Dark Tarot (Dark, #31) By Christine Feehan

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I was already so blown away from the get go! What an amazing plot line! 💝 Honestly? I didn't expect Book 31 (but my Kindle copy insisted that this was Book# 35) to turn the new corner and open up the new vast landscape plus a fresh enticing heart pounding quest/adventure!

I was captivated by Adalasia's super amazing legacy and the most stunning fact that the female of her bloodline had faithfully carried the other half of Sandu's soul through time ~ until they found each other. This was the first Dark book that the quote/concept (➡️ You are the keeper of my soul, born over and over until I found you.) every carpathian male repeated was shown clearly to me how that was done!

The entire story kept me on the edge of my seat! The mysterious and perilous quest Sandu and Adalasia went on together was heart-stoppingly scary! Their true enemies couldn't even enter this world! They controlled their minions from where they were locked into! Even with four of the most experienced and fiercest ancients as their guardians, Sandu almost lost his life at an early battle!

Since the heart of this series was how the Lifemates ended up happily ever after ~ I had also prepared to lose myself in Sandu & Adalasia's magical time together. And ~ oh ~ yeah ~ they were totally beyond words fantastic together!

Loved all the places and other beloved characters Sandu & Adalasia visited to get more information on the quest. This was such a gift from the author to us! I'd been missing all of them so much. Thank You 🙇🏽‍♀️ Well ~ my blood thirsty heart was also doing a celebratory dance when a nasty character whom the Dark One Gregori should have snapped her neck in Dark Celebration, finally got what she deserved! Ha‼️

Begging for Justice's Book, please 🙇🏽‍♀️ Here's why:

Fighting demons was different but she didn't hesitate. They made it through the portal, and it was Justice who slammed the portal closed.

The gates, Sandu. Domizio built the gates. Surround me with four gates. Cage me in before it is too late.

There was urgency to Justice's command, and Sandu hasn't hesitate.
0593333179 This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dark Tarot is the latest book in the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. I honestly had no clue what to expect with this book, all that I knew was that it was Andu's book. After Dark Song, I wasn't sure anything could compare to that book. But comparing Dark Song and Dark Tarot, they are complete opposites from each other. The characters in each book are so diversely different. So make sure you don't compare the two or think one is better than the other, and quite frankly Dark Tarot is a whole another level. This is a pivoting book though, there are so many things that happen in this story, and it's a beast of a read at 500 pages so it isn't a light quick read. You will definitely spend most of the day reading it. There needs to be so much to happen though, just because of who this couple is and what they have to do together and it does get pretty heavy so lets get into this.

Dark Tarot is one kickass adventure with a pairing every fan will adore:

Andu-one of the Ancient Carpathians, no memory of his family or past, hunter, alpha male,

Adalasia-tarot card reading, psychic abilities, fighter against demons, strong but kind

Dark Tarot is a story that sets off with our hero, Andu, who is sitting on a rooftop contemplating what he should do in the future. Should he meet the dawn or should he go back to the monetary with his brothers in arms? But he is heavy with despair not knowing if he will ever meet his lifemate. But in the darkness, comes a voice of light and laughter, Adalasia, who whispers words of comfort to him. The moment that he hears her voice he knows that she is vital and she is real and he goes to California to find her, and she takes his breath away. But her life is in danger, she is being hunted, she has magical abilities, and they are meant to be together. Her family has always known that one of them would be mated to one such as he and that they would save the world from demons and a greater enemy they can only imagine. Andu knows he will do all that he can to protect his woman, and calls upon his band of brothers to be their guardians on this journey. As Andu and Adalasia go on this journey together of discovering this fated love, building a familial bond with their guardians, meeting with other Carpathians on their journey, and facing an evil they have never faced ....their path is brutal and dangerous but also filled with such promise of hope and love and family...

