Dragons Mythical Creatures: An Image Archive for Artists and Designers By Kale James

Excellent book, thank you 💙 Kale James This is a FANTASTIC collection of Renaissance and 17th/18thC drawings of mythological beasts, predominantly dragons, munching, chomping, snarling and toasting various heroes and maidens that get in their way. The fine detail reproduction quality of these prints, all from archival sources, is excellent. A must have book for anyone interested in drawings of the Renaissance imagination. Forget Rowling. This is THE book of fantastic beasts and is the place where you'll find them. Kale James Si eres artista o diseñador, este libro te va a interesar muchísimo. El libro de por si es una maravilla, está genial maquetado y tiene grabados de gran calidad en su interior, con sus respectivas fechas, autores y títulos. Si buscas texto no lo vas a encontrar, ya que su contenido es 100% ilustrativo.La grata sorpresa que me llevé cuando me di cuenta que con el libro viene un enlace para poder, no solo descargar todas las imágenes que este contiene en alta resolución, si no también usarlas libremente en tu trabajo.Compré el libro porque simplemente me pareció muy interesante, pero la sorpresa del enlace y las imágenes en formato digital hacen que sea algo imprescindible si te dedicas al arte o al diseño. Kale James El libro es excelente en su contenido y calidad de la reproducción digital, que es con mucho el mayor valor de esta obra. Desgraciadamente la calidad de las reproducciones en la obra impresa es muy mejorable Kale James achei um lixo. é um grande copia e cola de imagens em qualidade duvidosa. a capa engana. achei que seria algo incrível, mas se vc entrar no pinterest, salvar imagens de desenhos nesse estilo e imprimir em um caderno, fica facilmente melhor. Kale James

This pictorial archive from Vault Editions is a treasury of 182 engravings and etchings documenting the folklore and fantasy art of the 19th, 18th and 17th century. Expect to find epic battle scenes of kings, gods and warriors slaying savage dragons, centaurs at war, grotesque and fantastical creatures, scenes from the apocalypse, ferocious serpents, ornaments and heraldry adorned with griffins, unicorns, mermaids and much.
Features:Each book comes with a unique download link providing instant access to high resolution files of all images featured. These images can be used in art and graphic design projects or printed and framed to make stunning decorative artworks. We promise you will love this impressive pictorial archive.
Additionally, each book comes with the Vault Editions Skulls and Anatomy sample pack.About the author:This book was curated and authored by the creative director of Vault Editions, Kale James. Kale has published over 20 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with Nike, Samsung, Adidas and Rolling Stone. Kale's artwork is published in numerous titles, including No Cure, Semi Permanent, Vogue and.
This is an essential resource for any graphic designer, tattooist, fantasy artist, illustrator or collage artist looking to take their artwork to the next level.
Only a limited number of copies of this publication have been made, so download your files now and start creating today before they are gone forever. Dragons Mythical Creatures: An Image Archive for Artists and Designers

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