Two ladies have recently been let down
By partners who cheated or gambled, making them frown.
A surprise legacy brings the two together
Taking them off to Spain and glorious weather!

The community there is brought to life
Along with the relationships, troubles and strife,
There's also new friendships and opportunities, too
If only they dare take a chance or two!

It was so easy to escape into this delightful book,
So happy I decided to give it a look!
The characters and setting are brilliantly portrayed, too,
Brought vividly to life in your imagination for you.

There's mystery and mischief, love and romance,
As well as new opportunities if you dare take a chance.
I really enjoyed reading this and have to say
I highly recommend you read it, too, one day. Finding Happiness in Spain I thought the premise or plotline of this novel was quite good. I felt for the characters and wanted the girls to succeed in their new lives in Spain. And, of course, the Spanish setting was wonderful. But the writing style was very stilted and the author didn't seem to realize that there are certain rules to follow in writing a novel.

For example it is essential to differentiate the speeches of the different characters. Also not to include too many boring details that add nothing to the storyline. Every paragraph needs to be interesting and move the story forward in some way.

I think the author has the ability to write good fiction but I would definitely advise him to take a short course in 'writing the novel.' I see that he actually has written quite a few books, so I shall try another one to see if his style has improved over time. Finding Happiness in Spain Another enjoyable story. Easy to read and it was good how the author brought the characters to life and how dreams with help come true. Finding Happiness in Spain


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