Dragon Ball Color: Saga de los Androides y Cell 6 By Akira Toriyama

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Explosivo cierre de la Saga Androides & Cell con Gohan Super Saiyajin 2 contra Cell perfecto en portada. Dragon Ball Color: Saga de los Androides y Cell 6 Que buen final de saga! Dragon Ball Color: Saga de los Androides y Cell 6 The Cell Game comes to a close with the battle between Son Gohan and Perfect Cell. Victory is on the side of the heroes, but... no shit. Gohan started fighting Cell last volume, and Goku revealed his plan to let his son get pissed off enough to unleash his hidden power to finally defeat Cell. This hidden power is the true Super Saiyan 2. To get there, Cell, intrigued at the possibility of testing his might against an even stronger Gohan, shits out seven Cell Juniors to terrorize the other Z-Fighters. Yamcha and Kuririn get fucked up the hardest, with Kuririn taking a hard hit to the spine, and Yamcha getting an arm broken. Only Vegeta and Trunks are able to put up a decent fight with their Super forms, as Goku has burned too much energy against Cell, and the non-Saiyans are... not Saiyans. Gohan is pushed close to the edge, but doesn't truly snap until the severed head of a self-destructed No. 16 gives him a pep talk and gets stomped on by Cell. Like Goku versus Freeza, Gohan's transformation is practically instantaneous in the manga, rather than the wasted time in the anime (where every hero and Cell Junior needs a few seconds of staring at Gohan instead of just having a single panel per entity). With his new power comes a surge of Saiyan passion, and Gohan is twisted into wanting to toy with Cell rather than kill him quickly, the same issue Vegeta faced when Cell teased about his Perfect form's strength. A desperate Cell tries to suicide-bomb the heroes, but is removed to Kaio-sama's planet by the sacrifice of a teleporting Goku. Cell regenerates, because of course he does, and Shunkan Idou's back to Earth, where Gohan (and Goku's ghost?) fuck him up with a big-ass Kamehame-Ha. The day is saved, and we have a lengthy epilogue that feels like the end of the entire manga, before Trunks goes back to the future to wrap up his own story by killing the Future Artificial Humans and an incomplete Cell.


I've never really given myself this opportunity before, but I'd like to start a thing where I give my final opinions on manga story arcs after the last volume of said arc.

Following the serial escalation of threats in Dragon Ball, it stands to reason that Son Goku's new Super Saiyan form has to be overcome eventually. The new bad guys are all stronger than Super Saiyan Goku. Trunks comes from the future to show off his Super Saiyan form and kill a revived Freeza before he proves to be a threat to anyone. Vegeta unlocks Super Saiyan without needing to spend a lifetime defending Earth. Gohan unlocks Super Saiyan because fuck you. Different philosophies arise among the various Saiyans. Vegeta simply tries to push his power. Trunks, less mature than his father, pushes his strength too hard, at the cost of speed and stamina. Goku decides to force his body to accept Super Saiyan as the new default, allowing him to stay transformed while just chillin'. From the same mastery/completion of the base SS1 form, Gohan, another pure-hearted Saiyan raised on Earth, is pissed off to the point of exploding in power, building on the new groundwork of his completed SS1 form to birth the SS2 form. (In the future, Goku will need the infinite stamina of a ghost in order to push himself through SS2 and into SS3, and Vegeta will need to abuse Babidi's evil power to cheat his way to SS2.) SS2 Gohan too closely mirrors SS1 Goku versus Freeza that it almost feels like a repeat, but at least Boo isn't exactly defeated by SS3....

The tone of this arc is strange, helped in no way by the cycle of new villains. Cyborg Freeza should be an oh shit! moment, but it cut short (literally...) by Future Trunks, allowing Trunks's warnings of the Artificial Humans to establish these guys as demonstrably stronger than Freeza. We then meet Nos. 19 and 20, who do seem ferocious, but their greatest feat is kicking Yamcha's ass, who was last seen jobbing to a Saibaman. No. 19 ultimately exists to die by Big Bang Attack and show how cool Super Saiyan Vegeta is, which is a good reason for existing, but puts him on par with Cyborg Freeza and King Cold who played a similar role for Future Trunks. The juggalo robot and wrinkled ball-sac ojiisan look evil enough, but they turn out to be weaker than Nos. 17 and 18, who are just teenagers with huge foreheads. Hardly as fearsome as Freeza, or even Vegeta, Ma Junior, Piccolo Daimaou, or Taopaipai. Even Pilaf looked more evil than the twin Artificial Humans. No. 16 is a big dude, but still doesn't look like too much of a baddie (and kinda just looks like he could be the son of the Terminator ripoff from the previous Red Ribbon Arc). Cell's introduction is most welcome, as his initial monstrous appearance looks like he should follow in strength beyond Freeza. But then, like Freeza as well, he gets more human in his final form, which... I don't mind at all, despite what I said earlier. Perfect Cell still has a lot of weird shit with his body that he stands in a different light from the too-human 17 and 18, even if his face is just a human face at this point. It's also true that I'm too used to knowing Cell is the final boss, which makes it hard for me to see Artificial Humans No. 16 through 20 as anything other than stepping stones to the eventual arrival of Mr. Cell. With the revolving door of antagonists, it's tricky to see any fight before SS2 Gohan versus Perfect Cell as having too much gravity, so the fate of humanity, Earth, the universe, whatever, doesn't seem as up-in-the-air as Daimaou, Vegeta, or Freeza. This actually ends up working in the manga's favor, as Cell organizes the final fights in mockery of the Tenkaichi Budokai, so it's basically just Goku versus Ma Junior but with extreme power-levels. This makes sense, especially with the concurrent introduction of world champ Mr. Satan, as our heroes haven't interacted with much of the civilian world since the Ma Junior tournament. It's been over a dozen volumes, so it's nice to snap back to something like the roots of Dragon Ball (before the next arc features the good ol' tournament in earnest).