Dark Tarot is a story that really took my breath away and it was simply beautiful in so many elements. The relationship that we see develop between these two is similar to some that we have seen in the past, but not exactly. I loved their unique relationship and more of one of the modern romances that we have seen with Feehan. Our heroine is a modern day woman, a fighter and catches on quickly to being a Carpathian. She does get turned more quickly in the beginning of the story, so we also have that. This story is different in that it is not about her turning, its more of the backdrop of the story, their journey is what is most vital. I really enjoyed seeing so many of some of my favorite side characters such as Lucien, Gabriel, Luiz, Dax and Solange just to name a few.

As they travel around, searching for clues and answers to Andu's past which connects to their future, they see where their journey is taking them. But along the way we get plenty of fun bantering with the guardian Carpathians, despite them being the ancient Carpathians, sometimes they act like little boys. Although I think them being around Adalasia has given them a sense of hope and you see such humor in their personalities that rise to the surface and I can't wait to see their lifemates. I have a feeling they might be connected to the 4 Gates. The romance that develops between these two is so precious. They have such balance in their relationship. Adalasia doesn't fight being a Carpathian, like so many previous heroines have. She has known of her destiny connected to Andu and has been preparing herself for it. And she takes to it so naturally and is such a fast learner. I was truly impressed by her character, her sense of honor and duty, wanting to fight beside Andu and be a true partner to him and gives him the third degree when he deserves it.

The turning point of the series as a whole is truly elemental in this book. I really found it so fascinating to see what leads this couple to the 4 Gates of hell and the female Carpathians that are guarding the gates. We see Andu's sister (the one they know is alive but her location is unknown, and no one has heard of her for centuries) and loved seeing their reunion and how valuable she has been in fighting off the vampires and guarding against demons. I honestly hope her book is soon and I can't wait to meet the other women in the group who have been such fighters and warriors in guarding against this. I really felt for so many of our side characters here but we get some reveals on future pairings so I am really excited for that and most especially for Luiz as we get to see who he is paired up with.

Overall I found Dark Tarot to be an enthusiastic wild ride of laughs, of thrills and chills, an epic uplift of world-building that only this author crafts, and a stunning romance that conveys such unity, healing, and freedom.

0593333179 A sweeping quest full of adventure and magical romance…

Whether the first or the thirty-first (wow!), each read is a new piece to a sweeping, complicated puzzle. Much-loved characters, intriguing new ones, they all add to the mystery and magic. This time, Sandu and Adalasia are surrounded by friends, and enemies, as they search for truth, and love…

In recent reviews, I mentioned some repetition in the stories, where long-known information about the Carpathians were repeated often. That is not the case here at all. Every page is new information, intriguing knowledge and insight into the survival of my much loved Carpathians. Sandu and Adalasia were brought together for a reason. Whether it was in the cards, whether destiny or fate, they came together in a quest to look for answers. And they found them, revealing secrets, vanquishing enemies, and finding truths, and love, along the way…

A huge step in this ongoing journey, and another great read to add to this magical series, this quest is far from over. I couldn’t be more thrilled about what is yet to come! ~Diane, 4.5 stars 0593333179 After taking YEARS off from reading this predictable, repetitious, boring, POV flip-flopping, and much too overstuffed series (I think I stopped reading after Dark Blood, then tried Dark Sentinel {which was actually somewhat good} then took another break), I thought this book, with its supposed new direction away from mages and vampire tech conspiracies, would be a great time for me to jump back into the seriously long Dark series. I was wrong. Still have mages and vampire conspiracy, but now we add in DEMONS, long-lost FEMALE CARPATHIANS, family lines of magic humans, some beast in a cage, gatekeepers, LILITH, and a whole new slough of male Carpathians we've never heard of before. While the sex scenes have gotten better, the overstuffing with characters, plots, backstories, enemies, and new species completely ruined my reading fun. I had to FORCE myself to read just one more chapter to give it a chance. Sadly, at 45%, I threw in the towel. I think Ms. Feehan needs to take a break from writing altogether, get some fresh ideas, and then come back. You AND your readers need a f**king break.

Also...$14.99 for a f**king ebook?! 0593333179 I knew we were soulmates. He carried a piece of me with him, and I carried a piece of him with me.

