Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus, Vol. 1 By Jonathan Hickman

This is the first F4 comic I have read and I'm already becoming a Hickman fan. This seals it. This story was fantastic and what a physically beautiful book. It looks great amongst my omnibus collection.

Hickman manages to juggle multiple characters, gripping giant storylines and death and introduction of old and new characters. He really has steered this in a fantastic direction!

I can't wait to read volume 2. Jonathan Hickman I read the Fantastic Four comic books from Jonathan Hickman's run:
Fantastic Four #570-588 Hickman's critically acclaimed run begins by introducing the Four Cities, the Future Foundation and the death of one of the team AND in my opinion a perfect comic #588, a dialogue-less memorial to the fallen team member and then a truly amazing Spider Man short story. However #570 to ##582 were very average, so overall just a 7 out of 12.

FF#1-12 and Fantastic Four #600. Wow… wow… and wow. Spider-Man, the Freedom Foundation, the monochrome suits, the strange alliances, Inhumans, Kree, Subterraneans, Atlanteans, the Annihilation horde, the kids, the grandad, and the alternate rogue Reeds... finally the Fantastic Four (well since Stan Lee days) is at the top of its game! 8 out of 12

FF#13-23 and Fantastic Four #601-612 Simply the greatest Marvel run in the last 10 years! Astoundingly superior and nail biting. The fate of the Kree, Inhumans and the Four Cities, the alternate reality Reeds, last stands by Doom and Galactus(!), mad Celestials, time travellers, Power pack(!). A superb family led revival of the 'world's greatest comic book'. 9 out of 12

2014 read Jonathan Hickman THIS WAS JUST SO GOOD!

This is my nth time reading this run and I still freaking love it, one of the finest marvel comics ever.

It starts off so well with FF and the dark reign tie in, Reed using the bridge and then Sue and the others getting those fun moments of alternate realities, the confrontation with Norman, random adventures with the FF and I love the way he writes the villains, the coming of the future Franklin and val and whats going with them, giving insight into Nathaniel's life and how it retains to the current story, what happens with the War of the four cities arc and I love the way Hickman introduces so many things and sets this stuff so nicely, plus the way he weaves in Dr Doom and Galactus into it is just perfect, its so seamless and all these parts builds towards the big crescendo in the end in such a nice manner, its insane and then a moment with one of the main characters and thats such an emotional gut-punch and will make you love the FF even more!

One of the greatest comics period, the way it all bends so seamlessly and all the plots come together so well, existing concepts are used in such a brilliant manner and then each character gets their own spotlight and moment that makes you love them even more and the inter-play between them and finally the big thing to come, its just perfect plus it has a murderer's row of artist, each one soo perfect and makes this book so visually striking to look at, just wow! Marvel at its peak!! Its a must read run for every fan!! Jonathan Hickman I enjoyed this a lot for several reasons :
- This is Jonathan Hickman and he is for me the best modern writer of epic super hero comics ( His Secret Warriors and his Avengers are great)
- I have read very little Fantastic Four and whatever I have read is very old so there was a huge novelty effect as well as the discovery of a part of the Marvel Universe that was unknown to me.
- This provides some interesting background on the New Avengers Illuminatis.

All in all a solid 4 stars and I can't wait to read volume two. Jonathan Hickman Loved Hickmans run on F4 after reading it many moons ago and loving it again on returning to it. I love the ideas behind it and how it all comes together. How there’s so much going on but at its core it’s still about family. In my mind that’s what a good Fantastic Four story should be. Have them exploring and doing amazing things but at the end of the day it’s about the First Family. Jonathan Hickman

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman revamps and redefines Marvel's first family in an epic saga across time, space and reality! It all begins when Mr. Fantastic decides to solve everything! As the team contends with Dark Reign, an older Franklin arrives from the future with an ominous warning! And as the Fantastic Four fight the War of the Four Cities, Mr. Fantastic assembles a band of genius youngsters. But when Nathaniel Richards returns, Galactus rises and an all-new Annihilation Wave threatens to invade from the Negative Zone, tragedy suddenly strikes. Grieving, the survivors of the Fantastic Four dissolve the team...but from its ashes rises the Future Foundation!

Collecting: Dark Reign : Fantastic Four 1-5, Fantastic Four 570-588, FF 1-5, & materiel from Dark Reign: The Cabal Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus, Vol. 1

Fantastic four by Jonathan Hickman.

This was a omnibus i wanted for a very long time, and i really have mixed feelings about it. The story is really cool, and most of its artwork is incredible, i mean Steve Epting and Nick Dragotta on a Marvel book, awesome. But i have to get one thing out of the way, the quality of this book, and by that i mean the paper quality is abysmal, this is no way to treat fans of the Marvel omnibus, that is supposedly the best of there line. Its not the entire book but just random pages, really effing annoying, i have better toilet paper, some pages are so thin you can look through and on some the lettering is all smudged, again i have never seen this bad quality on a Marvel omnibus. And i hope they will fix it. The story is a wild adventure, with trips to the moon, the bottom of the sea and space, and its alway cool to see Galactus, Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom, and so many Marvel heroes. This book is a blast, just shitty paper sadly. Jonathan Hickman Hickman blows it out of the park. For my money - it's quite likely the best run since Kirby's initial run ended with #102. Beg, borrow or steal. You must read this book. Jonathan Hickman This was my first exposure to Marvel's first family, and I couldn't be more impressed. Hickman introduces a lot of ideas early on, and at some point you start doubting if all this will eventually have some sort of payoff... Well it does. Hickman throws a lot of balls in the air, but manages to juggle with every one. It all comes together, but at that point you realize a bigger saga is just starting... I can't and won't spoil much, but for any fan of mind-bending sci-fi and creative storylines in general, this is a treat to read. The book starts with Reed Richards asking himself how he can solve everything, how he can make up for mistakes in the past, and avoid conflict in the future. Like Remender's Uncanny X-Force, there's a central core idea that drives the entire book.

There is so much smart and creative writing going on here that I can't wait for the second omnibus to arrive. That's the crazy part: after all the great ideas Hickman puts out here, you realize this is only the first half of his run. And the second half is supposed to be even better. I for one can't wait.

An all-round fantastic book that has at least one new idea or discovery in every issue. Jonathan Hickman This confirms for me that I'm not really a fan of the Fantastic Four, but Hickman creates such a large epic story I'm enjoying seeing it come together. There is a lot more background knowledge required than I expected, most of which isn't explained in the story. For example, many of the members of the Future Foundation show up earlier in the story at Franklin's birthday, with no reference to who they are and where they come from. Similarly I don't know how Doom suffered brain damage, and the dead Future Galactus is only briefly explained later in the book. I'm assuming many of these events come from earlier Fantastic Four stories, but I have no desire to go back and read them. Jonathan Hickman 4.5/5
Holy shit this was really great. Only reason this isn't getting five stars is because the Inhumans stuff got a little boring towards the end. Can't believe I'm a Fantastic Four fan now Jonathan Hickman

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