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I learned about this graphic memoir while editing a bibliography of graphic works of ethnic interest, and was intrigued enough to seek it out at the library. Thoroughly delightful; one feels like they are there with Briggs' parents, Ethel and Ernest, during some everyday events of their rich lives together.

It reminded me of the Classic comics I loved as a child you were learning some history while the images enhanced the human interest aspect greatly. I bought this as a birthday present for my (Irish) sister in law, who grew up in England in the 1940's 1960's. 978-0224060394 Just brilliant and very moving. Unbelievably similar to my own life for I'm of age to have lived these times. Ethel uncannily like my own dear mother in her attitude to a changing world, her comments to Ernest with his perhaps 'earthy' comments, who like my father took little notice of them. So funny. Especially her desire for us children to live up to her aspirations for social mobility. 978-0224060394 This illustrated book is a lovely tribute to the artist's Mom and Dad. It's honest and bittersweet, and it's also a capsule history of England in the 20th century. In short, it is a masterpiece. 978-0224060394 A beautiful heartwarming story of an era gone by. My wife and I give it 2 thumbs up. 978-0224060394 Stirred a variety of deeply personal emotions and prompted recognition of values and social s I subscribed to and totally accepted many years ago. It triggered too haunting memories of wartime when I was a three year old cowering in an Anderson shelter in the back garden. This everyday story of a small working class family played out against a background of momentous world and national events is in turn uplifting, humorous and often tear jerking.
This beautifully illustrated small book captures the highs and lows of lives so ordinary that they become compulsive reading. It captures vividly the ageing of loved ones, their loss and the resulting unfillable void for those left behind. Ethel and Ernest also struck a chord with my twelve year old grandson who was captivated and moved by this unfolding of mundane but unforgettable lives as opposed to his usual diet of super heroes, time lords or teenage wizards. 978-0224060394

This is written by the artist/animator of The Snowman, a British film from the 1980s that's a happy fairytale story. This is a biography of his parents: how they met, their long marriage, surviving World War II and various incarnations of British government and dealing (or not) with the major changes in society that happened between the 1930s and their deaths in 1971. It's moving, comical, but also unflinching in his portrayal of his parents' flaws and insecurities. And it's greatly sad at the end. 978-0224060394 Ethel and Ernest are two rather ordinary people. They get married around 1930, live together in the same house for 41 years, have a son, and then die the same year. Neither of them does anything extraordinary than live and love.
And that's than enough. Briggs' story is little than a series of snippets of conversation and events of a long relationship. We see Ethel and Ernest bond, bicker, and regret. We see the love they have for themselves, and how they adjust over time. There's a great conversation between the two while Ernest is watching the moon landing, and Ethel just doesn't see the big deal of it all. I was greatly surprised when the story was done and I felt real sorrow for the two of them. Briggs' artwork is really moving, and displays the changing of the times on his parents very well.
This is a nice, quiet, loving character study about two people who may not have lived an exciting life, but that's probably one of the things that makes this piece of graphic literature work best. Highly recommended to all fans of serious graphic art. 978-0224060394 A great find. A friend lent me a copy and I loved it so much I bought one for a gift.
It’s a grown up version of a cartoon, both humorous and at times sad. Based on the life of the author’s parents from their meeting, WW 2, and birth of their son.
The detailed illustrations capture ENGLAND during that era, and living here in the US, it was great to be reminded of the England I left behind.
Hard to find this book, so happy to get an albeit second hand, gently used hard back.
Anyone from England of a certain age will love this. 978-0224060394 Raymond Briggs' graphic depiction of his parent's life together could be titled It's A Wonderful Life a True Story. Mr. Briggs' talented artistry captures the true essence of his parent's life together. Utilizing graphic depictions than actual dialogue, a true and sensitive story unfolds over a period of 41 years.
In this graphic biography, we see how life in England changes and how his parents reacted to these life altering events. The narrative is simple as we learn of Ethel and Ernest's desires and their set patterns and way of life. As a reader we get to see their true politics, biases and their take of what the world is and should be. Above all while it may show the usual marital spats, it shows a simple couple leading a simple life and above all content and happy with each other's company.
This rather simple graphic true biography was truly the best graphic book that I've read. The fact of the matter it is a true story. It can be read in one sitting. However you'll find yourself going back to it time and again. This is a true artistic classic of the graphic genre. I don't have enough Stars!!! 978-0224060394 So many classics are now out of print but this one can still be found occasionally. Like Roz Chast's Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant?, this sweet little bio looks back at the lives of the author's parents, in a beautiful, detailed graphic book format. Their early married life, their experiences in England during WWII, their settling into family life after the war, and their long time together. It will leave you smiling — and weeping, a little. Who is Ray Briggs? The wonderful author/illustrator of the Father Christmas books and The Snowman. None better. 978-0224060394