Druid Apprentice (Colin McCool, #9) By M.D. Massey

Solid story

Despite some repetitive phrasing that has plagued the entire series, the story itself was solid enough and enjoyable. I'm definitely invested enough to move on to the next. Kindle Edition Okay, so Colin is getting his groove back.

I enjoyed this one. Even though the new Colin romance seems to have happened kind of quickly, but whatever. This story felt more grounded and like we could see the characters grow a bit. I liked it. So now I'm all caught up I guess I'll just have to wait. Kindle Edition Death of many!

The God's are trying to kill Collin.

Anyone in his life is fair game and before he can dump his feisty she wolf, she dumps him.

But is all as it should be????

Excellently written characters whom I adore. The story keeps leaping up a level with each book. Kindle Edition Same thing again. I'm out. Kindle Edition Great addition to the series! Now, the long wait for Druid Mystic! Kindle Edition

I'm Colin McCool, world-class trouble magnet and druid apprentice extraordinaire. I survived my final confrontation with the Dark Druid by the skin of my teeth. But that stunt attracted the attention of some extremely nasty gods who now consider me a threat to their very existence…

Hashtag FML, amirite?

Now, I'm in a race to master the ways of druid magic, all while staying one step ahead of the immortal assassins trying to kill me. Question is, can I wield enough power to protect the people I love from the divine wrath of the gods?

Even I doubt my chances. But with a slew of angry demigods on my tail and a friend's life in the balance, I only have one choice—fight or be damned to the dead realm of Tech Duinn, forever.

DRUID APPRENTICE A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D. Massey Book 9 In The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series

You’ll love this urban fantasy novel with a twist of suspense, because everybody loves a down on his luck magician who has to fight to save the people he loves.

Get your copy today! Druid Apprentice (Colin McCool, #9)

4.5 stars 🌟

This book had a little more of the Colin McCool magic that got me hook on the series in the first place. Just being honest, I have to admit that I was getting a bit worried. After the last book and the novella collection I just read ( I think it was Blood Bound, but I’m not sure. I’d have to go back and look), but after those two, I was about to hang up my hat. One more.....I thought.....just another try.

Man was I happy that I didn’t give up. The entire book was an assortment of all of the craziness that I have loved about the series. Colin is, quite frankly, just a mess. A. Complete. Mess! Yet, that is the thing that makes him so likable😳

I’ll not recap the story - there are a million reviews that do that - but I will say that I am as anxious as I have ever been to journey onwards to book 10. I did my usual of listening to and/or reading, with the biggest portion of the book being listened to on Audible. I was bummed to see that book 10 is out on Kindle, but not yet on Audible. I might have to wait on book 10 and start another book in between because I’ve got a bunch of household errands to get done today and it has to be a listening kind of day.....bummer.

But, regardless of that, I loved this book:) Kindle Edition M.D. Massey always comes through. I read this series with my husband. We listen to the audible version while we read. Its always a wonderful experience to laugh together and live through these fun tales. Its also nice to hear the pronunciation of these wild Celtic names that sound nothing like they're spelled. As usually, I'm anxiously waiting for the next one! Kindle Edition KU Kindle Edition Action ramps up and so do the number of enemies Colin must defeat. Once again Colin is in over his head and getting slammed on all fronts. Ancient grudges come into play yet again and it takes all his allies to aide him in this desperate rescue mission. Chivalry isn’t dead and just because he attracts troubles he’s very loyal and willing to sacrifice for others. I can’t wait for the next instalment. I read this using my KU subscription. Kindle Edition Wonderful balance

Druid Apprentice is the ninth book in the Junkyard Druid series. If you have made it this far into the series, I doubt this review will change your mind one way or another.

I did want to comment on one thing. The last two books I read by other authors had flaws. The first was too detailed and info dumpy, making it a grind to read through. The second book had the opposite problem as I had numerous questions about characters and the world in that story that the author neglected to flesh out. MD Massey does a beautiful job of getting that balance just right. Enough details to let reader get a good picture of what is going on but done in a concise manner that doesn’t slow down the story. That balance is one of the reasons this series is an absolute joy to read.
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