Dolci di Love By Sarah-Kate Lynch

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New from the author of House of Daughters- an irresistible confection of love, loss, and Italian sweets in the delectable tradition of Chocolat

Corporate star Lily Turner abandons the boardrooms of Manhattan for the steep streets of Montevedova when she discovers her perfect husband, Daniel, has another family tucked away in the hills of Tuscany. Once there, her plight attracts the attention of the Secret League of Widowed Darners, an all-but-invisible army pulling strings behind the scenes to create happy endings. Soon founding members, Violetta and Luciana, are scheming to mend Lily's broken heart-and to enlist her help for their struggling pasticceria.

With the lush landscape of a sumptuous Tuscan summer in the background, and the tantalizing scent of fresh-baked cantucci in the air, Dolci di Love is the joyful celebration of a modern recipe for life. Dolci di Love

I received this book for free from one of the Goodreads First Reads giveaways. I received the book on a Tuesday afternoon and had it finished by Thursday morning. I could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it.

My favorite books tend to be ones that the author can pull me into the story and make me relate to the characters. Sarah-Kate Lynch did just that with this book. I was immediately able to identify and feel empathy for Lily. There were times where I wanted to cry with her. I felt like I understood why she felt the way she did. But, not only could I identify with Lily, I found myself really understanding and feeling sorry for Daniel. I wanted to be mad at him but I just couldn't be.

I also loved all the little old, eccentric widows in this book as well. Their humor and wit really pulled the book along. I liked the ending even if it wasn't conventional.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. So happy that I got a chance to read this thanks to the Goodreads giveaways. I don't think this would be the kind of book that I would have picked up on my own at a bookstore but I loved it so much! Literature Fiction Quando o coração que julgamos conhecer e amar, que nos confortou e enterneceu com palavras doces e promessas eternas, torce pelo de outra pessoa, distante e inalcançável, a surpresa e a traição são dois sentimentos dominadores que podem, facilmente, levar-nos a cometer uma loucura. Como, por exemplo, marcar uma viagem alucinante até um dos cantinhos recônditos da Toscana. Mas será o confronto a forma mais segura de reaver a pouca dignidade que nos resta? Ou deverá a tentação do esquecimento e do «fingir que nada aconteceu» prevalecer face uma acção imprevisível e tomada de cabeça quente?

‹‹Dolci di Love›› é um romance que abrange toda uma série de temáticas importantes e comuns do nosso dia a dia mas que, de uma forma extraordinária, tem igualmente o dom de nos aquecer por dentro e, através de diálogos generosos e descrições belíssimas, fazer esquecer o «mau» e centrar essencialmente no «paradisíaco». Recheado de personagens divertidas e únicas, este é um livro extremamente romântico mas que, ao mesmo tempo, possui a capacidade de originar no leitor toda uma sucessão de gargalhadas expansivas e emoções intensas.

Opinião completa, em:
Literature Fiction I like chick lit as much as anyone. Something light and fluffy, not too serious, set in Italy, lots of lucious food and wine, good looking wealthy people...what's not to like. But honestly this book got very stupid as it went on. the only thing that kept me going was the old ladies with their secret club and match making craziness. As soon as Lily started thinking of forgiving her really scummy husband, all because he had the child she couldn't have, as soon as the hunky Allesandro was turned into a man whore making us , I suppose, not want Lily to attempt a relationship with him, and when her scummy husband's Italian woman (and mother of said child) turned out to be mentally ill...well, how convenient for everyone concerned. Lily never opened a can of soup but now she's not only baking from scratch the cantucci but supplying the bakery and running the store. Come on now. Oh, and the miraculous conception and miracle baby with a stranger. Ick. The ending was pat and ridiculous. No one was jealous, no one was angry, no one seemed to feel anything weird about their lovers and children ending up with other people. Throw in the reconciliation of Alessandro and his estranged daughter, it was like making instant muss no fuss, hi how have you been for the last 20 years...yeesh....Ridiculous and for me, a waste of time. The only thing this book did for me was make me want a biscotti and a nice glass of vino. Oh wait, make that 2. This book really sucked. Literature Fiction Meh...

An interesting plot, but unfortunately the dull, unlikeable characters let the book down. The only character that seemed real was Rose, Lily's sister, and she only had a small supporting role.

The first page or so was engaging enough, however, I found myself having to re-read several paragraphs as at times the author contructed her sentences strangely. That always gets me off on the wrong foot.

Her descriptions of Italy were very nice, but the subplot of the scheming old ladies was just creepy.

