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We love the DK findout! series! This one talks about the history of coding, info about computers, coding today, hackers, etc. It presents the information in bite sized pieces with lots of pictures which is great for elementary aged students. We Fun school with Thinking Tree journals, and this series has been a great addition to our homeschooling library! DK This is a good kid level (and my level to be honest) overview of the history and general subject of coding. True to DK it has visually compelling images and layout. It does not really teach coding so if that's what you are looking for keep looking. I appreciate the thorough representation of women in this book. DK I bought this for my kiddos to read for the math and science content, but I actually learned a lot. I’m not in the math or science fields and this helped me understand the basics of cording. I found it interesting than my 1st grader and preschoolers, but it’s one of those books that is good to have around the house for reference. DK This is a book about coding, as opposed to teaching how to code. There aren't any instructions or projects to work on within this book. It's of a history/science connection to coding. As long as you know and want that, it's a pretty cool book. It's a smaller book than many I've got from DK, but it's still packed with information. It has color photos and illustrations throughout, so it's an eyecatching book. It doesn't have to be read straight through, either. I like that it features men and women coders, too. While it wasn't what I was expecting, it's still a nice book. DK This is a solid introduction to not only coding but computer science in general. It has a good first section on history, and there's lots of early women pioneers and contemporary coders featured. It shows a lot of diversity.It includes a lot of pictures and nice diagrams in it.It discusses encryption and computer hacking, and the early Enigma machine, which delves a bit into WW2 history. It also shows contemporary uses of computer coding.It's information rich, and loaded with visual information. I really love this book for any kid interested in computers, but generally older kids and tweens will probably get the most out of this book, though it could teach a lot of adults some things too! DK

DKfindout! Coding explains coding clearly for children with beautiful photography, lively illustrations, and key curriculum information. The DKfindout! series will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts and keep them coming back for !DKfindout! Coding is packed with up to date information and fun quizzes, while key curriculum text tells children why we use code, how computers use code and covers the history of coding from early computer programming languages to Python and Scratch. Learn about coding pioneers Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing and how codes have been used throughout history.DKfindout! Coding will surprise and delight young readers. DKfindout! Coding (English Edition) eBook : DK

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