Dawn of the Bunny Suicides (Bunny Suicides, #3) By Andy Riley

Review Dawn of the Bunny Suicides (Bunny Suicides, #3)

I may have a problem... Hardcover نمی دونم بگم خرگوش ها چقدر راه های متفاوتی برای خودکشی سراغ دارن یا بگم کارتونیستشون خیلی ریزبین و خلاق بوده.
با قسمتای
دکتر هو
و ایکس من
خیلی ارتباط گرفتم. به شدت بانمک بود به خصوص دکتر هوش. Hardcover یعنی من مرده ی ایده های عجیب غریب و خنده داراندی رایلی شدم حقیقتن
!!! این همه خلاقیت و توجه به دنیای اطراف
تلاش های یک خرگوش برای مردن

Hardcover نظرمو ذیل اولین کتاب مجموعه گفتم، یعنی کتاب زیر
Hardcover It was probably my mood now vs. then, but I didn’t find this book as funny as the previous two bunny suicides books that I read. I did get a kick out of some of the frames with books, movies, and other cultural references. I enjoyed it enough so that I’m glad I read it, but I wasn’t laughing myself silly as I did with the other two books. I smiled quite a few times, but no chuckles at all. A lot of time has elapsed since I read the other two books so my reaction isn’t from bunny burnout. I gave the other books 4 stars each and since this one I didn’t find anywhere near as amusing, 2 stars only. It was okay, and because I’d expected more, it was disappointing. I'd be up for trying another book in the same series though. Hardcover

Book by Andy Riley Dawn of the Bunny Suicides (Bunny Suicides, #3)


Je to vtipné, ale nemá to žiadnu pridanú hodnotu. Hardcover awesome!! :))
I love Riley's creativity! Hardcover Morbidne a ftipne 😊 Hardcover I feel like I need to put cameras in my rabbits rooms and have them on 24 hour watch. Hardcover Aaand even more of adorably morbid and inventive delights. Still just as succinctly presented as it's predecessors. Hardcover