Fever by V.K. Powell By V.K. Powell

The first couple of chapters in this book made me laugh out loud. Mostly due to the feisty femme lead. I love books set in far off places. I really couldn't put this book down until I finished Zak's story. I've read other books by VK Powell and enjoyed them, but I think this one is my favorite. V.K. Powell Hired gun Zac Chambers expects to provide a simple escort service to philanthropist Sara Ambrosini, but nothing is as simple as it seems, especially love. V.K. Powell 2010 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge) V.K. Powell 2.75 stars rounded up. If you can block out each reference to Africa as a country rather than a continent, the plot isn’t too bad. I thought the ending was a little lazy though considering the intricate lead up. An extra 50-100 pages and some editing could have made this book 4-5 stars. Also, the MC’s name is Zak not Lennox— not sure why the blurb on GR has it wrong. V.K. Powell While some of the story is full of tropes used in many les fic books, the well written African setting was a huge redemption. Powell did a great job in immersing the reader and I felt like I learned about the wildlife, people and places along with Sara.
Good use of developed secondary characters help to flesh out the leads as well as expand the story. Really enjoyed this book. V.K. Powell


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Hired gun Lennex Chambers expects to provide a simple escort service to philanthropist Sara Ambrosini, but nothing is as simple as it seems, especially love. Lennex Chambers is a disillusioned hired gun who longs for a connection with life beyond her sat-phone and assignments she can't share with anyone. Her boss lines up a cushy escort job to Africa to give her time to refocus. But the country she loved as a child holds memories she isn't ready to face. Adding to her ambivalence about returning is the immensely attractive Sara Ambrosini, head of Ambrosini Philanthropic, who sees everything through the rose-colored glasses of wealth and privilege. Lennex's task is to provide security for Sara until they reach the future site of her primary school for tribal children in the bush country. But Lennex soon discovers that Sara's stubbornness and independence aren't the only obstacles to the success of her assignment. Nothing is as simple as it seems, especially love. Fever by V.K. Powell

Readers know what to expect from a V.K. Powell novel. What stand out in this one are two things: one, the setting, a specific and wild place in Kenya, in East Africa. The other is the depth of characterization. Of course we're rooting for the main characters, but the author creates intriguing secondary characters as well, including Maasai who are childhood friends of one of the heroines. I found myself aching for Imani and wondering what happened to her outside the pages of the book. For me, that's a sign of great storytelling. V.K. Powell I eventually finished this one. Unlike all the other books by this writer, I guess this one was hard for me to read because alot of it was based on places I'm very intimate with and she got many of the details wrong. I know, I know it's fiction, its make believe but I just could not wrap my head around it. V.K. Powell Africa, Philanthropy, Corruption & Romance

“And I will not explain myself. Not that I could anyway. For some reason, I just can’t be near this woman.”
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Definitely not the story I was expecting after reading the description… but like, wow, was this a really, really, really good book!! V.K. Powell A little tedious. i could not buy the immediate initial attraction between the two characters so that hindered the whole book for me. Some good descriptions of African landscapes... but overall slightly redundant. V.K. Powell This is VK Powell’s third novel, and it’s her best one so far. It’s an entertaining read with good descriptions of setting and characters. I would give it 3.5 stars if that were possible. V.K. Powell