The way things progress makes it feel like Son Goku's character arc wrapped up in his battle against Freeza, so the Artificial Human content feels like he's passing the torch to everyone else, to some degree. Trunks is introduced as the son of Vegeta and Bulma, linking the old guard of Dragon Ball with the newer; Bulma's been an important character since Day One, but the stakes keep getting higher, and it's harder to justify keeping her around when new villains can casually destroy entire islands in one blast... so let's show how strong her kid is! and let's give a further reason for Vegeta to mellow out and stop being an asshole! There's always a sense that Trunks will fuck off back to his own time, but his power suggests the present-day Trunks will grow strong as well (...though he doesn't). Chaozu is dropped from the battle against 19 and 20, when honestly he probably shouldn't have been brought to the Nappa fight, but at least he had a good send-off then, so he's not needed now. It's kind of cruel to string Yamcha along, but he'll finally take the hint after this arc's end. Tenshinhan proves somewhat useful with his Shin Kikoho, as ineffective as it turns out to be, but he can stick around as a third-string fighter alongside Kuririn (with Goku and Vegeta being first-string, and Gohan and Piccolo as second-string). Piccolo reaches something like an end to his arc when he fuses with Kami-sama, though I would say Super does well to have him act as nanny to infant Pan, cementing his role as surrogate uncle to Gohan (in the rest of DB proper, he's mostly mentor to Goten and Kid Trunks, and together the three are just fodder for Boo...). Kuririn has long fallen behind his old rival, so setting up the romance with No. 18 is as good a reason as any to boot him off the front lines. Vegeta is the biggest surprise, as he's mostly humbled in this arc, while I'm currently too used to Super restoring his angst a lot more, devolving him back into like a tsundere rival for Goku. Gohan gets the short end of the stick overall, as this arc ultimately sets him up to take the reins as central protagonist, only for the Boo arc to cuck him out of the limelight, and all future material (GT, Super) turning him into a pussy with a power-level close to the non-Saiyan earthling fighters.

I think Dragon Ball might have peaked at Freeza, but I don't believe it should have ended there, and I believe it works out well enough that the manga continued to Cell. Cell himself is very much a mirror of Goku, so it makes some sense for him to be the final boss, and it makes sense for Gohan to be the one to defeat him. Gohan spent his whole life fighting alongside his father's friends, and ultimately it's Goku who stands in the way of a peaceful life as a scholar (even if studying is a passion manufactured by Chi-chi), so Goku, but evil works as a final obstacle to overcome and allow Gohan to... go back to school. (And crush Videl's puss, but we don't know she exists yet.) To me, Dragon Ball is essentially perfect from the Tenshinhan tournament to the final fight on Namek. The Artificial Human Arc isn't bad, nor is the Red Ribbon Army Arc that precedes the Crane School's introduction. These parts are simply lesser than the Tenshinhan, Daimaou, Ma Junior, Saiyan, and Namek Arcs. That sequence of stories is strong enough that the Artificial Human or Boo arcs could be total dogshit, and I'd still hold the manga in high regard. But I find these last arcs to be quite nice anyway, so congrats to Toriyama for holding my interest. Then again, most of why I like the whole series is because I'm just too strongly Nostalgic for it, having grown up on Toonami reruns of everything, and it's hard to review my childhood without the presence of Dragon Ball, just as I can't dismiss Yu-Gi-Oh! or Digimon or Power Rangers (though I've converted childhood interest in that series to an adulthood interest in the original Japanese shows...) or this, or that, or the other thing. So I even think the Super anime is often pretty poorly animated, but I can't dislike it overall because I'm just too used to these characters being a part of me. I guess?

