Dream Job 3: Fringe Benefits By Manus Dare

Dream Job 3: Fringe Benefits

See my review of Dream Job below. One of Manus Dare's best in my opinion
Dream Job 3: Fringe Benefits This is a terrific book if you are into full-on humiliation and domination, and a predator boss seducing an employee. The story is well crafted and the sex scenes are strong. In this book, successful boss and BBC Gideon delivers a healthy dose of humiliation to everyone - Ashley and husband Tim, and Gideon’s successful and sophisticated plaything, Patricia.

This story is a little over 100 pages (the rest is marketing) and rolls along pretty quickly. The scenes are well crafted and definitely erotic if you are comfortable with the humiliation delivered by an employer.

I guess seeing a bully at work over the last 4 years in power (golly, we’re almost at the one year anniversary of his well deserved loss), watching this huge dick at work leaves me with a queasy feeling.

If you’re good with the strong in positions of power taking what they want and preying on the sensitive and artistic, this is a well crafted tale. I guess I’m over that.

I’m going to knock it down to 4 Stars because of all the typos, particularly when the author can’t keep the name of the husband straight - not once but 4 times with two different names (I found the same problem in the first 10 pages of the teaser for the first book, but it was the wife’s name this time). I was also disappointed in the continuity - Tim’s had a book on display in his shop for a month and it’s not selling well, but Gideon arranges a book “launch” on the same book and its a big deal. A signing, or the “launch” of a sequel might draw attention, but I don’t think you can successfully “launch” a book that’s over a month old.

If this is your thing, enjoy. I won’t be reading the other books in this series. The experience of the last 6 or 7 years (4 in power) is just too raw for me. Dream Job 3: Fringe Benefits In the previous part, Tim experienced being cuckolded in person when Gideon took his wife Ashley on the matrimonial bed, not only breaking vows by the bed itself.

Having demonstrated his power over his married, assistant, Gideon continues to demand more from Ashley, at the same time taking almost as much satisfaction from showing this to her husband and humiliating him.

Tim although hurt and humiliated cant get away from the fact that he also gets masochistic pleasure from his wife’s affair. He knows that his wife loves him but there are signs that this is not enough to make any difference when she is anywhere near her boss.

A shock introduction sees Ashley’s need for her bull’s full attention challenged. This also brings a possible fringe benefit for Tim, but it might just prove to be a poison chalice.

The couple sees sides to each other that will change their relationship forever if it survives.

5 stars all the way, lets hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment.

Dream Job 3: Fringe Benefits


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