Ett oväntat fel har inträffat. By Nick Land

A dizzying trip through the mind(s) of the provocative and influential thinker Nick Land.During the 1990s British philosopher Nick Land's unique work, variously described as rabid nihilism, mad black deleuzianism, and cybergothic, developed perhaps the only rigorous and culturally engaged escape route out of the malaise of continental philosophy a route that was implacably blocked by the academy. However, Land's work has continued to exert an influence, both through the British speculative realist philosophers who studied with him, and through the many cultural producerswriters, artists, musicians, filmmakerswho have been invigorated by his uncompromising and abrasive philosophical vision.Beginning with Land's early radical rereadings of Heidegger, Nietzsche, Kant and Bataille, the volume collects together the papers, talks and articles of the mid 90slong the subject of rumour and vague legend (including some work which has never previously appeared in print)in which Land developed his futuristic theory fiction of cybercapitalism gone amok; and ends with his enigmatic later writings in which Ballardian fictions, poetics, cryptography, anthropology, grammatology and the occult are smeared into unrecognisable hybrids.Fanged Noumena gives a dizzying perspective on the entire trajectory of this provocative and influential thinker's work, and has introduced his unique voice to a new generation of readers. Ett oväntat fel har inträffat.


To make the most of Mr. Land’s writings, you need than a little background in continental European philosophy, from Kant to Deleuze. If so, they’re a hell of a ride. Certainly the most original extension of this tradition that I can think of. Most of all because Land is an empiricist in the clothing of an aesthete. Possibly an esoteric writer in the sense designated by Leo Strauss. This would make sense, as Strauss notes great esoteric writers arise in conjunctions of place and times with political censorship. If the future demands a reckoning of philosophy with biology, then Land has already been working there. Paperback my walls are covered in the symbols from the last few chapters and i dont know how they got there. was @outsideness @insideness my room? Paperback The author makes little or no sense overall, constantly contradicts himself and fabricates words without any meaning. A master of illogic and nihilistic nonsense a delusional asylum inmate who mumbles to himself, occasionally bellowing incoherent shouts and moans. Or in reality, just a self parodying chameleon whose base color is puce?

Who publishes this nonsense The Deconstructed Deconstructionalist Press? Avoid at all costs even Noam Chomsky wouldn't read this turkey. A toddler's stream of consciousness babble makes sense. Paperback 🤔 Paperback You won’t make it to level 2 Paperback

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There's a lot to digest in Fanged Noumena. Before anyone even half hearted considers it, a read through an annotated copy of D it was a surprisingly good poetic reading of the BwO). To put it simply, much of his content simply will not make sense (ie, A Ziigothic X Coda, Kataçonix). There is also a fair amount of overlap with CCRU Writings 1993 2003 (see: Origins of the Cthulhu Club, Barker Speaks)

I've heard comments that say reading Land's work is dangerous. I disagree with that. The people pushing that line are typically galaxy brained left wing academics. This is probably just the simple result of how sore one might feel after reading Critique of Transcendal Miserablism. I certainly agree that Land is a provocative reactionary, but the potency of his work is probably only a problem for someone who already held reactionary social and political views.

Perhaps the best essay here is A Dirty Joke, which after a few re readings, shows an incredibly raw and sad position that is unfortunately relatable. There's no question that I have felt the same anxiety/antipathy towards philosophy as Land describes in this revealing and vulnerable essay. It breaks down his struggle in the same way that a borderline (in my experience) might understand the world they are in. This is the most self effacing, brilliantly self defeating but sublime reading I've had in awhile, and this collection may be worth it just for this essay. Paperback Amazing stuff and gorgeous edition. Highly recommended. Paperback A book you that will make you feel different after finishing it Paperback An interesting book, well written, interesting cover. Would read again. Paperback Arrived fast in excellent condition Paperback