Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond: An Intimate Conversation With Lamar Fike, Elvis' Closest Friend & Confidant (1) By texasbeerguide.com

I so enjoyed this book! I always did enjoy seeing and hearing Lamar with Elvis and in the later years after Elvis' passing.

I happened to find this book and so glad I did. I have searched for a while now. Through Facebook, I was able to connect to Marty Lacker, Memphis Mafia member and good friend to Lamar.

Lamar had a video on you tube about the book he was working on of his Elvis memories. I questioned Marty about this book and shared how much I would like to see it be published. I wanted to read what Lamar wrote.

Marty heard me and said he would contact the family to let them know the Elvis fans wanted this book published. I am so happy that the family followed through for Lamar's voice to be heard of his special times with Elvis, his family, Gladys and Vernon, and his Memphis Mafia brotherhood.

Thank you to Lamar's family and Marty Lacker. I am sure Lamar and Elvis are together again and happy to know their brotherly love story has been shared with the fans.

It is a heart warming read. I recommend it highly! 978-0996788915 I, too, was aware That Lamar was working on his memoir before his passing. I then kept an eye out, hoping that enough of it was completed to have it released posthumously. I was so happy when I learned of this release. I was not disappointed. Written in the style of what I consider to be THE quintessential Elvis tome, Revelations of the Memphis Mafia, this question/answer format covers an enormous amount of ground AND answers hundreds of questions. As with ROTMM, you feel as though Lamar is in the room with you, having a conversation. His observations, stories and opinions offer a unique perspective from a man who had a front row seat to the life and career of the world's greatest entertainer. That his memories were memorialized is beyond fantastic. Sadly, as each of the MM and others close to Elvis die, their voices will be silenced and their perspectives lost forever. I am so glad that you were able to get this into book form. For all that has been written about Elvis, he still remains an enigma. Lamar's candid, non sycophantic stories and memories go a long way in giving us a window into the life, career and thoughts of Elvis. I highly recommend this book. My only criticism is that it wasn't 1,000 pages long. RIP, Lamar, and thank you. 978-0996788915 I enjoyed this book but its really not that much different, as far as information, as the Elvis and the Memphis Mafia book that he participated in with Marty Lacker and Billy Smith. I question why so many books. My count, this was his 3rd book. The first being the book with Albert Goldman and the second book with Alanna Nash. 978-0996788915 As a read this book about the bond shared between Elvis and Lamar, I returned to a previous time in my life when Lamar allowed Tommy McDonald and I, the exciting adventure of a lifetime, to spend time with the gentle and talented King Of Rock and Roll.

As I read and the memories became vivid once again, I had to pause and wipe my eyes.

Lamar provided me an adventure few people will ever be able to participate in during their life.

The extraordinary writing skills of L. E. and my good friend Harold Eggers, brought life into every word I read.

Thank you both!

To Elvis fans, this will hit home, answer questions you've had, and give you insight into what a small town Texas boy was invited to participate in. Everyone of those names you'll see here and read their comments on Lamar, grew up dreaming; and knowing Elvis and Lamar, their dreams were fulfilled!

Enjoy this book. I did! 978-0996788915 I really liked this book. It is straightforward, and tells a great story of friendship, and the frustration felt by a close friend who is choosing a deadly path, rather than confront authority, a situation very common to artists in any medium.
I bought this on Kindle, but am now going to buy the actual book, so I can ready it again, properly. 978-0996788915

NEARLY 40 YEARS after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most intriguing human beings of the last century. Millions of people still want to know intimate details of Elvis' life: What did he think about his music? What did he really do behind the gates of Graceland? What were his final thoughts the day he died? We have the answers here. What will you learn from these 400 questions about Elvis answered by Lamar Fike?First, that it took guts to be Elvis. As bizarre as today's Elvis impersonators might appear to current audiences, imagine the mental pressure cooker the Real Elvis endured as he underwent the sometimes rapturous, sometimes strained metamorphosis of an average face in the crowd Memphis teenager into The King of Rock 'n' Roll.Number Two, that being Elvis required the dedicated help and support of a close circle of friends and family who believed in him. As a performer. As a person.Lamar Fike was one of those friends. Sit down here a while, and he'll tell you about the Elvis Presley you thought you already knew. At the peak of his popularity. At the depth of his despair.You'll also learn about that little bit of Elvis we carry around inside, each and every one of us. Elvis may have left the building, but his voice is still in our soul. Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond: An Intimate Conversation With Lamar Fike, Elvis' Closest Friend & Confidant (1)

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I sat down and read it all night.. lol 978-0996788915 i loved all of it i honestly think he was telling the truth.. LOVE IT !! i have ready some other books Lamar wrote or co wrote before he died loved them all.. Elvis books.. 978-0996788915 Really enjoyed reading this book Lamar was a really good friend to elvis 👌 978-0996788915 Loved this book. Lamar’s insights into Elvis are eye opening. Don’t doubt a word. As Elvis said: “It’s hard to live up to the image”.
Painful to think how wrong it all went and sad. Lamar was a smart, savvy, witty and loyal person and true friend to Elvis. And a unique character! 978-0996788915 Lamar Fyke had a way with words that was so funny yet sometimes sad. A great read for true Elvis fans 978-0996788915