Maybe I've had enough of books where the protagonist is an ignorant American female (usually from New York), visiting either France or Italy, claiming not to speak any of the language and looking down their nose at European cultures with an air of superiority. Seriously, who in this day and age doesnt know basic french/italian greetings???!!! Literature Fiction I'm honestly all about forgiving, forgetting, and moving on, but sometimes there's simply things that you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT forgive, forget & move on from. What happened in Dolci Di Love, was one of them. Lily finds out that her husband Daniel had an affair and is now the father of a 7 year old girl. A secret that he's kept for 7 years of their marriage. Not only that, but the secret is in another country. He's had a second life in Italy. He travels there for work. Can we be serious??? She then heads off to Italy to confront him, but meets his daughter first & falls in love with her. Has a fling with an Italian man, gets pregnant by him, which is odd too, because she couldn't get pregnant with her own husband, that's why they grew apart to begin with and then decides that she can forgive her husband, help raise his daughter, only if he'll take her child as his own, and they both forgive one another. Oh, did I mention that they both now live in Italy with, her husbands daughter, and her mother. And, the man whom fatehred her child as well. I'm sorry, but this was way TOO much for me to handle or get on track with.

Like I said, I'm all about forgiving mistakes, but this is a bit much! And the book was pretty slow reading. I was really disappointed in this story. Literature Fiction


A book with all the elements of easy reading. A good book to take the mind away, without thinking too much. Featuring a few of my favourite things, Italy, food, and love, what is not to like? Literature Fiction Inicialmente comecei por não gostar muito da premissa do livro com toda a descoberta da traição por parte de Lily, não adorei a protagonista, a atitude dela pedante mesmo com toda a situação da infertilidade e dos problemas com o marido achei-a tonta e mesmo quando chegamos a parte interessante que é a Itália, achei-a desdenhosa e chata com tudo, percebemos o prisma dela por ver o mundo abalado mas ao longo do livro redimiu-se. Quando ela começa finalmente a descobrir-se e a apaixonar-se pela Florença, aparece Daniel, outra personagem que inicialmente não consigo entender a atitude dele, desde a família que ele criou as atitudes que tem com as mulheres em geral quando não está com Lily. Torna-se confuso com todas as viúvas italianas a quererem meter-se no meio e resolver o dilema de Lily e Daniel ao mesmo tempo que vamos conhecendo outras personagens que veem confundir ainda mais o enredo como Francesca, Alessandro, a irmã dela e a relação tumultuosa. Acaba por ter um final atípico com todos metidos numa confusão familiar e a criarem novas famílias de uma forma peculiar mas engraçada... Literature Fiction The plot unfolds with humour and emotion. The reader follows Lily and how she copes with a difficult period in her life. Travelling to a small Tuscan town (Montevedova) was a highlight to this easy, predictable story. Literature Fiction Este foi um livro que me surpreendeu. Nunca tinha lido nada da autora e, por isso, não ia com qualquer expectativa. E ainda bem que assim foi!
O livro começa como uma história cliché e termina da mesma forma (de uma maneira até um pouco exagerada a meu ver). Porém, é a forma como se desenvolveu que realmente me fez continuar a ler.
Nenhuma das personagens é aquilo que aparenta ser no princípio. Algumas personagens me surpreenderam e outras desiludiram-me. Para ser sincera, só no final do livro é que retirei alguma opinião do Daniel, marido da protagonista.
Com isto, a autora lembrou-me que, nem sempre as pessoas são o que mostram ser ou o que nós achamos que elas são, quando as conhecemos à primeira vista. É só quando as vamos conhecendo melhor e sabendo um pouco mais da sua história, que descobrimos quem elas são na realidade.
Gostei muito da forma como a autora foi desenrolando o passado de Lily e Daniel, usando o mistério para prender a atenção do leitor e dando-nos a conhecer essa história pouco a pouco, numa espécie de carreiro feito de migalhas.
Ri-me algumas vezes com as personagens e, em certos momentos, senti-me a viajar por Itália.
Em suma, foi uma história que me encantou e que a autora soube desenvolver bem, mesmo esta sendo cliché. Literature Fiction I have never, to this day, had the courage to say no to a novel taking place in Italy. As you might have guessed, I have never been there. It is one of those dream trips that I will one day take. Soon, I hope. Anyway

This novel is far from being glorious. It is not going to rend you speechless, but, if you open yourself to it, it will make you laugh.

I must confess that at first I considered the possibility of not carrying on. It would certainly be a first, for I have never abandoned a book before, even though the idea has crossed my mind many times. Still, I believe I always end up giving books a never-ending amount of chances, till I reach the very last page, of course. And I find myself, yet again, being glad that I did not jump off the train.

The plot is definitely not new, even if it does come with a few interesting twists that honestly only make the scenario even less plausible. Then again, we are talking about human beings, anything is possible. Right, anyway, as I was saying, do not expect something extraordinary. Actually, do not expect anything. Just go with the flow. Hopefully, you will find yourself laughing out loud at a few lines that are so brilliantly written that make the whole book worth it.

These were characters that I did not fall in love with. Instead, it is like they became acquaintances one runs into every now and then and ends up going for some iced tea and a good time.

Good-hearted, I would call it. And rather generous in its humor. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon spent in the shade of a tree that was once smaller than you.

Right, I think the time has come for me to stop buying books and finally save money for a trip to Italy. As if
Literature Fiction