Faith (Brides of the Rio Grande #2) By Peggy McKenzie

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Despite the improbable odds of a half-breed orphan getting a fair trial after being accused of murdering the son of the mayor of Kansas City, frontier justice has given Faith No-Name a second chance at life. For the past two years, Faith’s trust—indeed, her very future—has been in the hands of a talented young attorney. She’s fallen in love with the handsome Irishman, but knows no respectable white man would consider marriage to a woman of mixed blood who’d grown up with three other orphans under the eye of a bawdy saloon keeper.

Defending the dark-haired, doe-eyed young woman accused of murder has tested Liam O’Brien’s sense of justice in ways he never imagined. Every time he looks at her, he is reminded of the horrible Indian raid that left his parents dead and his sister kidnapped. He escaped, but only because he hid from the marauders like a coward. His heart is a dark tempest of rage, loathing and guilt that makes it impossible for him to view Faith as anything other than a savage heathen…except the more he learns about her, the more his prejudices are challenged.

Remanded into the custody of Liam’s senior partner and assigned to work at their law office for one year as part of her sentence, Faith struggles to find her place in the bustling frontier town. It will take every ounce of courage she can muster to overcome a lifetime of abuse, but Faith soon discovers not everyone harbors resentment and bigotry. As Faith learns to stand tall and proud, only one burning question remains unanswered: Can Liam look past his hatred to see her for who she truly is?
Faith (Brides of the Rio Grande #2)

True love overcomes prejudice in this beautifully written story. Liam had his reason for hating Native Americans and Faith had little reason to trust white people, but they were able to see the person beneath the color of each others skin to find the person they were placed on this world to love. I recommend this easy to read book to anyone who enjoys a romance that builds on the love two people share and turns it into a phenomenal love story. Peggy McKenzie Oh yes

Another really good story from Ms. McKenzie. I am very happy to have picked this series to read. As book 1 Grace left me wanting more, Faith has delivered. I am now moving to the next in the series. Peggy McKenzie Very enjoyable read

Really enjoyed this story. Haven't read the 1st book in the story but the way the author weaves the tale I didn't have too. Peggy McKenzie