Dont Forget To Scream By Kristen Middleton

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Don't Forget to Scream

I enjoyed reading this book. It was scary. There were many typos and grammatical errors but the characters were interesting and the plot was intense. Dont Forget To Scream This was really awesome!

Nail biting, edge of your seat thriller!!!
You can't put it down!! A great series! Everything she writes is amazing!! Dont Forget To Scream

Great story

Kept me guessing till the end. Captivating. A few twists will keep you up late. Great characters. Will definitely read author's other books. Dont Forget To Scream I love mysteries, especially one that keeps me glued to my kindle, as did this! Twists? Yes! Great characters? Yes! Surprise ending? Definitely! Great read? I want everyone to read it! Dont Forget To Scream Perfect Title

Hear Them Scream says it all. This book is about a psychotic who films women screaming as they are being murdered. Overlooking the errors it is a well written book. If you are into horrors you will enjoy. Dont Forget To Scream Holy Mackeral!

I'm rarely ever actually shocked in a book, but this one did it to me enough to make me gasp out loud. I thought I had figured out the bad guy like I usually do. But this one had me fooled right up to the end. Well played, Kristen Middleton! Dont Forget To Scream Utterly frightening

If you love thrillers, don't miss this one. Has a twisted ending you definitely will not see coming! Well written Dont Forget To Scream

A serial killer obsessed with recreating old horror movies.
A young woman determined to find out who killed her twin.
A small town that can’t seem to catch a break.

Whitney Halverson's world is shattered when her sister, Brittany, is found murdered in Summit Lake. Unfortunately, the police have no leads, and the killer is still casting for several roles, including the one her sister didn’t scream quite loud enough for. But now that Whitney is in town, there’s an option for a re-take, and the killer is determined to get it right this time… Dont Forget To Scream