Design School: Type: A Practical Guide for Students and Designers By Richard Poulin

Design School: Type: A Practical Guide for Students and Designers : Poulin, Richard: : Bücher Design School: Type: A Practical Guide for Students and Designers

Richard Poulin covers all the type necessities, including principles, terminology, typefaces, and classifications. Mastering type is crucial in design, and this book is perfect for the beginning student, and is a good reference for professionals. Highly recommended. Kindle, Gebundenes Buch If you are interested in type and typography, this book is a must have. Easy top read and very detailed in a simple direct way. Kindle, Gebundenes Buch Type by Richard Poulin is my favorite book about learning the fundamentals of typography to date. As someone who genuinely enjoys reading about typography, not only was this book great for learning, but it was interesting to read as well.The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because many of the concepts of basic typographic principles shown in the earlier chapters are repeated almost word for word in the later chapters. I suppose this was done intentionally because Richard wanted to stress their importance, but I personally would have preferred he touch on something different as I could just go back and re read earlier chapters.Nonetheless, this is still an amazing book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's serious about learning typography. Kindle, Gebundenes Buch I received my copy not ten minutes ago and have already decided to return it. The book suffers from — in my opinion — a critical lapse of judgment in terms of page design. On the bulk of the pages, as seen in the sample images above, there is a background pattern of horizontal lines that are at best annoying and at worse completely distracting, making it difficult to clearly appreciate the content of the book. To make matters worse, there is absolutely no need for it. That said, a quick peruse of the material suggests it is full of useful information. If you can get past the visual pollution, this my be a fine resource. Kindle, Gebundenes Buch


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