I have to confess that I read Dark Tarot as a standalone. It's book thirty-one in the Dark series and it's the first one that I've read. Why? Because after discovering the author and devouring her Torpedo Ink MC series, I wanted more. I was so intrigued by the synopsis I couldn't help myself. I decided to take a chance and hope that I wouldn't be lost. I'm happy to report that I wasn't lost at all. I enjoyed it from start to finish. That's not saying that if I'd chosen a different book that would've been the case. Maybe this was a crossover and she used it as a bridge to a new series. 🤷‍♀️

I don't want to give away any goodies so I'll just say that there's lots of magic and suspense. I'm a visual reader and the images the author put in my head were both terrifying and breathtaking. I was gasping one minute and blushing the next. It was a roller-coaster ride that I didn't want to get off of.

I met so many amazing characters. Some were couples and others were still searching for their lifemates. I'm sure that many of them already had their own books in the series. I found them very interesting and know that I would enjoy learning more about them. I'm especially curious about the sexy single Carpathians looking for love. I don't know if their stories will be in this series or a new one, but I'm down for either. The line forms here...


Will wonders never cease? I actually gave five stars to a Feehan Dark book. I am stretched out on my chaise, fanning myself vigorously from the shock. Dark Tarot is the lucky winner.
First off, it's just not a F * * K book unlike most ( I can't say all since I haven't read them all) of the other Dark books. Wait, what am I talking about, unlike most of Feehan's other books. I didn't mind so much in the Sea Haven and Drake Sisters books, because the women were strong and the men were good-looking. (Sorry couldn't resist). The reverse is true too.
In the Dark books, the women are mostly insipid, eventually give into all demands, and the men jerks.
The Caparthians are all Find Lifemate, Seduce Lifemate, Lifemate too stupid to understand what it means, don't bother telling lifemate about the horrid the conversion process, etc etc etc over and over again. Have sex that lasts for pages and pages. I just flip through the pages -so many, oh dear lord, just so many pages-until the story picks up. Fight vampires, suffer greatly until ancients come and help you heal. There are a few Dark books where the women are overprivileged brats, but they quickly end up getting with the program.
Ahh, but Dark Tarot is different. Adalasia had been trained since birth to fight, to fight demons, Sandu, one of the Carpathian ancients is deciding whether or not to walk into the dawn. Adalasia's voice reaches him and suddenly his world changes.
All Adalasia knows has come from the stories in an ancient book that has been read to her every night since childhood, or from her ancient deck of Tarot cards. She has been waiting for Sandu, and they start their quest together to battle a great threat to the world.
Here is what I love about the book, the ancients that Sandu asks to be their guardians are a hoot. No, really. Vampires are barely there. Some long overdue revenge is finally eaten cold, Adalasia and her merry band visit couples from past books (this is so wonderful), and the true heroes of the the story are the women. Adalasia is not the only one.
I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. 0593333179 It has been a while since I read this series.
Good thing is, my return to this one had been wonderful.

You can call this one, a lovely trip down memory lane! 😘
We visited lots of our previous Dark heroes/heroines and I just noticed I haven’t even read some of their story yet, and their stories looked interesting 😍.

Btw, I would like to read Justice/Beast book next, Ms. Feehan ☺️😘

❤️❤️❤️ 0593333179 Dark Tarot…this 31st book in the Carpathian series is beautiful. The cover, the story, the characters and couple are pure magic.

These Magnificent Seven Monastery ancients have brought such depth and gravitas to this transformative series. Sandhu Berdadi is the ultimate Carpathian male…loyal, devoted, and protective of his one and only.

The heroine, Adalasia Ravasio is so richly developed as an intelligent, compassionate woman who is also a well-trained, kick-ass demon killer. I adored her.

Their destined journey goes beyond being lifemates, theirs is an ancient connection which leads them to the homes of several beloved characters, seeking answers to contain a most dangerous and evil enemy.

