Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) By J.N. Chaney

Great Storyline

Well it just keeps getting better. Another all action storyline with plenty of banter as usual with Halick Cain lol. Looking forward to the Hunt of the Reaper Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) Awesome Series

Great series. Non stop action great characters. Looking forward to the rest of the books. Recommend for anyone who is a syfy fan. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8)

J.N. Chaney ë 1 CHARACTERS

Humanity’s last chance for survival lies on a quarantined planet deep in enemy space.

Not even the exodus fleet’s ancient enemies dare set foot on the surface.

When Cain's friends make a daring assault on the dormant shipyard of an ancient civilization, he's soon confronted with a nightmare made real.

How far will a guardian like Cain go to protect the people he loves? It has been a long time since he was ripped from his life and turned into a cold-blooded killer, augmented with cybernetic weapons, and sent down a path of destruction.

Now, he'll seek redemption as well as a chance to save the exodus fleet from all of their mistakes. More than ever, the people of Wallach and Xad have become his people. There is a new home for them.

All he has to do is get them there. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8)

A great read, well worth getting into the series...

Not many authors could craft a series this intricate and this long, and manage to keep each new release fresh. The story still reads well, the main characters are well formed and have become friends over time. Yet another great addition to the series. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) The series is Very good. The chapters flow Quickly. How many technical things are raised

The chapters flow in affair order, in the characters from multiple and have many different sides to the personalities. Shows people Eating and not understanding each other and having to work together. Many things are discussed. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) Non-stop action and chills abound in this astounding premise. This book has a thrilling plot, complete with formidable characters. It starts with a bang and continues to build to an explosive finish... All the elements in the story mesh well together to form an extraordinary novel that will enthrall those who enjoy books set in a turbulent world with a touch of violence and incredible twists. A fantastic read, indeed, as always with Moon and Chaney! Looking forward to reading Hunt of The Reaper #9. Did I mention that I highly recommend this series? Well, I most certainly do! Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) One word: Ock. Or, auch. auck. Whatever it is, it's not just funny - it's a great addition to Brigg's character.

And of course Tom Taylorson is amazing. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8) Slow

This episode of The Reaper’s travels is slow and patchy. We never really get to know the new characters and the teasing by Elise and Hannah about Tatiana has very little substance. The whole story seemed rushed with no conclusion. Descent of the Reaper (The Last Reaper #8)