Excel VBA: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Understand Excel Visual Basic Applications By Daniel Jones

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Awful and useless Kindle This is a halfway decent book but it does have typos and there are moments of repeated writing word for word, which isn't very helpful and is somewhat frustrating. Overall, if you want to learn VBA for business purposes then this is not a very practical resource for real life application. The page length alone should probably have been the warning sign. Kindle


This book is cheap, I'll give it that. I read it on 8/14/2018. As of today, it is full of typos, and not just misspelled words, there are places where the author declares the variable X but then uses A in the lines following. There is one section about conditionals and logic that is copy/pasted twice in a row. Many of the images are not included but are a red x instead. I cannot recommend this book. Kindle HI,

I just bought this book but i became just a part of it not the whole book! why? Kindle Well content here this book. It has describe easily for Excel VBA. This is an beginner's guide. I like this book content with strategies. If you take this and also follow so get helpful ideas about Excel. I think that's the perfect book for everyone. Finally i want to recommend that and thanks for Author. Kindle This book is a joke. It looks like it was written for grade school children. Not worth its money. Don't waste your money or time with this book. Online tutorials are far functional than this book. Kindle There were typos for example using the word Strong instead of String (a fairly key piece of information). Some of the explanations did not make sense so it made learning as a beginner very difficult. Kindle

Take your Excel skills to the next level with Microsofts Visual Basic Applications. This book has been designed to help the beginner to understand and implement the many powerful tools that can be utilized within its program. Here, you will learn the basics of VBA and how to put them to good use.
Inside, youll learn the fundamental elements and characteristics of Excel and uncover easy little tricks that will help you to get your computer to do your work for you, Here, you will learn:
Step by step instructions on getting set up with VBA
How to create your own Macros
The basic elements that make up a VBA program
The syntaxes needed to write your own code
What are variables, arrays, subroutines, and loops
How to check and double check your code
And so much.
Once you have been able to tap into the many possibilities that Visual Basic has to offer, youll be off and running, ready to write your own code just like any other programmer but without having to learn all the complex computer lingo in the process.
With the skills youll learn here, you will have step by step instructions for creating Macros that can improve your productivity, increase your efficiency, and test out your theories all on your own.
For anyone who wants to get the most out of their Excel Program, this book is a must have that will have. If thats what youre looking for, download the book now so you too can get started writing your own code in Excel VBA!

Excel VBA: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Understand Excel Visual Basic Applications