Emberwind: Hero Manual By Derek Chung


EMBERWIND is a new modular tabletop RPG that lets players build their own game experience from the ground up. The core rules are intuitive enough to learn in minutes, but offer plenty of immersive strategy through co-operative tactics and alternative rules modules.

The EMBERWIND: Hero Manual gives players everything they need to create fully customized Heroes using the game’s nine main Classes and drop them into new storylines and challenges to hone their abilities and test their mettle. Emberwind: Hero Manual

review ¼ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó Derek Chung

Just reading through this I am not sold on the system yet. Once I give it a run through I will revisit this review. So far, it seems their attempt to create something simple amplified jargon and made it feel very video gamey. Emberwind: Hero Manual