Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi By Kenneth R. Timmerman


The New York Times bestselling author of Shadow Warriors investigates the tragedy of Benghazi to answer the questions: what really happenedand why?

We know the Obama administrations story, of a demonstration caused by an Internet movie that went out of control. But what actually did happen in Benghazi on the night of September 11, 2012?

Dark Forces is the story of clandestine arms deliveries by the United States and its allies to Libya that wound up in the hands of Islamist guerrillas. Its a story of a romantic diplomat, in love with the Middle East and with a mystical version of Islam. Its a story of bald faced lies, heroic acts, and the deepest corruption.

But Dark Forces is not only a retelling of events. It puts those events into the larger context of Obama administration policy toward the Middle East. It will examine the administrations record of systematically supporting Muslim Brotherhood and extremist groups in their efforts to overthrow pro U.S. autocrats in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

It shows how President Obamas obsessive outreach to the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran led the Iranian regime to dismiss him as a weak, ineffective leader who would not fight back. And it shows why and how this deadly combination cost the lives of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012.

Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi

Ken Timmerman has done it again. Timmerman researches his subject matter in great detail and then writes his books. He names names and appears to go to great lengths to verify his sources. He lays out his subject matter in an easy to follow chronological order. As a person who has spent numerous years working in the middle east, I can attest to the tenacity of the Iranian Mullahs and their Quds Force operatives described by Timmerman in this book. It is an informative read for the average individual and an exciting read for those hungry for information about what led up to the Benghazi fiasco. This, and Libya, are undoubtedly examples of some of the absolute worst decisions ever made by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and reinforced by Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy and Charlene Lamb. Having been involved with the State Department on several projects, I can honestly say the upper echelon is interested in playing politics, rewriting facts to fit their agendas, and then scapegoating those who bring forth the truth. While we may never know 100% of the ground truth of the events leading up to, and culminating in the Benghazi fiasco, Ken Timmerman's book comes as close as any written so far, and most likely to close to the truth for those in the State Department who have spent great treasure to cover up their failures, protect Hillary Clinton's failure as Secretary of State and the Obama Administrations overall failure of a middle east foreign policy. I recommend this book. Kenneth R. Timmerman This is one of the most insightful books I read about the 'Benghazi' scandal and following cover up. It also places the reader in the context of the Arab Spring' as it relates To the Obama era policy. It also definetely puts into context the Obama 'Iran Deal' and Kenneth R. Timmerman Un livre absolument passionnant sur le 11 septembre 2012 à Benghazi fomenté par les Iraniens, attaque qui n'avait rien à voir avec une protestation contre un film anti islamique et qui devrait être lourd de conséquences pour la course à la présidentielle de Clinton. Ce livre comporte en fin d'ouvrage une série de questions réponses et et de questions qui restent sans réponse bien utile. Kenneth R. Timmerman Honestly, I became extremely bored with numerous parts of the story. I did skip through a lot of unnecessary details. Also, long running sentences drive me nuts. The author did his research, but if edited properly, you could have cut the book in half. When you bounce back and forth between numerous dates with different players in the game, it becomes a frustrating and confusing read. Just my opinion. Kenneth R. Timmerman I do not share the author's politics. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with his research on the Benghazi attack. You have to admire Timmerman's relentless nose for the truth.Although I was initially skeptical about his claim that Iranians carried out the attack, I must admit that the author presents a strong case.If Timmerman is also correct that thousands of US Stinger and Russian Manpad missiles got loose in Libya and remain unaccounted for to this day, the world faces a new horror: the prospect of jihadists shooting down commercial airliners at major airports worldwide.For this we can thank Hillary and Obama, as well as 50+ years of failed US policies in the Mideast. I should mention that I do not agree with the author's uncritical support for Israeli Apartheid, which is a large part of the problem. Kenneth R. Timmerman


i learned a lot from this book. i learned why obama supports the muslim brotherood. i learned how the benghazi terror attacks fit into the history of the region. i learned how benghazi interacted with syria, iran, egypt and the US.this book is full of depth and information. if you read the reviews you will see a common complaint is great book, but so much information it is tough to follow. i do agree that a glossary listing the acronyms he uses would be useful. one side note, a part of this book i love, is that timmerman just gives the relevant info. he doesnt need to fill space blabbing about each persons backstory and what type of jeans or hairdo they have. just the facts and a lot of them. great book! i will read from timmerman. Kenneth R. Timmerman