The Falklands War Operations Manual: April to June 1982Insights Into the Planning, Logistics and Tactics That Led to the Successful Retaking of the Falkand Islands By Dr Chris McNab

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Great book 📖 I'm a Falklander through my Grandmother.I read the book and my mentor was in 2 Para there in '82. The author Could have done research as to who was where and when as the Para's raised the flag first not the marines etc. Puzzles Was expecting a book as good as the D Day manual but as already commented on, so full of errors and poorly annotated photos that it takes away the enjoyment. Could have done much better. Puzzles Started to look through this on receipt for key points of the conflict, prior to reading it properly from start to finish. So many errors spotted on just looking through, notably the alleged sinking of HMS Fearless, as opposed to one of her landing craft, that I'll not bother reading it. Had the potential to be a good book if the author had bothered to do some research before starting to write. Puzzles This could have been a great book,if it wasn't for the errors. The wrong armament listed for HMS Invincible,the writer having trouble telling the difference between Sea Dart and Sea Cat missiles and I bet the crew of the assault ship HMS fearless were shocked to find out they were sunk during the Falklands War! Puzzles I really can't recommend this book becuase it is littered with errors: P23 it describes the Argentine Invasion of South Georgia as Operation Paraquet when this was the code name for its recapture by the UK. P30 it describes Major General Moore as one of Sandy Woodwards operational commanders when in reality Moore was the senior officer to whom Woodward was subordinate. P36 describes the SS Canberra as a Cunard liner when everyone knows she was owned by P & O, hence the large banner displayed on the returning Canberra P&O goes where Cunard doesn't referring to the fact that the QE2 neverventured into the San Carlos anchorage. Finally, the point at which I gave up in disgust, P86 refers to the list of the seven major vesssels sunk by Argentina and includes HMS Fearless which not only was not sunk but was not even subject to substantial damage. The authors are confusing the loss of one of HMS Fearless's small landing craft in Choiseul sound with the sinking of a major warship. Puzzles

The HaynesFalklands War Operations Manuallooks at the planning and logistics that made the whole operation possible. It considers how the naval Task Force was raised and assembled in rapid time, the adaptation and conversion of the linersQE2,CanberraandUgandafor war service in the South Atlantic, the logistics of the long voyage south, how Ascension Island became a 24/7 staging post and operations hub for the Task Force, the use of air power (in particular the RAF Harrier and RN Sea Harrier), the RAFs air to air refuelling tanker aircraft that made much of the air component of the operation feasible, the epic Black Buck Vulcan bomber raid on Stanley; ships, landing craft, helicopters, weapons and equipment, and how the re supply operation kept the fuel, food and ammunition flowing across 7,878 miles of ocean. The Falklands War Operations Manual: April to June 1982Insights Into the Planning, Logistics and Tactics That Led to the Successful Retaking of the Falkand Islands