Even Better (Stripped, #2.5) By Skye Warren

Why why why. Great author, but she ruined one of my favorite book couples. Sharing isn't caring Blue. Real alpha men don't share their women. Skye Warren 3.5 stars!

As always I love a story that features Blue. It's definitely a battle for my favorite male character in this series (so far) between Blue and Ivan.

But anyway... I loved the introduction of West, I really like him too. A adored the menage a trois part of the story but also kind of wished there was a bit more action of that between Blue, Hannah and West. Still it was a great and quick read.

It's also a perfect introduction to Pretty When You Cry. I have already read that one and I can say that it's the best book so far in the series so make sure to read it! Skye Warren 5 Short, Very Hot and Sexy Stars!!!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series and I loved getting this short sexy and dare I say blazing hot novella!!!! I am not a huge re-reader of books BUT this series is one that I could definitely read again! If you are looking for a simple sweet romance then this isn't for you but if you like it dark, twisted, hot and very sexy, also containing possessive, dominant men and feisty, sexy women with a whole lot of love then do yourself a favor and read this book, this entire series to date!

Congrats Skye Warren and I can't wait for Ivan and Candy's story next:) Skye Warren He promises me forever with every graze of his teeth. And for once, I believe him.
For once, I believe I’m enough.
- Lola Skye Warren This story picks up a few months after Blue and Hannah (aka Lola) move in together. Hannah is still plagued with insecurity and doubt about her relationship with Blue. And she is feeling kind of lost, she misses stripping, but doesn't want to go back, she is in flux not knowing what to do with herself. A friend from Blue's military days comes to stay. Things start to heat up, and Hannah finds a kindred spirit in West, she feels his pain and vulnerability and it's like a thread that ties them together. But, not to worry Hannah and Blue are just fine. West actually helps Hannah realize that Blue is all she will ever need or want.

Blue and Hannah are the kind of characters that stay with you. They are both so broken, but together they are whole. Their love is harsh, but so achingly beautiful it makes you want to weep.

Skye Warren never disappoints, whether it's full length novel or a novella, her words pack a punch and leave you breathless. The extended look at her next book Pretty When You Cry has me bouncing off the walls with anticipation, I can't wait for Candy and Ivan's story! Skye Warren


SUMMARY Even Better (Stripped, #2.5)

A story about how coming together can break us apart...

An old military friend of Blue's comes to stay with us, and suddenly I have two muscled men surrounding me. Before I can take a breath, we're diving into something dirty together--something dangerous. Dangerous because three is a crowd.

This is Blue's best friend, and one of us will have to leave.


EVEN BETTER is a sexy novella best read after BETTER WHEN IT HURTS. Fair warning: Contains two hot ex-military men and a girl caught in the middle. Even Better (Stripped, #2.5)

Quick, Steamy And Mysterious

This novella in the Stripped series, provides a little extra glimpse into the lives of Blue and Hannah. Taking place after the end of 'Better When It Hurts', the two have settled into a life of domesticity.

While the two seem to have finally figured things out, Hannah's insecurities prevent her from feeling content. She's always waiting to be cast aside, unwanted. Even with Blue, she feels like she's on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When Blue's Army friend moves to town, he stays with the couple until he can get settled in a place of his own. Fighting his own demons, his presence adds an interesting dynamic to Blue and Hannah's relationship. Almost immediately, there is a little kinky sex play taking place.

Although the sex scenes were hot as hell, I did find Blue's willingness to share Hannah, in any capacity, to be out of character. It just didn't sit quite right with me, even though the scenes were well-done and highly erotic. I just couldn't see it.

Overall, I thought it was a highly entertaining novella. It was quick, sexy and added to the series as a whole. It provided a glimpse into Candy's story, serving as the perfect lead-in for the next book in the series, which tells her story. I will be starting the next book immediately. Skye Warren I didn't like Hannah before and now I am sure she doesn't deserve to be a heroine. Blue loves her even though she accused him falsely for rape ( she did it to protect him which made no sense to me) but she still is concerned. She feels worthless and in order to know she has value she needs another man to touch her.

This is the worst. It ruined Blues storyline completely. He was protective and possessive and there was no indication before that he will share Hannah. And now, his friend West is introduced and he shares her with him. Although he didn't let West to have sex with Hanna, West and Hannah both orally pleased each other while Blue fucked her. This is completely delusional. Skye Warren 3.5 Blue-and-Hannah-lovin' Stars.

Even Better
is a quickie novella continuing the story of a Blue and Hannah (aka Lola) from Better When it Hurts. Their novel was an awesome hate-to-love romance that I five-starred (link to review- http://bit.ly/1QF3EaQ). In Even Better, Blue has a military friend come to town by the name of West. West has a bit of PTSD issues and shacks up with the couple while in transition. I'm hoping for his book, by the way. But I digress...

Even Better is a whole lot of sexy times including a bit of ménage with Blue, Hannah, and West. It was certifiably hot, I must admit. Not a whole lot of added plot here beyond the smut action. We do, however get a nice set-up for Ivan and Candy's upcoming story, which it can't wait. Their connection has always been a bit of a secret so my interest is now firmly piqued. Looking forward to Pretty When You Cry, expected to be out October 20th, 2015.

The Stripped Series is a steamy, slightly dark (gray) series filled with strong yet scarred heroines and tough, Alpha heroes. It's been a love the whole way thru for me. Each book can be read as a standalone but I don't necessarily recommend it. But if you want a quick steamy read, you'll get that with this novella.

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

Skye Warren This book was H-O-T!! It's one of the sexiest I've ever read. If you like d/s you will love this one. These are true alpha males. Amazing!

Hannah and Blue have a great romantic d/s relationship. Hannah's submission is selfless. She thrives solely on serving Blue's needs and yields in all his sexual urges. They have good, raw, rough, kinky sex, and they both generously give and take. Blue is always the one to lead. Hannah's submission fuels his dominance and vice-versa.

I let it overtake me, the passion and the pain. He is the water, and I'm the ocean floor, held down by his weight, made soft with his motion, finding peace in the riotous waves above me. - Hannah

When an old military friend of Blue comes to stay with them, the dynamic of their relationship changes. West suffers from ptsd in the form of nightmares and Blue and Hannah are there to comfort him. Voyeuristic games among the three will soon lead to overt sexuality and kink. There are no insecurities or jealousy among them, so this is all fun.

Two dominant guys who know how to play a woman's body and one beautiful submissive, and ecstacy is guaranteed. Both men will own her, but only one of them is in control.

I rock and twist in the bonds formed from their bodies, a butterfly held down by a pin, fluttering, trapped. - Hannah

This book was well written and had an interesting storyline. The d/s sex was authentic and the kink was hard-core. I think that this story is a beautiful representation of how dom/sub can be used to help someone heal. This simple sensual story contains all you could wish for and more.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Skye Warren 3.5 Stars!! Skye Warren