Daughter of Silence By Morris L. West

Morris L. West ✓ 7 Read

At high noon on a hot summers day, a beautiful young woman shoots the mayor dead. So begins a story of passion and betrayal in a quiet Tuscan village, leading to a sensational trial. The defense team, headed by the brilliant but unhappy Carlo Rienzi, uncovers a sinister conspiracy of silence that threatens to split the community. Can Carlo persuade the judge to grant clemency in what appears to be an open and shut case? Can the law intervene in the brutal tradition of vendetta? An international bestseller, Daughter of Silence is a gripping novel with a masterful twist at the end. Daughter of Silence

Daughter of Silence is a clever psychological study of the unpredictability of the mentally ill. One is drawn into the story, and is lulled into believing that all is well with the heroine, and then a shocking event brings one back to the truth. A most enjoyable read. English I purchased this book for my wife as a gift, she has three other Morris West books and Daughters of Silence was a great hit with her. This will no doubt involve buying of his older books ( Not sure what his new ones will be like, so will hold on that one. English Love it English