Destiny: Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador, #0) By E.M. Foner

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Cute story. I got this book because the ad for it said it was about a future with no wars and apocalypse. Kind of burnt out on post-apocalyptic scifi, and having enough war in real life. So this was really fun. I will be reading more of the series. Science Fiction Great prequel!

The only issue is now I want to start reading the series over again from the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed the back stories leading up to Joe and Kelly meeting and kicking off the entire grand opera that is the EarthCent series. Thank you very much, Mr. Foner. Science Fiction Prequel to the series

This story provides interesting details about how Joe and Kelly meet and what happens right after that. A well written story that leads smoothly into the series. Very enjoyable. Science Fiction As Prequels go

This was enjoyable. I was familiar with the series so this little juant into the past was a lot of fun. It was nice seeing Kelly, Joe, Paul and Beowulf in their younger days. Science Fiction Lots of fun

This was a character-driven story. From what I gather, this is a prequel to a longer series and I'm looking forward to the rest of it.
It has well-written dialogue.
The science is believable without bogging down in minutiae.
The characters seem to be learning and growing which is a key component for me to enjoy a story. Science Fiction

Foner, E. M. Destiny: Union Station. EarthCent Ambassador No. 0. Kindle, 2021.
Destiny is a prequel to the rest of the EarthCent series. It tells the story of how Kelly, a young diplomat, and Matt, a mechanically handy mercenary, and their kids came to Union Station. The book entertained me, but I am at a loss to say why. Not much happens. But somehow the weird mix of snooty aliens and desperate humans makes for amusing comedy. Even though it is a prequel, I would read one or two of the other EarthCent books first. 3.5 stars.
Science Fiction Wonderful sci fi adventure

If you haven't read any of Foner's Union Station series....wait, why haven't you?? Destiny is a great prequel, even if you have read the series. I love the lack of death, doom, and destruction. The world building is excellent, the characters are believable, the humor is great, and the story is wonderful.

Science Fiction a lovely starting bookend to the EarthCent Ambassador series

The author has avoided the 2 major problems sometimes found in this kind of origin story. (A pile of retconned fragments shoehorned into a fragile framework and another pile portentous foreshadowing the high points of the saga to come) if are starting the stories here don’t be put off by the slightly bumpy start you find in the first chapter or two of the main series. It soon smooths out into a delightful series of short novels that introduces you to the authors wonderful world building that is the the tunnel network with its most interesting species of peoples and AI personages. Science Fiction i did enjoy this book, though i would have liked to have seen a comeuppance for the Ambassador not just a case of retirement it seemed to miss a trick, the same with the flat share , Kelly knew that it was not a romantic event and more or less been told so, then to leave immediately without checking on the situation seemed out of character, as she’s a Adult not a teenager ! , other than talking to the Lift A.I. how did the strix know she was the person that they needed. these bits took it from 5* to 4*
still a quick fun read, Science Fiction Kelly Frank's diplomatic career has had an agonizingly slow and depressing 12-year start. (I said it was slow!) She joined EarthCent to represent Humans in a universe filled with much more advanced aliens. But she hasn't met any yet. Aliens, that is.

Things start to turn around when she befriends a spaceship AI who is surprised by how different she is from most humans. Somehow, she is noticed by and impresses (for a human) a Stryx; a race of incredibly powerful AI who are older than any species knows for sure. [See Union Station books 1, 2, and 3.]

Joe McAllister is a decent, hardworking mercenary, with an adopted son. He is getting older and is looking for a good situation (excuse) to settle down and have a real home with his son and very large dog (incidentally an amazingly handy and smart dog).

This book is a prequel to the Union Station series and gives us a fleshed-out version of how the Stryx became matchmakers for the most influential Ambassador humankind has ever had!

It's too short. But I always want these books to go on much longer. I have never read a series that so completely immerses me in a universe, and I have read a great deal of very good science fiction (and fiction in general).

The Stryx universe is like ours, but so different at the same time. Perhaps a touch idealized, but so appealing, I slip into the stories with no effort at all and come away with a smile. I'm currently waiting for the next adventure.

5/5 Stars, yet again! Science Fiction

The universe has plans for Kelly and Joe, if only it can get them to the same space station.

Kelly Frank is a junior employee in Earth's diplomatic service who's sick and tired of cleaning up after human tourists behaving badly. Joe McAllister is a reluctant mercenary who's looking for a way out and family-friendly place to start a business and raise an orphaned boy. Will the choices they make in the next few months shape the rest of their lives, or is free will just an illusion in a galaxy managed by ancient artificial intelligence? Destiny: Union Station takes place two years before the start of the nineteen book EarthCent Ambassador series. Destiny: Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador, #0)