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A meteor storm barreling towards earth ignites a chain reaction of devastating events that will bring the world to its knees.

For the first time since his divorce, CJ will be able to take his son on a vacation. Along with his father, they make it a guys trip to the west coast. Little do they know their trip that is intended to be a lifetime of memories would include facing insurmountable odds.

The lack of warning leaves everyone in the dark about what has occurred and vulnerable to all that unfolds. It doesnt stop with the meteors. The disastrous events come one after another, a domino effect of annihilation.

It isnt just one place, it is everywhere. Theres nowhere to run. Theres nowhere to hide. Safety is a broken word. It doesnt exist.

Like billions of others across the world, CJ and his family are thrust into a life full of catastrophic events.

Far from home, caught up in a whirlwind of a distraction, CJ soon discovers its not a matter of going anywhereits a matter of staying alive until the events run their course if thats even possible.
Faulted By Jacqueline Druga

Hi Jacqueline This is the fourth or your books that I've read in a rowI enjoyed them all but the first two were the best, for me, so far I enjoy survival and apocalyptic themes I would recommend further editing re your gramma and syntax. little mistakes Faulted By Jacqueline Druga I really enjoyed this booklots of info that was both scary and informative with characters and storylines that were real and engaging. Best of all the main focus was not on surviving evil humans who immediately did horrible things. I'm tired of skipping through brutal Faulted By Jacqueline Druga