Fifth Formers of St. Clare's By Enid Blyton

The St. Clare's girls are now in the fifth form, shortly to go up into the sixth, but they are not too old for tricks and escapades, jokes and excitement. Especially amusing is French girl Antoinette who, like her sister Claudine, doesn't always understand the ways of St. Clare's. Fifth Formers of St. Clare's


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Another book in Blyton's series about St Clare Boarding School. This book was first published in 1945 and it is important to keep that in mind when reading as some of the language is dated and means something entirely different in current times. This was a particularly humerous book with a wonderful description of Mamzelle's hilarious night catching burglars.Just to set the mode of the time, here is a brief quote:Each term brought different things to learn, besides lessons. Those girls who faced their difficulties, saw and understood their faults, conquered their failings, and became strong characters and leaders would make the finest wives and mothers of the future. Academic It did irk me growing up that this was the last book. What about the sixth form, and prefectship??Antoinette was just not as fun as Claudine, but then who could be? Although MAD PROPS to her for the trick she plays on Angela, who abuses the system of the upper forms getting the lower forms to run errands for them. ;) We also get the wonderfully named Alma Pudden here, yay! Such a pasty, puddingy little horror. Academic Not a fan. I understand that I haven't read the other books in the series, but I seriously doubt that would make these characters any likeable for me. I simply didn't warm to any of them. These are stereotypical high school girls mean, bitchy, sneaky, conceited, self centred. This book doesn't represent the image of a world I'd like to see for girls. It represents reality for far too many and doesn't do enough to condemn a bullying culture.That's just my opinion, guys. Much love to everyone who praises this book and its characters and genuinely has soft spots for them. You found something in this book that I didn't. Love to everyone xoxo Academic I like this book. It really is interesting it engages the reader. Academic Pat, Isabel and Alison have matured enough to enroll in the Fifth Form. Does everyone think they are just too mature and dignified for the naughty exploits and treeks they have been accustomed to play on unsuspecting mistresses? Never mind, Claudine and her little sister Antoinette cause plenty of mischief to make the book fun for Blyton's many readers. Typically, Blyton was unconcerned about political correctness: a troubled fat girl is the book's hapless villain. Academic

