Fashionably Forever After (Hot Damned, #10) By Robyn Peterman


3,5/5 Romance, Humor, Paranormal Oh Satan...You Devil!!!

Side-splitting, hysterical, lighthearted, sassy, and smexy read.
This has to be one of the top hilarious books from Ms. Peterman's.
Bad boy Satan wants his HEA, and being the Harbinger of Evil, he know just how to get get it. Of course, with a little help from his certifiable family.
A total must read to heat up this cold winter.
But recommend you read Fashionably Flawed First!!! Romance, Humor, Paranormal
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★Book Basics★

Genre: - Paranormal Romance
Series: - 10th in the series. (2nd in the story of Satan and Elle)
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - Yes
Rating - 5 stars


I continue to absolutely devour and adore this series.

Satan has been one of the best characters all through the series and here he eventually gets his happily ever after with his Elle.

The usual cast of funny, sarcastic characters and totally wacky and crazy situations.

One of the best books int he series told by the POV of one of the best characters imo.

A wicked 5 stars! Romance, Humor, Paranormal Satan is back, and he won't rest until he finds his mate!

In book 10 of the Hot Damned series, Robyn Peterman held nothing back! When the siren Elle went into hiding, Satan vowed to find her and bring her back, but he's finding it far more difficult than he ever expected, and he's got to call in the cavalry for a chance at tracking her down.

It was great to see some of my favorite characters from the previous books in the series come along for the ride in this book - the interactions between Satan and Gemma and the Kev were fantastically funny! And the character introduction of Satan's new assistant? He is a great addition to the Hot Damned family - Satan's internal dialogue about him had be laughing more times than I can count. But the book had some starkly emotional scenes as well, and I found myself tearing up near the end of the story.

I was invested in this book from start to finish, rooting for Satan to find his mate for his own happily ever after, and Peterman takes the reader on a wonderful journey (pun intended ;) to get there. Romance, Humor, Paranormal ✨ Read for the 2019 KU Shitathon™ challenge - [Yearly Edition] - over at Maraya's Cave Of Freaking Wonders ✨
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Romance, Humor, Paranormal

Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

The newest book in Robyn Peterman's Hot Damned series is OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! Satan is ridiculously appealing, fun, smoldering, and entertaining as hell! I never laughed harder as I did with Fashionably Forever After. It was SO...SOOO...SOOOOOOO funny, snarky, fun, wicked and full of flames and sexy times. Satan is my favorite! He is bad-a** and is charming, in his own wicked way and the way he is bound and determined to go after what he wants and desires I KNEW it was going to be so entertaining to watch and I flipped through the pages and read this book WAY to fast to find out what happened next.

One of the BEST things about reading a book by Robyn Peterman is the GUARANTEE of laughter while reading. When you think she couldn't give a story funnier than the last one, I get proved wrong, and I can't be happier about that. I fell in love with Satan from the moment he was introduced and his story is just so much more fun than I expected. I felt like I could of died laughing at times and I had actual TEARS rolling down my cheeks because I laughed so hard. I LOVE that SO HARD! If you read only ONE book this year by Robyn Peterman, I suggest Fashionably Forever After!

This book gets a HILARIOUSLY FUN AND ABSOLUTELY SNARKY TEN SHOOTING STARS! Once you start this you won't regret it! Romance, Humor, Paranormal 5 Candi Kisses and Holy Hotness!!!
The Wacky wonderful mind of Robyn Peterman makes it to the paper again with Satan (MCHotAss) and the whole gang. From Astrid to Martha and Jane you always know you are going to be entertained. Reading a Robyn Peterman book is not just reading, its an adventure. Romance, Humor, Paranormal A total Slam Dunk for Robyn Peterman!!
Who would think that Satan would be so sexy, so funny and so looking for his happily ever after? Don’t believe me? Then you must read Fashionably Ever After Book 10 of the Hot Damned Series. If you haven’t read the previous books in the series then you definitely have to!! You can’t miss Satan’s antics looking for his lost love. Of course, you also need to find out how Blaze Inferno’s (the highest paid romance author ever) makes out with the film being made from his book. What could go wrong when your entourage and staff are made up of your vampire-demon nieces, one of your demon flunkies and of course the 2 nightmares (Martha and Jane). This book boldly takes you where NO ONE has ever dared to go. I laughed so hard that I spit out my coffee (don’t be drinking while reading this one!). 10,000 stars to Robyn Peterman for her best book ever!! Romance, Humor, Paranormal I really cant get enough of this series. And this character. How can you not love him?! Robyn Peterman constantly delivers laugh out loud wacky fun! The Hot Damned Series will always be on the top of my favorites list. For a guaranteed good time, pick up it up! Romance, Humor, Paranormal The fun continues in book 10 of the series. Satan is looking for his Siren and a movie deal. Which one (if either) will he find first? Time to catch up with our favorite True Immortals!

It is really difficult to give a complete review without giving away the best parts! Our favorite cast of lunatics is back and better than ever. Astrid is still pining for her chips and extra hot salsa, and her black raspberry chip ice cream. Martha and Jane are still rocking the sequined boob tubes, and making Astrid regret turning them. The Kev still has absolutely no fashion sense, even when using his true form. Mother Nature still can’t cook edible food, and Lucifer is just himself, in all his office-supply-stealing glory.

When we last left the Dark Lord, he had swapped souls with Elle. Now he’s got to find her, lay a smack down on Fate, and find out if he can actually (gasp) love. Can the devil actually have a happily ever after? Time to find out!

I really want Robyn to adopt me. The level of crazy in her house must be off the charts!! I’ve liked all the books in this series, but this one is definitely toward the top of the ‘favorites’. Told from Satan’s point of view, we get to view things through his eyes. We get a little bit more of the backstory of his relationship with his brother God and his original fall from Heaven. It definitely is true that no man is an island – not even Satan. You need to read at least book 9 to understand what is going on, and I recommend reading the whole series so you know all of the players involved. Otherwise, Mother Nature on a stripper pole will not make any sense!
Romance, Humor, Paranormal

A movie deal for the Devil’s autobiography slash romance? Priceless.

Maybe I should choose George Clooney to play me in the movie… No. Too gray.

As much as I can’t see anyone playing me but me, I have far more important issues on my agenda—like finding the woman who stole my soul. Well, not exactly stole… I might have made the switch and taken hers, but the Siren, Elle Rinoa, has my soul nonetheless.

Maybe Brad Pitt would be a good Lucifer… No. Too blond.

Fate and I are on a crash course with destiny looking for the one woman who can change both of our lives—mine for the better—Fate’s for the worse. Never in my wildest imaginings did I think the Devil could have a happily ever after, but now I have hope.

Maybe Jamie Dornan would do me justice… No. Fifty shades of wrong.

Armed with a tremendously bad attitude and my two grumpy nieces in tow, I will find my woman and make her stay—even if I have to cuff her to me for the rest of eternity. Elle Rinoa is mine and as soon as she sees everything my way we will be fine.

Maybe Dwayne Johnson would be an excellent Satan… No. Too bald.

Whatever. With my insane mother proposing a disturbingly psychotic plan to find my girl and my father breaking every appliance in Heaven and Hell, I feel I have no choice but to go with my mother’s half baked scheme. I’ve done crazy, but this one will take the cake or put me six feet under—for real.

How about Joe Manganiello playing me… No. I’m prettier.

My Siren doesn’t know what’s about to hit her. I play for keeps and I play to win. Of course I cheat, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s showtime folks. Fashionably Forever After (Hot Damned, #10)

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