I loved how Sandu called upon his trusted brethren’s to help with safeguarding Adalasia, who in turn find a talisman in this protection to keep holding on.

There are so many phenomenal moments that just took my breath away and I don’t want to give too much away so others can fully savor this book. I would give Dark Tarot a hundred shining stars if possible. Well done Ms. Feehan. 0593333179 AUDIBLE EDITION!! The book cover and the book design is beautiful. Each chapter has a nice artistic drawing of a Tarot Card.

The story however didn't feel like a Dark series story. If felt like a Standalone! There were Carpathians in the story and the H/H Sandu and Adalasia are lifemates. But I didn't feel there connection

The way the story is written was Odd!! If felt like more then one story. Sandu is trying to recover his memory. Adalasia has a job to do closing the gates of hell. As they travel with 4 other ancient Carpathians now named Guardians, we get to revisit H/H's from previous Dark series stories. I never new Carpathians slept in Caskets. There were just to many battles with weird insects and bugs!!

I thought the ending was very good! I hope to hear more about the Carpathian Justice who is trapped!

This story just didn't feel like Christine Feehan to me. But authors writing styles do change. It was just Odd!! I don't want to give to much away! 0593333179 In Dark Tarot, Christine Feehan brings danger, suspense, romance, and action to her latest book in the Dark paranormal romantic suspense series. Sandu Berdardi, an ancient Carpathian who puts honor above everything else has spent his life hunting vampires. He hasn’t been able to find his lifemate who would keep him sane. But as hope has dwindled, a voice communicates with him telepathically. Adalasia Ravasio reads tarot cards and has been trained since childhood to fight demons. Their journey together has risks and rewards. How will they fare?

Sandu and Adalasia are attracted to each other. Both have strong personalities and both can fight well. Sandu’s natural reaction is to protect and shield Adalasia, while she is independent, thinks for herself, and is used to making her own decisions. Trust must be earned and compromise is needed for their success. I quickly connected with the main characters and this added to my reading enjoyment. The secondary characters provided balance, opportunities for humor, support, and conflict. I hope some of them have their own story in future books in the series. Several characters from former books show up as well, which lends continuity to the series.

The novel is set in contemporary times in a variety of locations including California, Montana, Washington, France, Brazil, Peru, and Italy. Therefore, it’s a journey rather than a set location and takes place over a longer period of time than many in this series. The author does a great job of world-building in each location, transporting readers seamlessly.

The plot was somewhat straightforward with high stakes and lots of risk. The significant amount of danger and action kept me fully engaged and made this a true page turner for me. This is a riveting story with protagonists that I liked and cheered on as their journey progressed and became ever more dangerous and unusual. It contained the elements that I love in this genre of books. The book delivers on escapism through attraction, friendship, family, romance, action, and love while also tackling serious issues including secrets, trust, stressful situations, honor, having the courage to do what’s right, duty, loyalty, battling evil, and selfless sacrifice for others.

Overall, it was suspenseful, full of danger, and action-packed. The subplots tied together well, the main characters were strong and the ending was bittersweet. If you enjoy thrilling paranormal romantic suspense novels, then I recommend you check out this series.

Berkley Publishing Group and Christine Feehan provided a complimentary digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley. This is my honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. Publication date is currently set for November 9, 2021. This review was originally posted at Mystery and Suspense Magazine.

Sandu Berdardi continues to exist only to protect his people. An ancient Carpathian, his entire long life has been dedicated to honor above all else. He knows his time has passed, especially since he has not been able to find his lifemate — the anchor to keep him sane in a world he no longer understands. But just as he truly starts to give up hope, a voice reaches out to him in the night and his world explodes into color.

Adalasia enters Sandu's mind seamlessly, as if she has been a part of him forever. While she can see the shape of things to come in her deck of cards, her gift is both a blessing and a curse. The true course of Sandu's quest remains unclear, with danger waiting at every turn. She cannot see everything the future holds, but she does know it is a journey they will take together. Dark Tarot (Dark, #31)