Fifth Formers of St Clare's (St. Clare's, #6), Enid BlytonFifth formers of St. Clare's is the sixth novel of the St. Clare's series written by Enid Blyton. It was published in 1945 by Methuen. Miss Cornwallis is mistress of the fifth form. Hilary Wentworth is a calm and dignified head girl. Being in the fifth form means quite a lot of changes – for example, the girls have got studies of their own now, instead of common rooms and dormitories, the first – and second formers have got to work for them. For some reason, Mirabel has been made games captain for the school, and Gladys vice captain. It is not explained why or how Mirabel has developed such good sporting abilities, nor is it explained why she is no longer musical. In her first term at St Clare's she was written as a very musical girl, talented at the piano and the violin.Two girls use their new power badly Angela Favorleigh takes advantage of her prettiness and charm and turns the younger girls into willing slaves and so does Mirabel, who is games captain. Some room is made for the second form Antoinette, Claudine's little sister, has come to St. Clare's, too, and she proves to be as irrepressible as Claudine. There are three new girls in the fifth form and all of them are unpopular – Anne Marie, who fancies herself a poet, Felicity Ray, a musical genius, and Alma, a fat girl who suffers from what nowadays would be called an eating disorder. Felicity's parents are very ambitious and, in spite of Miss Theobald's warnings, push their daughter too hard – she is to take a very difficult musical exam and works herself too hard. One part of the book describes fat Alma stealing food from a store cupboard that Antoinette keeps midnight feast food in. Alison discovers the cupboard open one day and reports to Claudine (Who owns the cupboard) about it, and Claudine then keeps the key to the cupboard safe. Alma is angry, and plays tricks on Alison. Pat and Isabel are minor characters in this book, but at the end they are made head girls because Hilary will leave St. Clare's and go to India to live with her parents. Alison, Anne Marie, Angela, and Mirabel all redeem themselves at the end of the book.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهارده ماه آگوست سال 2008 میلادیعنوان: پنجمی ها در سنت کلر؛ نویسنده: انید بلایتون؛ مترجم: ایلونا جودمردی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، شهر کتاب، هرمس (کیمیا)، 1386، در 229 ص، شابک: 9789643631987؛ موضوع: داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20 مفهرست هشت کتاب این سری: «دوقولو ها در سنت کلر»؛ «دوقولوهای اوسالیوان»؛ «دومی ها در سنت کلر»؛ «سومی ها در سنت کلر»؛ «ترم تابستانی در سنت کلر»؛ «کلودین در سنت کلر»؛ «پنجمی ها در سنت کلر»؛ «ششمی ها در سنت کلر»؛ کتاب: پنجمی ها در سنت کلر: سنت کلر در هشت هفته تعطیلات تابستان ساکت و خالی بود، آتقدر مدرسه سوت و کور بود، که حتی گربه ی مدرسه هم، برای دختران دلتنگی میکرد، و دلش برای ماجراهای عجيب دختران و مدرسه سنت کلر تنگ بود. ا. شربیانی Academic I loved it! But i'm soo sad that the fifth formers can't play any tricks nor have midnight feasts because they are fifth formers! Academic 4.5 stars. I thought it was astoundingly brilliant! Could hardly believe it was from the same series as all its prequels – what with its utterly delightful and fast paced, gripping plot as well as its jaw dropping characterisation! It was also a very thought provoking read with a startling amount of psychological depth within! Exceptionally well written indeed – I just loved it :) Academic The last book of the original St Clare's series, Fifth Formers of St Clare's always leaves the story feeling a little incomplete. However, this is another great book, almost on par with Claudine at St Clare's. Now that the girls are grown up, they can have studies of their own, and have fun pairing up with each other. Alison and Angela make an admirable pair, but soon enough, it becomes obvious that Angela is going to abuse the power she is now given as a fifth former. The St Clare's custom of having young girls fagging for the older ones now gets a realistic turn with Angela and her demands and misuse of the younger girls' time and feelings. Surprisingly, abuse of power is also done by another person Mirabel! Made sports captain, this previously much loved and much admired girl soon manages to turn the entire school against her! How does she manage to get out of such a mess? Interestingly, both power abusers end up in a feud as well! Poetry is in the air! With a new English mistress, Ms Wilcox and a new girl, Anne Marie, both poets, the form is about to have some good fun. Would Miss Wilcox help Anne Marie or would they be at odds? Alison, this term, worshipping, Miss Wilcox, finds reason for a feud with Anne Marie. And the girls, obviously, react to these poetic goings on with some trepidation.But the depth to this book is given by Alma Pudden. Dropped down from the sixth form because of various troubles, she is a fat girl, whose only interest in life seems to be eating. I found this plot handled pretty sensitively (for Enid) and despite Alma getting into serious trouble because of her craving for food, we are given to see that it is not her fault. It is ultimately the rest of the girls who are told to show sensitivity, practically unheard of in St Clare's!I really enjoyed this book, especially since Claudine's younger sister, Antoinette, also joins the school, making for a double dose of fun! Academic While Enid Blyton most certainly has penned an interesting and also entertaining enough story in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s, some of the scenarios that have made the plot engaging and fun are indeed also causing me to shake my head a bit. For example, while I have on the one hand rather massively enjoyed reading about how poetry fanatic Anne Marie manages to trick English Literature Mistress Miss Wilcox by showing off the latter’s basic lack of poetical, of literary knowledge to the entire class (since Miss Wilcox is continuously being described by Enid Blyton as someone at best shallow and at worst really quite inappropriately insulting and nasty and thus also well deserving of being publicly ridiculed and outed), on the other hand, Miss Wilcox’s character and her behaviour as a teacher are equally and in my opinion also too much of a direct mirror image of Drama Mistress Miss Quentin from The Second Form at St. Clare’s, with Alison in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s of course once again totally worshipping Miss Wilcox (and I guess I also kind of feel that with some of her characters, Enid Blyton does not really allow them to mature enough in the St. Clare’s series, for while she definitely makes Alison learn and take to heart many lessons regarding why she should not be “mooning” over her teachers and glamorous friends like Angela Favourleigh, in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s, all this is seemingly cast aside as Alison is as “into” Miss Wilcox as she erstwhile was regarding Miss Quentin and once again thinks, at least for a rather lengthy period of time, that fellow student Angela is wonderful simply because she is pretty, upper class and wealthy.Further, while Mirabel’s inappropriate for a responsible games captain’s antics and behaviours have definitely made for an engaging subplot in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s, personally I for one do tend to find that Mirabel is depicted with so much typecast negativity that she does not actually feel all that real and actually like some kind of a monster. And indeed, a bit nuance and character depth would certainly make Mirabel’s issues with the lowers forms appear a bit realistic and not so much as something almost inadvertently funny at times, since Mirabel at least to and for me often appears in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s as almost some kind of an evil clown like figure (something that I also feel is a bit the case with both Felicity’s sleepwalking and Alma’s food obsessions, for while the mental health reasons for these scenarios are realistic and appreciated, the fact that they are not really explained until very very late in Fifth Formers of St. Clare’s in my opinion, this tends to leave too negative an impression, this tends to leave both Felicity and Alma’s fellow students and us as readers with an unnecessarily unflattering and unfair attitude towards both students, towards both Alma and Felicity). Academic