Elmet: SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2017 (English Edition) eBook : Mozley, Fiona By Fiona Mozley

This book describes the sub world of rural society, the illegal boxin matches, the protectionism and the ex convicts and wealthy landowners who participate in it.A small family clings trustingly to each other and tries desperately to escape by building their own house away from this world, secluded with a copse of trees. Mozely's beautifully descriptive prose gives these natural surroundings a magical quality providing a buffer between the tiny house and family and the ugly world with which they must interact to earn a living: an allegory of all our lives. But this book is a tragedy with the relentless forces of evil stepping on and eventually trampling their idyllic family. Kindle, Pasta dura, Pasta blanda, CD de audio Elmet hat mich ganz in seinen Bann gezogen; ich habe es nur ungern aus der Hand gelegt. Die Schilderung der ungewöhnlichen 3 Personenfamilie, ihres Verhaltens untereinander und mit den Menschen im Umfeld ist fesselnd, die Charaktere sind dreidimensional und glaubhaft. Der Aufbau der düsteren Handlung ist überzeugend gelungen. Fiona Mozley hätte für Elmet den Man Booker Preis verdient. Kindle, Pasta dura, Pasta blanda, CD de audio This novel was shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize and it is clear to see why. This is a modern day fairy tale, a contemporary fable and a novel that echoes the prose of literary classics but with a freshness and a poignancy that makes it unforgettable and powerful.The story is set in a small place called Elmet, in the wilds of Yorkshire. Although this is a fictitious location, Elmet was actually 'the last independent Celtic kingdom in England'. In the epigram at the beginning of the book, Mozley quotes Ted Hughes who refers to Elmet as the 'badlands.a sanctuary for refugees from the law' and this helps establish the atmosphere of the book and some of the themes it explores. This is a novel about the bonds between a father and his children but also explores power, poverty and people who live on the margins of society. The allusion to outcasts, Robin Hood and those living unconventionally is obvious and enhances the sense of isolation and protection that exists within this unique family set up. Daniel, his sister Cathy and their father are a tight knit family who are self sufficient and live off the land; their father teaches them how to hunt, kill and survive in the woods and they are reliant on nothing but their own physical strength and instinct to survive. Without the continuous mention or reference to gadgets and devices used daily in modern life, this book feels as if it belongs in the past but actually it is set in contemporary times and the concerns, themes and issues are relevant and important.The novel is narrated by fourteen year old Daniel who is returning North in search of something. There are two narratives; the present day chapters are written in italics and then the others, also narrated by Daniel, take us back and lead us through the events that precede the horrific catastrophe that has been foreshadowed by the ominous atmosphere and growing sense of violence. Despite Daniel and Cathy's contentment and satisfaction with their childhood spent roaming in the woods, occasional schooling and a strong relationship with their father, there is evidence that this will not continue forever. Every now and again their father disappears to fight. His anger and rage dissipates when once back with them, but when a local landowner turns up on their doorstep claiming that the land is not his, this sanctuary he's created doesn't actually belong to him, then this capacity for violence is awakened in the one place the children thought they were safe.This is a beautifully written, poetic and mesmerising read with descriptions, images and sentences that are nothing short of brilliant. For the most part it is unassuming, simple and stark. Mozley's clever use of language captures the landscape, isolation and dynamics between the characters who believe they have found an idyllic way to live. I could quote pages and pages of exquisite passages that recount routines, details from their daily life, their roaming and adventuring, the moments they share and the wisdom that is imparted through gesture and sparse dialogue. Mozley's writing is understated but powerful. And then as the novel journeys towards it's denouement, the language becomes bleak, powerful and haunting with an ending that has to be one of the most shocking and horrific scenes I have ever read. Mozley's prose is so bare, raw and stunning that this is book sweeps you up with its lyrical intensity. It leaves you breathless and battered and bereft.I was reminded of Ted Hughes, Thomas Hardy and of course, the Yorkshire countryside always conjures the ghosts of the Brontes, but I was also reminded of Claire Fuller's Our Endless Numbered Days as she is another writer who uses beautiful writing to describe complex and sinister stories.This is a highly memorable, truly engaging literary read. It is draws on many influences and genres to tell a story full of depth, warning and tragedy. My highlighter pen has run dry from marking lines I loved but you are not here to read an English essay. If you like Claire Fuller, Jon McGregor, Sarah Perry and books that are shortlisted for such prominent awards, then Elmet should be on your bookshelf this year. Kindle, Pasta dura, Pasta blanda, CD de audio Elmet is a literary suspense novel set in Yorkshire, England, about John, a fighter for pay and former enforcer of rents, struggling to protect his two children and to save their home, which he built himself on land owned by Mr. Price, his violent and rapacious old boss.Invoking an ancient Celtic Kingdom that once existed in Yorkshire, Elmet is a story that could take place across the centuries. 15 year old Cathy and 13 year old Daniel come of age in the woods, each whittling their own bow and arrow from ash trees, hanging homemade Christmas lights from pine trees, and hunting for deer for their dinner in the copse behind their house. What little formal education they receive is provided by a school where their poverty makes them targets and, later, by Vivienne, a next door neighbor who teaches Daniel—while Cathy runs free in the woods—the beauty of old sagas and imparts rudimentary technology skills using household appliance blueprints.Cathy is a wild child at heart, unsuited to society’s norms and consumed with anger at the dangers women and girls face, whether from strangers, from the sons of Mr. Price, or from the ginger haired travelers with whom they sometimes interact. Like her father, she is a formidable opponent and drives much of the story’s disturbing ending, when the conflict with Mr. Price and his cartel of fellow landowners comes to a horrifying crisis.Elmet is a grim story, but its gorgeous prose and sharp delineation of character speak deeply to the love of a son for his Daddy and the bond that exists between siblings—and how hard one will search for the prodigal family member who has not yet found her way home. Elmet was a finalist for the Man Booker prize in 2017, an honor that it richly deserves. Kindle, Pasta dura, Pasta blanda, CD de audio C'est une histoire toute en contrastes avec d'un côté des scènes bucoliques, dans une nature presque primitive, et d'autre part, une violence chez les hommes, qui détonne par rapport à la beauté environante.L'histoire est contée par le fils, encore jeune et sensible. Sa famille s'installe dans une région déshéritée du Nord de l'Angleterre. La famille vie en marge de la société. Le père, un pur et dur, participe à des combats de boxe clandestins et gagne bien sa vie, mais c'est un écorché vif qui ne veut pas s'intégrer. Comme dans ces milieux, il y a toujours des règlements de compte, il finit par y laisser sa peau.It's a story of contrasts. On the one hand, country scenes in an untouched natural environment, on the other, man's violence in opposition with the surrounding beauty. The story is told by the son, still young and sensitive. His family moves to a disinherited region in the North of England but they live on the brim of society. The father, a pure but hard individuel, participates in clandestine boxing combats and earns a good living. He doesn't want to live in the civilized world. But in the type of environment in which he lives, there are often score settlings, and he ends up by losing his skin. Kindle, Pasta dura, Pasta blanda, CD de audio


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