Fear in the French Quarter (Displaced Detective #6) By Stephanie Osborn

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Fear in the French Quarter revolves around a jaunt by no less than Sherlock Holmes himself — brought to the modern day from an alternate universe’s Victorian era by his continuum parallel, who is now his wife, Dr. Skye Chadwick- Holmes — to famed New Orleans for both business and pleasure. There, the detective couple investigates ghostly apparitions, strange disappearances, mystic phenomena, and challenge threats to the very universe they call home.

It was supposed to be a working holiday for Skye and Sherlock, along with their friend, the modern day version of Doctor Watson — some federal training that also gave them the chance to explore New Orleans, as the ghosts of the French Quarter become exponentially more active. When the couple uncovers an imminently catastrophic cause, whose epicenter lies squarely in the middle of Le Vieux Carré, they must race against time to stop it before the whole thing breaks wide open — and more than one universe is destroyed.

What people are saying:

...Stephanie Osborn in her Displaced Detective series has found a science fiction – not fantasy – way to bring Sherlock Holmes into our world. ...this is a Holmes who has to adjust to being rudely extracted, plunged into the 21st Century with no way to return. But he’s still Holmes, and I found the series well worth reading.

~ Jerry Pournelle, International Bestselling Author Fear in the French Quarter (Displaced Detective #6)