Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish) By Kelsey Charisma

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When Angie’s step dad got his new chair, they snuggled on the self-rocking recliner. It wasn’t long before her daddy got aroused, and it was then Russ told her he had a fetish, and wanted to fill her to overflowing.

Content Warning: this short story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language. Full of hot, vigorous sex and not for the faint of heart. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

Word count: 5,000 + words Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish)

Daddy.. if your cockhead is ramming into her cervix... that means your fucking her... just saying

OK.. this was really hot and I would LOVE to have a chair like this with a smoking hot Step Daddy to play on it with.

This was fun and I read it while in the Doctor's office laughing out loud half the time and blushing the other half.

Angela has to know that when her stepdaddy says that she is squishing his dick so he had to remove it from his pants and rub her with it.. that he is not playing dumb.. asshat.. he is trying to fuck you.

Daddy... Stepdaddies can fuck their daughters, as long as they are consenting adults, there is no problem.. but please, please, please... admit you are fucking her and not just sticking the head

Plus, she must be a fucking contortionist with how daddy was bending her to his will and making sure that her pussy didnt let a drop of cum out of the bucket he made it into... Classy
Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish) This book was steamy and absurd, but the cover of this short story pretty much says it all.

Taboo read ✔
Comedic ✔
Ridiculous dialogue ✔
Smut done right ✔

This book was really hot until it suddenly became technical. Luckily, that distraction only lasted a few lines and then the story flew back on track.

Even with those brief technical descriptions, I still enjoyed this story! Rounded up to four stars. Pure smutty delightfulness! Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish) That is one special chair!! It's kind of absurd how it works though reading it was super steamy!! Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish) Ok, this started out hot...but ended up really, really, really ridiculous. I got bored about halfway through. Fill Me Daddy (Cum Fetish)