Defiant Angel By Stephanie Stevens

Tempestuous Courtship, Stormy Surrender. Born with the bloodlines of an aristocrat and a spirit as wild as her prized Arabian stallion, willful young Lady Tiffany Courtland is sent to France to be schooled and presented to the creme de la creme of society. Blossoming into a rare beauty, she catches the eye of every man in Paris -- including the rich and powerful Clinton Barencourte, the Duke of Wentworth, whose arrogant charm infuriates her while his aggressive masculinity makes her body tremble. A handsome and notorious rogue, Clinton takes Tiffany as his bride even as she vows to defy him. Determined to teach her the roles of lover, mistress and wife, he forces her into a battle of wills... until his passion turns her fury into fiery desire... surrendering them both to the ecstasy of a love too long denied. Defiant Angel

Stephanie Stevens ✓ 5 review

I read this book at 14 years old and it distorted my perception of what sex was going to be like for many years afterward... Turns out I was way too hopeful and romantic for reality. 😁 Also upon is giving it as an adult I realize how ridiculously sexist it is. If you find a copy of this book, skip to the juicy parts and ignore the rest! English Not sure what I expected but seriously this book nearly put me to sleep!! The male lead was just annoying and too smug but not in a hot way either...... At least the heroine was not too clingy or needy that would have driven me up the wall. I have to read Whitney My Love again to see what the similarities are cos JM is a really good writer and this book was nothing near any of her books...... English The best book of old times!....Although I had the story the copyright issue, I still think this was a great book!...I fell in love Clinton, he was such a gentle man, patient and above in love with Tiffany! Although Tiffany was childish, he still gave her time to grow up and realize that he loved her. I wish the Author had written more books about the brothers.
Im yet to read Judith's original book that was allegedly copied, not the new version. maybe I will make my own judgment! Anyone has it? Im still looking forward to better books like this one. English Omg this book is amazing. I know for a fact I’ll be reading this book over and over again. I only wish the author would have written a whole series about the other brothers. I really want to know their story of finding their perfect match. English Did-Not-Finish. Once upon a time, I would've liked this type of romance. But I really can't stand the overbearing super-alpha domineering hero with no scruples anymore. Heroine was annoying also. English

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars

The pacing was spectacular! Often times good sized historical romance has terrible pacing, the ending is too long or too short, the middle is exhausting, etc. But this book was excellent in that respect.

Tiffany (16-19) was the ultimate spit-fire. I usually don’t like so called “spit-fires” in historical romance because they can be very annoying and not what I would see as a spit-fire. Yet Tiffany was perfect, she was independent, but leaned on the hero when necessary. I thought that she took a little bit too long to come around to the Clinton. He was quite attentive and kind. I also though she said “Ooooh” way too much.

Clinton (30s) knew Tiffany had to be his duchess almost from the start. He was a wealthy duke in both France and England. He absolutely adored and doted on Tiffany. It was so lovely to see a historical romance hero who wasn’t unnecessary cruel and hated the heroine. She was not a traditional society miss, but he never tried to tame her or reel her in too much. He let her have a lot of freedom.

Overall, I really liked this historical romance, it was uniquely traditional. English Very bad copy-cat version of Judith McNaught's, Whitney, My Love, without the rape scene.

This book was missing the poignancy, and the complexity of characters personalities that was in the original. Most every characters were 1 dimensional, with Tiffany being the most annoying, foot-stomping, immature brat that ever lived in Romanceland.


Differences in this book:

Its the heroine's first love who was in debt, not her father.
She was secretly betrothed to her first love, but the hero made an offer that her first love didn't refuse.
Slightly more steamier love scenes.
No rape.

English This book.. This beautiful amazing book ..I have no words. I have read and re read it so so many times. This book is a classic example of amazing writing, so flowy and wonderful and it's the entire reason why I am INSANELY obsessed with historical books. Dukes and all. I came across this beauty back in 2010 maybe and I have read it endless times. Still reading. Still loving.

I just feel sad, so effing deeply that this author never got to write more because damn I wanted the stories of all brothers. I wanted the part two of Clinton and Tiffany. It's just so sad that her career which was meant to go so far got shut down.. Would've been the best thing ever to be able to read more from this author.. She isn't even anywhere.. No social media nothing.. I hope wherever she is,she's doing great and thank you and so much love for writing this gem. It will be my forever. I won't ever stop reading and loving it. Thank you! English I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE THIS BOOK, I have reread this book so many times that it gets better each time like fine wine and the sad part is I cross my fingers till this day hoping there would be a couple more books about the brothers how pathatic of me. I have search high and low for more books from this author and its like she left us with this well written story and just vanish off the face off the planet. Still after so many years I DEMAND more books about the brothers, or could it be this author uses a different name that she writes under guess i'll never know...

IF YOU LOVEEEE THIS BOOK also read Whitney, My Love by Judith Mcnaught...(:D) read the reviews on the book

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