Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (English Edition) eBook : Adams, Douglas By Douglas Adams



Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (English Edition) eBook : Adams, Douglas: : Kindle Store Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (English Edition) eBook : Adams, Douglas

Unfortunately Douglas Adams was taken from us after just two books based on his Dirk Gently character.That is a loss humanity may never fully appreciate.I would consider this one my lesser favorite of the two Gently novels with “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul” being my fave and at or near the top of my “deserted island ten” book list for years now.But this is our introduction to Dirk Gently. The very antithesis of Sherlock Holmes.His zen method of driving. His cigarette coughing him awake first thing in the morning. His Jaguar built during those magical years when Jaguars needed maintenance than petrol.Adams will forever be loved for his Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series but had he years on this little blue green marble the world may have came to have loved Dirk Gently every bit as much as Arthur Dent. Douglas Adams Assisti à série na Netflix e fiquei apaixonado! O livro é excelente, leitura cativante e envolvente! Recomendo a todos. Leitura imperdível Douglas Adams Buen libro, el detalle es que viene en inglés completamente y yo no me dí cuenta, pero me sirve para animarme a aprender. Douglas Adams Great book. Interesting read. Douglas Adams I have never laughed this much reading a book. I love reading D.A. Douglas Adams