Whaite, M: Diggersaurs: Mission to Mars By Michael Whaite

Michael Whaite É 5 review

Our little one loves Diggersaurs, particularly the sounds they make on each page so it was a shame this book missed them off entirely, but the drawings are still amazing. 0241378966 Bought Diggersaurs Explore book for my three year old, which he loved. Bought the original and this for his fourth birthday. This retains the sun and the rhymes, but was the weakest of the three in terms of keeping his attention. 0241378966 My nephew is truck and car obsessed. I’m dinosaur obsessed. This was a great find and compromise to gift him for his birthday! 0241378966 Love this author! This is just like the previous diggersaurs books, we thoroughly enjoyed it. 0241378966 My 4yo son and I have enjoyed reading the previous two Diggersaur books many, many times over the last couple of years so I was eagerly looking forward to this new one!As I write this nobody else has posted a review yet so I thought I would do so to say that it's another great book.I think it strikes a good balance between the first and second books whereby the first half introduces the new roversaurs and the second half tells a bit of a story.My son loved the new book and has made me read it several times in a row to him every night we've had it.***Spoiler Alerts***; )My son said that:The Transportersaurus is awesome!I really like the page where the Roversaurs and Diggersaurs meet!Wow, that's an awesome space base!I hope there'll be another Diggersaurs book shortly! 0241378966


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