Domination: An all new collection of Femdom tales. By Pamela Brighton

A collection of short srories featuring strong spirited women. Domination: An all new collection of Femdom tales.


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This is an excellent collection of short stories.

His lucky night

Duncan, an only child, has been lucky his entire life, save in his marriage to Andrea, which he got out of before children, a mortgage and anything that might have tied him to an ex-spouse. Where he has been unlucky is in sex, he is perpetually unsatisfied; he wants the woman to call the shots and to take the lead. He wants to submit.

A tall, intimidating Goth girl picks him up in a club and takes him home. Has his luck changed?

Unreasonable behaviour

Damien Quirke’s wife wants a divorce. She has retained counsel and has served him. Terrified, he retains Miss Naik who questions him about his relationship with his wife. Damien is reluctant to reveal this information, as it is embarrassing and humiliating. He is a submissive man who willingly submits to his wife, who punishes him, has him dress in humiliating clothing and perform for her. Miss Naik has a receptionist, Claire, who is a pretty Gothic girl. Claire receives the same information Miss Naik receives, adding to Damien’s humiliation. Claire types up the agreement.

As the end of his marriage approaches, a new opportunity presents itself. Excellent ending.

City of Dreams.

Cathy leaves her abusive husband and her life in the north of England to London, the City of Dreams. Knowing full well how she could be forced into the sex trade, she gets off the train and boards a bus. The bus is warm and she falls asleep, losing her belongings. The bus driver makes her leave the bus and she runs into Walter, a kindly soul who gives her a place to stay while she looks for a job.

One night, she runs into Richard and Billy, two cross-dressed men who were in the military, like fetish clubs and stick together for mutual support. They take her shopping and to a fetish club. What follows are scenes from several, probably from the author’s personal experiences, with names changed.

Cathy gets herself a flat and makes her weekends special, by dating men into the scene. She learns her craft, but does not turn professional, keeping her talents for dominance reserved for relationships.

Excellent ending.

An error of Judgement

David is married to Eleni, a beautiful, earthy Greek woman, whose family runs a a Greek restaurant. They play at a D/s wife-led relationship, hitting the clubs in fetish gear on weekends, but have a routine punishment night on Wednesdays. David has a good job in financial management. On Wednesday, three couples meet, Terry and Aimee, Paul and Sally and David and Eleni.

Eleni has been distant of late. Each of the men have to confess a transgression from the past week and each are punished with the wives switching out who punishes whom. But, did David truly confess his transgressions?

Hard times for Hamish

I am of two minds here. Hamish is married to Sandra and she is beautiful and a great fit for him, as she initiates things. Hamish is a natural submissive and can’t initiate. He screws up the courage to share his desires to submit to a dominant woman and Sandra obliges. But it is not enough. So Hamish goes to a fetish munch and brings home Linda, who instructs Sandra. The threesome really challenges and pleases Hamish. So the story does not live up to the title.

But the ending seems to offer an agreement with the title.

Just a joke.

Nice joke.

The Teacher

The narrator grew up in coal country, poor, but unaware of his poverty. Bookish, but also learned to mix it up with bullies. Schooled with the cane to the hands, scoring well enough to attend university. A perceptive woman, Miss Archer, takes enough interest in him to give him a moral compass and gives him a template for the type of woman he will date and eventually marry. But, by the time adulthood descends on him, he has a fascination with dominant females, perhaps based on the discipline experienced in his childhood. He divorces.

Then, on a trip for his business, he meets up with Miss Archer.

Keeping up with the Joneses

The narrator is married to Henry, who confessed to her of his interest in Female Domination from the outset. He serves her, waits on her and she purchases some fetch gear, but Henry is not satisfied. He goes to a series of fetish munches, but only confesses of one. Presently, Delia Jones calls on her. Delia has been to the munches and offers to introduce the narrator to her domestic discipline lifestyle with her husband, Sidney. Sidney, who is called Cindy when he is dressed, is in a chastity device and is routinely humiliated, especially in front of visitors. Delia has equipment and a series of techniques to reinforce her husband’s submission to her and she is quite strict.

It would seem that Henry may have an invitation to keep up with the Joneses.

The perfect boyfriend

Sarah has a low opinion of herself, thinking herself overweight and unattractive, based on many first dates that did not turn into anything. She meets Andrew, who is a perfect gentleman and, naturally, Sarah is waiting for the other shoe to drop, expecting rejection. But it doesn’t happen. Andrew was cheated on by his wife, who he sent through Medical School and confesses this to Sarah. He asks for Sarah to be dominant, at first with clothes but things go further. The relationship is good for her, as she loses 14 pounds.

Andrew asks Sarah to dominate him, giving her scripts to follow. She feels comfortable in the scripts, because everything she does she knows he asked for.

Andrew, then, confesses to Sarah that he found her on a dating site, that their meeting was not chance and that he had lied to her. He asks her to punish him for not being honest. The punishment is unscripted and severe. There is no Hollywood ending here.

What’s Going On?

This is a trip to a rocking fetish club in London, as well as an introduction to the top dominant woman there. If you have ever imagined going to a large city with these clubs and meeting a Prima Domina, this describes your experience perfectly.

Buy this book! Well imagined and written throughout. Highly recommended. Kindle Edition Well-written, lovingly detailed, and erotic without being explicitly sexual, Domination is a stylish collection focused on feminine power and female domination. As a long term player in the London Fetish Scene, Pamela Brighton writes from experience and it shows in both the attitude behind her stories as well as the details within them.

Unreasonable behaviour was a unique story, slowly peeling back the layers of a marriage to reveal the female domination kinks behind, as told through one man’s discussion with his divorce lawyer. Those conversations reveal as much about Damien as the photos his wife is using to pressure him, and there’s an added kink of humiliation with the lawyer’s assistant that pays off nicely in the end.

City of Dreams is an absolutely beautiful tale – the collection is worth purchasing for this story alone. Cathy is an abused woman who escapes to London, where she discovers herself through the fetish community, making friends of two straight men in drag, one a ballerina and one a French Maid, while taking a submissive lover in a wealthy businessman. The final scenes move from harrowing to triumphant, with one of the best final lines you’re likely to come across.

An error of Judgement is where the collection takes a darker turn, shifting more into the realm of corporal punishment and masochism. It starts out simply enough, exploring the shared kinks of suburban couples, but slowly finds more of an edge as David’s inappropriate behavior at the office is revealed for the sexual harassment that it is. Call it progressive kink for the MeToo era.

The Teacher was a wonderful fantasy, the story of a bullied young man who found the strength to rise above his abusers, but who grows up with masochistic fetishes fueled by memories of corporal punishment at the hands of a favorite teacher. What I loved about this was how memories turn to fantasies, with the growing self-awareness of desire, and how this older woman proves to be so inventive in fashioning implements of punishment from objects around the house.

The perfect boyfriend is a story that I loved 90% of, with a final 10% about which I am still conflicted. It is an amazingly insightful exploration of self-image and self-esteem, bringing together a man with submissive fantasies and a woman with body issues. The way dominance lends Sarah so much confidence is fantastic, and the scenes of dominance and punishment are perfectly detailed, but then that twist . . . and the twist that follows . . . I get what’s going on, I’m just now sure how I feel about it.

I genuinely enjoyed every story in Domination and am already looking forward to my next Pamela Brighton read. So many female domination stories are men’s fantasies, designed to play to their arousal, but this is a work of female dominance, female authority, and female control from beginning to end. Be careful what you wish for, but understand that true freedom comes from giving up all control. It’s good to be at least a little scared. Kindle Edition