Extraction Point! By Travis S. Taylor

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Interesting story. Not as good as some of Taylor's other works, but still an enjoyable read. Travis S. Taylor Here we go again

Another great story from this talented SF author. It started a little slow but quickly reached full speed. If you like action SF this one is foe you
Larry Travis S. Taylor Extraction Point is by Travis S. Taylor and Stephanie Osborn. I have read most of Travis S. Taylor's books but I have never, until now, read anything by Stephanie Osborn. I have enjoyed most everything by Travis S. Taylor but this book is not among his best. It has a great many technical/scientific explanations that you need several advanced degrees to even begin to understand. These explanations are scattered throughout the book and take away from the storyline instead of adding to it. I was somewhat disappointed in this book but because I have enjoyed his other books I will continue to look forward to new writings by Travis S. Taylor. I will also check out other writings by Stephanie Osbon. Travis S. Taylor

Brilliant scientist and government operative Dr. Reagan Ray Brady should be dead. Instead, Ray has the perfect life, working for an ultra-secret division of DHS, watching for invasion by extraterrestrials and time travelers. This team includes his wife, Samantha Brady. The team's mascot is their one-year-old daughter, Abigail. When a mysterious man shows up, leaving several dead, Ray's team confronts him in NYC, where the man leaps from the roof of a ten-story building - and vanishes in mid-air. Seconds later, Samantha sees video of the same man touring the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A genetic scientist disappears from his locked office. Gold and other items, including fissile material from Oak Ridge, are vanishing around the world. Who is this man? What does he intend to do with all of the stolen wealth and dangerous material he has amassed? And can Ray and his team stop him? Extraction Point!