Dragon Breeder 3 (Dragon Mage Academy, #3) By Dante King

Outstanding series!! Already bought book 4!!! Dante King Definitely fast paced! The dragon fights and the lengths Mike goes to for his children is amazing. You can see Mike will be an amazing leader. Very entertaining read. Dante King Great book

I enjoy this series too bad the Dragon jerks are just dictatorous as all leaders always end up being I get that it's realistic but is it annoying Dante King Good volume 3

Can't wait for vol 4 another good volume as our hero delves deeper into the mysteries of the world and unlocks more manner powers
Let's have Penelope on the cover! Dante King Can't wait for the next

The vulgarity is refreshing the lead character is not all knowing and actually has to put in some effort to come out the other side Dante King


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I have produced two dragonling sons, but only one has become a full dragon. Without another crystal, my second son will fade away.
Together with my dragonmancer girlfriends and an army of soldiers, we're going into the Subterranean Realms to find more crystals.
But my mission doesn't stop there. If I find more than one crystal and the fabled substance that will restore my potency, I will father even more dragon children.
How many children are too many? There's no ceiling when you're a Dragon Breeder. Dragon Breeder 3 (Dragon Mage Academy, #3)

getting soooo good!

King is really lighting up the pages! The story is really getting good! I was really worrying about Wayne, I knew things would turn out alright for the little guy but I was still worried for the little fella. I love the personalities of the dragons! Noctis, Wayne and Garth are hilarious. Also what a cool assortment of powers! Also, their powers brings me back to creation mage! Every time he uses chaos magic I think of the chaosbane clan 😂🤣 and Janet for her storm magic. Also, I’m hoping he scoops up these members of the 12 into his harem! I’m already a huge fan! Claire is also amazing, I like how he handled her in camp 🤣. King has a way of sucking his readers into his books! The stories are just phenomenal! Let’s get into this next book! Onward lads! Dante King Mike Noctis is back and badder then ever

More dragons more powers and abilities. More sexy scenes with the fairer sex. And more action than most blockbuster movies. You can’t go wrong with this author or his series. Dante King Bet one yet!

New realms to explore. New dangers and new dragons around every turn and gorgeous Dragonmancer women all around.
The underground kingdoms hold more secrets than our characters know, and we're just scratching the surface.
I can't wait for more! This book was a page turner from beginning to end! Dante King Michael, the main character, has become a Dragonmancer, although he rarely takes classes, training or improves his martial arts knowledge. In this third volume his priority is to find an Etherstone (crystals used to store the Dragons). At the very last possible moment, Michael is able to save his second son Dragon Wayne. I think it is due to the fact that Michael spends most of his time having sexual encounters with most of the Dragonmancers around the academy, and finishing missions that have little or nothing to do with prioritizing his Dragon sons. That or the author wanted to over dramatize this fact.
The most interesting character to date, other than Claire the Seer, is Hana, the Bearmancer Bearer of Berne. Bearmancer of the Vetruscan Kingdom.” that knows about the crystals (Etherstones) and seeks to hunt down the Rogue Dragonmancers.
I have to reiterate that if all the sex scenes would be taken out of this series, the story would still be an interesting read.
With plenty of the Dragon Powder (Aphrodisiac) but only one empty crystal (Etherstone), Michael's main plot arc of becoming the Dragon stud, the Johnny Appleseed to all of the beautiful Dragonmancers, becomes rather stunted. Unless, Michael impregnates all the Dragonmancer girls but lets most of their baby Dragons wither and die.... (which isn't really an option for any good guy). But since the author and Michael prioritize sex and missions over the safety of the newborn Dragons, this is up in the air.
This Volume 3 has 300+ pages, with 26 chapters. I consider this volume more interesting that the previous 2. More than the liaisons and lewdly descriptions, I would like to read more about the different Dragons, their different powers and actual training and studying in a Dragon rider/pilot martial Academy. I think that the sex scenes only interest (somewhat) frustrated virgin D&D and LitRPG readers. It does not appeal to me at all.
I don't like how authors hold hostage their main characters, or how to narrate a conflict or a battle they hold their main characters in pause, like if the readers and their characters were watching a game on TV. In real life, no one would stand by, watching their allies fighting and dying for their lives. Dante King Good read, but with a lot of flaws!

I like the series, it's got a great world that you can enjoy. the story reads pretty fast, the small group of characters supporting the main character are likable and well fleshed out but it's at the end of this book that it all comes apart. really the last half of the book. The last 150 pages, the decision-making in the plot line just go so far beyond logic and reasoning that you stop being invested in the main character and it just becomes ridiculous thinking that this is how the story would go. when you make a character that's supposed to be as cool as this main character thinks he is, it's a tough slope to travel to keep that level of action up without him becoming an idiot to the reader! unfortunately in this book the main character becomes an idiot and the end of the book is just stupid! ( I don't want to give away spoilers but the main character moves towards impending doom and does such stupid things like watching catastrophe happen and then thinking wow maybe I should act after it happens. The author clues us into all the powers the MC has, only not to use them? it just becomes ridiculous as a reader to keep drinking that Kool-Aid.) Dante King