Thus far, I'd rank the story arcs as follows: Namek > Piccolo Daimaou > Tenshinhan tourney (which still has the series's greatest fight so far, Goku versus Ten) > Saiyans > Ma Junior tourney > Artificial Humans > Red Ribbon Army (including the sub-arc of Baba's Palace) > first quest for the Dragon Balls


*Cell Juniors in various poses on the cover of Chapter 407 are more charming than maybe they should be :P
*No. 16: It is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach. Seize upon your anger. Wield it like a weapon! I understand your reluctance, but holding it in is pointless.
*Cell: I'm trying to teach him in my way.
*Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan: You will all pay... for your sins...
*exploding the Junior's head
*kicking another Junior in half
*decapitating another with a kick
*kicking one in half vertically
*Satan's announcer goon: That little boy is beating the shit out of Cell!
*Super Saiyan 2 with spikier hair and electricity crackling around the yellow aura. Gohan has the benefit of vastly changing up his hair style (not unlike Trunks becoming a Third Grade), but it's trickier when Goku will later display SS2 to Boo, as he does indeed have more of his hair standing up (instead of having a spiky fringe), but other media aren't terribly consistent in showing the changes accurately. For example, the Zamasu Arc in the Super anime keeps using what appears to be SS2 Goku in examples he explicitly mentions as SS1, while the form he refers to as SS2 has the hair style of the classic SS1. It's trickier with Vegeta, as his hair style is pretty much always the same. And harder still in video games that don't give too close a look at the characters, as for the longest time I just assumed the only changes for Goku and Vegeta in Budokai 2 were the blue electric sparks crackling around their bodies....
*Gohan's Kamehame-Ha pushing into Cell's is drawn a weird way, that looks like Cell's is made of a fabric rather than raw energy, as if Gohan's beam is punching into a Tempur-Pedic pillow or something.
*Gohan: Finish him? It's too early for that, Father. He deserves to suffer a bit more.
*Cell: You will pay for this, goddammit! Then he pushes into the same power-weighted form with which he earlier mocked Super Trunks 2.
*Thicc!Cell's goofy face after Gohan kicks him
*Fat!Cell's goofy face when self-destructing
*poor Kaio-sama dying because of Goku's Shunkai Idou. I can't remember if he actually comes back afterward (as he's later seen with halo after the heroes use the Dragon Balls to revive everyone else Cell killed), but it's funny that he's still dead as of the end of the Zamasu Arc I just watched in Super....
*Gohan seemingly powers down to SS1 after defeating Cell, as if he really has made SS1 his default state
*Cell randomly firing off a Death Beam as he recovers, killing Trunks
*Cell's Zenkai boost, a concept seemingly dropped from most Saiyan heroes
*Vegeta actually upset at Trunks's death
*Gohan sacrificing his arm to save Bejita
*Bejita: I'm sorry, Gohan...
*Father-Son Kamehame-Ha
*another goofy Cell face, as the above attack disintegrates him
*Goku with angel wings on the cover page for Chapter 417, which I recall as the Game Over screen for the first Legacy of Goku game
*COPEgeta: Damn you, Kakarrot! Why'd you have to die like that? I will... never fight again...
*Gohan: I get it! Kuririn loves No. 18!
*Goku: Someday, when all of you are dead, we'll meet again! Bye-bye! Gonna assume this was a wonky translation because of how crudely it's phrased. Then again, Goku isn't known for conforming to social norms....
*No. 18 acting all tsuntsun toward Kuririn, with a wee bit of deredere before she leaves the Lookout
*Vegeta's two-finger wave to Trunks before the latter heads back to his own time
*character development of present-day 16 and 18 are cast aside when Trunks returns to his own time and just murders the 17 and 18 that are still irredeemably evil (not that present!17 ever showed much change before Cell ate him anyway...). Trunks also looks pretty cool going Super Saiyan without the jacket, which is somewhat notable since he's depicted in his tanktop on the anime OP title card, but is mostly seen either with the denim jacket or Saiyan armor later. More significantly (to me), it's most likely Bandai's eventual 2.0 S.H.Figuarts Z Trunks will be the jacket-less version, so assuming it'll have a Super Saiyan head there's actually more shit I can pose for (though now I have to hunt down the 1.0 Androids...).
*Trunks's Heat Dome Attack to kill Future Cell resembles his father's earlier Galaxy Breaker to kill Nappa


As with a previous volume, the humanity fuck yeah tag is used here to represent a Saiyan rather than a human, but I refer to Gohan, who is half and half. And I guess Trunks also for the epilogue(s). Dragon Ball Color: Saga de los Androides y Cell 6


Después de la batalla contra Freezer, llega una nueva amenaza. Se trata del doctor Gero, antiguo miembro de la Red Ribbon y sus poderosos androides, fabricados por él para acabar con su odiado Goku. De entre todos, destaca Cell, una verdadera pesadilla para Goku y los demás supersaiyanos... Dragon Ball Color: Saga de los Androides y Cell 6