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It has been a while since I’ve read a book that I just can’t put down. Daughter of the Moon Goddess is a magical and lyrical story where you will absolutely fall in love with the characters and where your heart will rise and fall with all the moving and exhilarating scenes. I was especially enad with all the beautiful imagery and felt as though I had been transported to the world of the Celestial Kingdom. The story was well paced and kept me wanting to read . This book is a must read and my favorite book of 2022. I can't wait to read the sequel. ❤️❤️❤️ texasbeerguide.com I was very happy to be sent the audiobook of The Daughter of the Moon Goddess, I listened as I read the physical book and became hooked very quickly. This book is beautifully written and has a story that flows with characters who tug at your heart strings. Xingyin is the daughter of moon goddess brought up by her mum not knowing her heritage or the reason why her mum lights up the moon with lanterns every evening.

Xingyin embarks on a journey of discovery learning all the tales she had as a child were in fact true and her eyes opened to a new world. She encounters bullying and mistreatment, but also the draw and excitement of love.
Crown Prince Liewi, General Wenzhi, Minister Wu along with the Empress of the Celestial Kingdom all people who will step in her way.

An adorable easy to read fantasy story that is action packed with all the sprinkles of anticipation and intrigue.  A must read for all fantasy lovers and a brilliant entry level fantasy for those who want to try fantasy genre for first time.

A pleasure to give both the book and audiobook 5 stars.  The audiobook brought the story alive, a solo narrator who used a wide range of voices to present the story well. I really enjoyedy journey with Sue Lynn Tan.

#Netgalley #DaughterOfTheMoonGoddess #Books2022 #NewIn2022 #BookReviews texasbeerguide.com Honestly, this book is so good. It is one of the books I read very slowly, just in order to make it last a little bit longer.

We follow Xingyin's flight from her mother's the Moon Goddesses' home when her existence is discovered and we follow her as she starts to make her own way in the Celestial Kingdom, hiding the truth of who she is from every one.

We follow her as she makes her way through the treacherous grounds of the Celestial Palace with its never ending intrigues, antics, and resentments.

She meets two dashing young men and eventually sets out onto adventures within the Celectial Realm to redeem her mother and get things sorted for her family.

Based on Chinese mythology this book is so well crafted and brings in also martial arts.

On a personal level, this novel read to me like the perfect blend between Ashes of Love and Pride Prejudice for YA readers.

And dare I mention it, there might even be dragons in the story, and hopefully of them in the second book.

For a debut novel, I think this book is very well written. The language is lyrical, beautifully flowing throughout and I loved it just for this, apart from having an awesome female main character who grows so much through this story and comes into her own and the world and the other characters we discover and about as the story progresses.

This review refers to an eARC I received via Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review. texasbeerguide.com The only real complaint I have is that the dust jacket arrived ripped and the pages were stained. It won’t ruin anything for me but maybe for others it’s a deal breaker. It arrived early❤️ texasbeerguide.com Book arrived torn. texasbeerguide.com


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$12.85 shippingThis title will be released on February 22, 2022. Daughter of the Moon Goddess: A Novel (Celestial Kingdom, 1)

I could NOT put it down! Best read in the last 2 years! Really enjoyed this book. Nice that the story’s arc was completed in one book, not the “trilogy” or bust format. I hope the next volume is setup the same way. Even exciting! Bottom line, really outstanding and highly recommended. texasbeerguide.com When was the last time you read a book you truly couldn’t put down? That you didn’t skim some pages to get to “the good parts”? This is a wonderful book, filled with magic, action, romance and characters that spring forth to rest in your mind and heart. I loved this book, it is truly something special. I am an avid reader and I belong to kindle unlimited so many books are available to me for free or a reasonable price. This was not one of them and candidly I hesitated to pay a decent amount of money for a book I may or may not like. I am so glad I did! This book was worth every penny and :) You can read the description above, I’m not keen on spoilers so I leave it to you to discover this book. I am waiting with great anticipation (and hope) for a sequel. texasbeerguide.com Ive read a lot of good books but I generally am iffy on ever recommending them to anyone in fear that they won't feel the same way. This however is one of the very few books I actually would confidently recommend and be pretty shocked if they didn't like it (unless they hate fantasy) I'm not big fan of romantic books but this was just perfect. There's romance, there's action, great characters, dragons, magic, what else could you ask for? Within the first 10 pages I was already hooked. The only downside is knowing it's meant to be a duoligy and this one just released! texasbeerguide.com This is the first book I have read about the Chinese moon goddess story. I am not familiar with it but I didn’t need to be to read this book! It is the first book of the duology. I can’t wait to read the sequel!
Xingyin is the daughter of the moon goddess Chang’e. But until a few days ago she had no idea her existence was a secret. She has no idea about the secrets that led to her mother being trapped on the moon. But as soon as she is forced to flee Xingyin has to rely on herself and her power…and free her mother.
There is a love triangle of sorts but I honestly feel it’s friends to lovers. Xingyin and Liwei really have something special and I definitely ship them! Prince Liwei and Captain Wenzhi fight for Xingyin. More importantly Xingyin is searching for a way to free mother and earn her place in court. But she’s also hiding who really is, no one knows she’s the daughter of the moon goddess!
And the story brings them together and tears them apart, we learn about the celestials and their reign over humans. The power struggles of court and the hateful empress. The dragons powerful than any celestial. They have beautiful descriptions of scenery and kingdoms. It has heartbreak, betrayal and beautiful, full of romance and friendship. And about the power of choices, the power to make things happen for the ones you love. But the betrayal from someone she trusts could end her dream to see her mother again. texasbeerguide.com I had very high expectations for this book as the legend of Chang'e is very close to my heart. And Sue Lynn Tan SURPASSED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!!!! Truly, this is an *absolutely epic & magnificent book*. I'm blown away and at a loss for words right now. Sue Lynn Tan's artistic descriptions are like nothing else I've read. She has created a stunning world full of love, action, incredible characters, plot twists, and so so much . I can't wait for !!!! Go read it!!!! 😭😍🌙 texasbeerguide.com